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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s going on guys it’s your boy Kwame yeah just here with my boy Zak we are at Henley Beach it is amazing down here we about to shoot some Q&A for you guys make sure you click the subscribe button and I’m gonna try pompe out much as I can for you guys so you guys can benefit from my knowledge please leave any comment in the comment section below for the next Q&A so don’t forget to leave your questions below it’s going to be awesome stay tuned guys so a while ago I put out a Q & A on my Instagram page as I’m doing quite a few questions from a lot of people and it was so much fun like I love trying to help you guys out trying to put out my time for you and I hope you guys would be able to benefit from this um a shout out to everyone that asked me questions I’m going to make sure your names of your Instagram or YouTube is going to be on the side of the screen so make sure you check it out alright so the first question is from Rylan Holland 32 Ryland said can training flash bodybuilding affect you as a teenager so that’s a really interesting question and that’s actually why like that’s actually a question that’s asked quite a lot um a lot of people think that you know lifting weights could sound gross or vice versa so I’m going to give you my personal opinion on that personally I started training when I was 13 I had a bunch of dumbbell size 13 13 and yeah I loved it like I didn’t do much heavy lifting per se as a teenager I had my pair of dumbbells and generally why I used to do was lots of arms lots of chest you know the beach muscles lots of push-ups our heavily involved in sports and I loved it I loved running around or suchlike repentance as a young one so I didn’t actually and I didn’t actually start training seriously until I was about 15 16 that’s when I actually started them getting a little bit heavily into bodybuilding and training but personally I think as long as you train with good form and technique personally I don’t think it should affect you great I do understand that when you are growing especially as a teenager your body is still developing so you just have to be careful with personally I think you have to be careful with something’s like you know it’s going crazy heavy with squats or like stuff like that that can actually put pressure and compression on your spine I don’t know how much that would be backed by research so I’m just giving my opinion but I think it should be okay as long as you train with good form and technique and focus on that yeah so yeah Rylan I hope you got a bit of an answer there just mainly focus on Form and technique showing some some time and attention training I personally think like 15 16 you should be fine like lifting weights shouldn’t really caused so much drama to you or shouldn’t really be so much of an issue as well so I really hope you would be able to benefit from this question and I’m going to move over to the next one so my next question is from Vivek Instagram name div KB which is shown here and his question is how important is the week after comp when it comes to puttin on optimal size another really personal question and I’m going to answer from a personal perspective um in my opinion the week after come three weeks up to come to exotic Rambam those are the times I actually enjoy training the most I know quite a few people might take time off actually love training I’m generally from a mental point of view I’m always leaner the extra calories fills me up I look better from a physical point of view you always look better so sometimes you almost feel like you’ve actually made some gains I don’t know how much that is scientifically if you argue actually put on muscle faster but definitely I reckon after being in depletion for such a long time your body would definitely benefit from the extra calories so Vivek I’m going to have to go and say with I’ll say it’s really important to train the week after comp and um yeah keep your training really well now also bear in mind that sometimes some people reduce their intensity of training or let’s say the way they’re being they’re lifting when it’s getting close at the end of concert I’ll save you one of those people that reduces your way just ease up interest don’t going straight to what you used to lift before in your offseason because you’re probably not going to be as strong you’re also going to you might be depleted of water and you know dehydration and strengths have a correlation so if you are dehydrated you lose quite a bit of strength so make sure you stay hydrated take really care of good care of yourself when you try to be careful but there’s no arms there’s nothing stopping you really from keeping the intensity up sir again that’s my opinion so our next question is from Allah lon 389 so al alone 289 so I’ve written straight from Instagram as you can see here so forgive me if I mentioned anyone’s name or or the Instagram name wrongly I workout before bed because I have a rough work schedule what is a good pre-workout snack and please work out meal for the night owls like me so basically he’s asking he says I hate rain usually before he goes to bed and he’s got quite a young height work schedule so what is a good pre-workout luck and please wait on meal or night out like him so generally when it comes to like you know because these we can put snacks like pre-record snuck out generally I’ll have I like having stuff like fruits like a little bit of fruit sometimes some MCT oils like coconut oil because the digests really fast and that’s as a pre-workout meal I can have like a little bit of protein so I’ve got my chicken my pair came in I probably wouldn’t have too much protein just before I train I try to keep my my high GI so my my simpler cab a little bit higher before my pre-workout so as my pre-workout meal some people do otherwise