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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

7 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Q&A (Part 1) – Kwame Duah

  1. how to calculate the macros for a bodybuilder? p-1g per pound, c -1g per pound f-0.3per pound. ? does this work??

  2. support the SPORT and lifestyle! great video. check out my boys channel js fit factory #muscleswaggnation

  3. Such an informative video, can't wait for the next installment 🙂 PS. Best question legit came from you "who DOESN'T like cookies?" 🙊

  4. Can you make a mini workout plan for absolute beginners that lack strength? Or recommend beginner programs that got you started? I only have dumbbells, and no access to a gym. So any home workout / park would be amazing.

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