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If somebody tells you you can’t.. You say watch me. Follow your dreams, follow your instincts.. Never let anyone tell you or dictate what you can or what you can’t do. Because I mean, who are they? Nobody knows what you’re capable of doing. Not NO ONE. Don’t lose sleep over these haters.. The reason they got a problem with your life is because they don’t have a life! People are talking behind your back because you left them a long time ago.. They’re behind you. This is what I wanna do. Some people can make fun of it.. They can crack jokes, they can sit back and analyze and you know, criticize.. Make all the fun they want… But I’m living my life. I’m doing it. What do you? Haters.. These individuals are always having an attitude towards everyone reaching for success. You need to encourage them to hate. Because their hate should give you something that motivates you to move you to the next level. What you should do is realize that dogs don’t bark at parked cars.. Dogs bark at cars that are passing by. YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING! Do you realize that they are not even in the game that you are? They’re not even on your level! You should be doing your work. You should be making it happen. You should be grinding. You should not be worried about what a hater has to say! Whatever it takes to win. Haters have a job to do.. You have hate and you have love. I’ve decided.. Never give a hater a stage to stand on. The ones that support you, the ones that keep supporting you.. Those are the ones that matter at the end of the day. Focused on making this thing happen! 100% balls to the walls baby! Just do the work man.. Just do the f*cking work.

36 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Motivation – WE NEVER STOP

  1. I have watched a number of your videos, and they are awesome. They really motivate me to train harder. Keep up the good work.

  2. I wish some guys like you were in my town. I have been begging for help for year now…I had an industrial welding accident in 1988 when #1000 of steel came off a rack and crushed me. I broke my neck and back in 6 places, both shoulders, both arms, both hands, mashed off my finger(it is n now) and my left leg.
    I tried for a while at a local gym but just needed someone there to help me keep going. Someone who knows the human body and how to get me back to my new normal.
    I have had 29 surgeries from that accident to date with another one coming next month and two more in the wing.I have had 63 pieces of titanium put in me .. I am highly motivated and the employees and even some of the customers there told me I…ME…I was their inspiration…I told them I was using THEM for my inspiration to try and find this new normal for myself.
    I had two surgeries last year to re-fuse my cervical spine and another to do repair work on my shoulder…I have yet to recover from that but intend to go back and start all over again when I recover from my next surgery.
    I have asked others and they just did not want to break from their routine and had other pressing matters after the workout…I COMPLETELY understand that….
    Amazingly I can still walk but I can't move my neck very much and I can't bend to my toes and I am ok with that…It could have been so much worse..Before I had to stop for the last two surgeries I was able to crank out 4 miles in an hour on the hardest setting n the treadmill…I will get there again. I just want to try and strengthen my muscles and have something there.

    I will continue my search through and I hope soon to prevail.
    God bless.

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