there’s so many different ways to structure your workout all your nutrition so as long as you do have um great results and it’s backed up by signs then I feel like you should be able to and you actually benefit from it and feel good I feel like you should stick to that so generally I would prefer like an empty tea or like coconut oil I have some simpler carbs so I could have some fruits I can have some meat or I could even have a protein shake at the pre-record meal before I train even though it’s not nice okay I usually would not have much caffeine if I’m going to be training at night I’ll try and avoid that at all cost because that’s going to keep me up I also try to avoid sweets like cheese because it contains Nero pine a frame which will probably keep you up as a post-workout meal I’ll have something like techie techies got some good oils in there it’s also got tryptophan which is actually that actually helps a lot with weight so that’s something I feel like it would be good to incorporate into your arm meal before bed I have some nuts as well some good oils reason for having some good fatty oils is because those fats and oils will slow down the absorption of your protein digestion and that’s what you want when you’re about to sleep because you’re going to recovery memory and you’re probably going to be eaten for a period of eight hours on six to eight hours so hopefully your body with um the slow digestion would provide more protein available for your muscles to recover like during the recovery period and you know we all know you grow while you sleep so the next question is from ten Superman fitness and it says how often do you train legs I’ve had a lot of questions about legs make sure you click the I to check out my full leg workout video you guys are going to love it intense is good so much for you guys to learn from and yeah looking forward to you guys checking it out and give me feedback on to it and remember guys um I’m going to try my best to help you as much as possible so please leave in the comments section below your comments and any questions so I could answer them for you with my next Q&A video on YouTube so yeah how often do I train like personally I’ve always and I’ve always trained like once a week and only but I I put quads and hamstrings in the same workout and I usually enjoyed that I smash it really hard I went to time I’ll train late and I’ll be out for like five days before I can train them again and I don’t feel like if my muscles haven’t recovered from the bodybuilding prospectus I’m thus essential for me to train them again I find once a week is enough with that being said that’s just me legs eyes stronger muscle group for me I’ve had clients in the past I have struggled with legs and I’ve also trialed different training programs where so for instance I have a I go onto a power building program where sometimes like a predominant muscle group that is being used in my power building program so with that being said you end up training legs a lot more you guys want to check out my website for program it’s on the screen right now make sure you come down visitor and yeah I’m also going to start doin some chords as well on my YouTube which would benefit you guys you can get discounts and everything from our website they’ll be open yes sir with people that have legs as a weaker muscle group my advice would be to increase the frequency so ten Superman fitness as how often I train legs me personally I train it once a week however its legs is something once prioritize to grow and it’s not the stronger muscle because my legs are stronger muscle for me so you what you want to do in this sense is you want to increase the frequency now this is where training quad separately or in hamstring separately could be beneficial or increasing arm for instance why you give to tell my clients what I do get them to do a certain amount of leg extensions every day or every second day or do some squats nothing too crazy just to increase the frequency to keep the blood in there to keep recovery going and we actually managed to get quite a bit of results from that so that’s something you can definitely try so the next question is from Andy tu and it is eaten in a surplice and doing hit such as sprints will that affect fat loss I don’t sorry yes in my opinion yes but also depends on how long you are doing your sprints or his sessions for because at the end of the day your body wakes in energy in energy out so during sprint and hit sessions so would speed up your metabolism so your metabolism your arm sorry your estimated energy requirement for the day now actually increases so you might be calculated for your arm you might be calculated your basal metabolic rate then your estimated energy requirement which is basically how much you need in a day to just maintain and that’s that’s included in your arm how much arm physical activity you do in the day so if you do calculate your estimated energy requirement right it’s estimated you’re never going to get on points but you can tell but you can do it by trial and error and how your body reacts hurt but if you do calculate that right these other Sprint’s and stuff like that which would speed up your metabolism if you were even exact if you’re even simplistic cater for that so if you’re having the same amount of your body needs for fuel for the whole day then you’re not going to get any change however if you were eating for instance let’s say you were eating 2,000 calories a day okay and you weren’t doing sprints before and you were maintaining and you started out in like you know let’s say you either like you added like hundred calories into your meal but then you are doing about like 30 minutes of Sprint’s which spent a lot more than 100 calories then you’re going to make progress you’re going to be bending fat in the process or bending energy in the phrases so personally I think adding the Sun hit wake up do make a difference another thing that it could do is it could um help you also lose excess water your body could be holding on to so it just keep you nice and tighter so it could also make you appear that you are leaner or look at leaner but at the end of the day your basal metabolic rate or your metabolism is going to be sped up anyway which is going to induce fat burning so I hope this helps you and achieve I’ll say definitely incorporate some hit training if you want to be able to eat in surplice and to be honest guys I would rather incorporate some extra cardio or hit training rather than drop my calories I find that a lot more effective and I find that like your body can actually perform so much better your food is your fuel um so definitely once an hour hundred percent and always stays um try to always keep your metabolism decently high if there’s anything you can do to help boost up your metabolism try to keep it high and some people might find out thank you the kiss or find their kids because they have like crazy fast metabolisms I think it’s a blessing um our brother ate a much as I can in whatever I want them have to restrict what I eat that’s my personal opinion and a lot some KFC is what your lovely can see hahaha they’ve all done coloring because the back on track this one here is for Mom Wesley James fitness and it’s safe how many do you how many do you track calories flash macros if so how many calories do you eat and what are your macros for broken so basically right now I’m off season I’m eating about 4,000 calories so quite a decent amount my calories are not as my calories are quite flexible I do trust my macro is sometimes I don’t always trust my microwave I do want estimate of tracking my markers as well so basically a croissant like when I’m off season I’m not where I don’t usually weigh my feet as much unless I have little goals I just want to achieve which I do is step four oxygen absorber for instance if I have a first issue coming up or something like that I still stay in decent condition all year round but one that has to be get a little bit more leaner than I should my old season then I start tracking my macros and yeah I tend to that but with that being said I tried eating calorie surplus I go by and I always have an estimate so I kind of have I’m always on idea what I’m heating and an idea what my macros are I just don’t track him through the tape so YUM which I just find this relaxing for my for me mentally because I normally go do it about six months prep and that’s such a long time for my body to be for me to be alert thinking about all my calories I always try and stay in shape as well so like if I need to um I feel like oh you know I’m like for my offseason I’m gaining weight too quickly and again little bit of excessive spa a might decrease my calories a little bit not too much but usually I’ll go for the first alternative which is on my increase my cardio instead or even increase the intensity of my trainer change the style of my training so that’s one thing it’s not in calories do eat stuff after that yeah so that’s done something and it all depends on like you know everyone is different so like the amount of calories are eight will be different to you will be different to someone else and that’s another thing I hope like everyone can like pick and understand because like a diet that works for me would not work for you or vice-versa for your friends or could work for you if we about same bodies data or you know I just like there’s a lot that comes into play like in metabolism your muscle mass your weight height your gender you know so there’s a lot that comes into play when I’m talking about that so I do custom meal plans as well on my website just on the screen so definitely check it out hit me up and I’ll be more than happy to help you out with you so yeah I hope that answered your question well so the next question is from Bilson gargola um whilst cuttin what is the approximate optimum intake of macronutrients and what is the split into carbs proteins and fun so that’s an interesting question but that’s a little bit more in-depth I try and simplify it as much as possible so what is my intake of macronutrients like freakin captain fat built along smooth legs like it’s all depends so I haven’t actually done a full like a um bodybuilding like a full body building prep for two years because I’ve competed for two years so I haven’t really had to lean down so much I try to stay in like a decent shape I’m not going to say this is like the best shape but it’s a decent shape all year round sorry you know it’s food issues if something comes up I can go straight into it and you know try my best to you know get ready for and make it easier but normally usually I start with higher castle normally my mockeries are usually fifty carbs thirty protein and twenty-five so my mother is exactly exactly what I said again like you know while my diet Gauri’s like while going through my process of cutting or shredding or lean enough my motto is change along the way so my Cubs could increase my proteins could increase and that all depend on how I’m going I do have a structure in which I usually follow it but I don’t always follow the sentence something could always change depending on how my body reacts ER is how I actually and that’s what I follow so I always start again with a higher carb but some end up with a lower cover the end and getting to a key choices diet but that’s usually the answer sometimes that’s really catered sometimes I could end up fool I could end up as a schedule and naturally end up putting my caps up again so it really depends on the individual and how they’re gone and like I said before from the screen I do custom implants or feel free even message me and I can tell you or give you more information about it so what the next question is from Jay King and it says what would you say is the best way to increase your squats weight so another question of our legs really really good ones my answer to you jakey is definitely program programming is the best thing that you could do for increasing your squad quick example would be outside of doing the higher rep range so for instance I could be doing 10 sets of 10 reps and I’ll week-by-week I’ll drop my rep range so I keep going 10 the next two into the 8 next to e to the 6 next week will be 3 but one more for doing as well as I’m also increasing the weight slowly as as I’m going up the week square by 2 every week the weight increases so that could also help you as well like I said feel free to contact me and I’ll help you the next question is from yahuwah none other than my brother and his question is what tanning lotion do you use ha ha ha that’s época so i’m i mix up some KFC and something I’m joking I’m joking on this um okay so my tanning lotion my preferable telling cannulation is the Sun first slow the beach beach and chills enjoy some KFC’s and kool-aid you know you know how this you know this ha ha ha that’s that’s that’s all I go for you know that’s all I go for the next question is from Samuel Dixon so Sam Dix 8 1 9 my boy from Musclemania and his question is do you like cookies of course I like cookies who doesn’t like cookies may yeah so sense upper body builder as well um and competes in the muscle mania so yeah I see your stage you see ma you ready ha ha I’ll bring you some cookies as well the next question is from Adam G which is right up it’s a simple calories in versus calories out a good-enough strategy are similar to intercept your mockery um nasally I think yes for someone that starting off that’s not a bad way to you know control your diet or your meal I think people can also benefit from um you know learn a little bit more about the benefits of the nutrients that your body gets while you eat that employees like your Whole Foods how it affects your digestion and stuff like that so if you have the equivalent of rice or chocolate bar you know nutrient density in those two things are going to be different and you know they’re the qualities that you’re going to get from the rice as opposed to a chocolate bar or even the KFC you know you know how this um you know give you quite different I’m not saying anything but like if the aisle of KFC for cheat day so and that does another thing I want to actually bring on like the topic of um cheat days as well um you know you know it’s like especially for someone who started like diets and meal plans and stuff like that it’s I find I find mentally is actually good to incorporate some cheat days for them I think we should be a little bit more open and before judging people about you know what kind of diet the yees or that kind of things another such a big topic that rises in bodybuilding and fitness or stuff like that is by you you actually go up to see what the pendency time if you eaten chocolate and ice cream every day and like eating down mentioned in the news there’s so much nutrients in what you eaten then to be honest you only call yourself more of a health risk but you know I think the balance is important so so the next question is from my boy Anthony music and he says are you human birth personally my genetic makeup is made of lots of KFC KFC and KFC from : L Saunders the next one is from a boy Ethan band seriously how can I look like you bro your unit man but but gonna get epic 10 at the beach you know clip on the Kool Aid and have some KFC haha question is from Johnny Dunne 1 2 3 and he says how often do you train up because I hate training that it I personally train abs once every 3 days in the past few weeks I’ve been training them once pretty much almost every day so my rule is if you train up the everyday you once you can now get on your cheat days they all are think about that da Vinci can I get one cheat day would can be that sometimes you can train up twice a week so try today and one chicken nuggets for you next question is from my boy Brayden haver rich piano says that you can never do too much so I did a nine hour arm workout everyday for a week straight ended up in intensive care for two weeks I’m out now so how do I need to do hence our workouts to make up for my large implants this is definitely so I need to do 10 hours to make up on my local gym time so he made a mistake this was definitely a true one um let me know how to answer that I actually dari are you trolling me right now hugs okay your your main questions so how do you actually make up with your 10 hours um lost gym time right there some do some bicep curls with KFC into your mouth and you know I get yams bigger I read this important definitely I’m definitely I find read this I want the most important some sometimes I’m guilty of not taking any rest days because I enjoy training that much and sometimes not force myself to take great days but I paid to only think rate this important but also personally I think it’s also a pencil-thin because if your body does need recovery you have to listen to it and you know remember one of the ways of building muscle is recovery recovery is an important factor of the other muscles so thank you guys for watching thanks for tuning in I know I picked a lot of random questions from the Q&A list it’s a lot I came through thank you so much for your time I hope you enjoyed it how to bit of a laugh so make sure you leave your questions in the comments below and I’m going to picking some more random ones and answering them for you guys recently I went to Orlando Florida and had a big trip to the USA so that was really nice I made a video about it so make sure you click the I to check it out I’m going to try my best to help you as much as I can I’m taking a lot of time out of my day for you please give my video a like also hit the subscribe button and I’ll get back to you

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