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Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj, of,
with another Muscle in Minutes Q&A, where I answer your bodybuilding and fitness questions
in two minutes or less. So, today’s question is on the issue of proper sleep. So, how important
is a proper sleep when it comes to building muscle and burning fat? And how much sleep
should you be aiming for each night in order to maximize your results? So, a proper sleep
is obviously a very important thing not just for bodybuilding purposes, but for overall
health as well. It’s going to keep your mood and energy levels maximized. It’s going to
improve your cognitive function, so your concentration, your motivation. In terms of bodybuilding,
there’s a lot of specific benefits as well. A proper sleep is going to optimize testosterone
levels. It’s going to optimize growth hormone output, as well as improve insulin sensitivity,
which will favorably affect nutrient partitioning. And in addition to that, the more energy you
have, the stronger you are in the gym. The better your workouts are going to be. The
more focus you’re going to be. And the better results you’re going to get from that as well.
So, how much sleep should you be getting each night? Well, most people tend to go with the
standard recommendation of eight hours of sleep per night. In reality it really is going
to be a highly individual thing. And it’s going to vary a lot from person to person.
Some people can get by on as little as four or five hours of sleep per night, while some
people need more than that, may be 8, 9, even 10 hours per night. So, I wouldn’t say that
there’s a single set amount that you needed to shoot for each night. It’s going to vary.
It’s going to depend on you as an individual. So, all I would say on this question is get
as much sleep as you need each night in order to make sure that you are feeling rested,
energetic, strong and focused throughout the day. The human body is a very intricate complex
machine. And if you’re not getting enough sleep each night, you’re going to know about
it. So, I really think that each individual person can really answer this question for
themselves. You probably already know the answer for yourself. So, you know, if you’re
getting six hours of sleep each night, and you feel fully rested and good to go, you
know, I wouldn’t say, “Oh, well, you need to go sleep an extra two hours to hit that
— that specific eight-hour mark.” Just get as much sleep as you need as an individual
to function optimally throughout the day. So, that is that question answered. I hope
you found this information useful today. If you did enjoy the video, as always, please
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47 thoughts on “Bodybuilding & Sleep: How Much Sleep For Muscle Growth?

  1. How much sleep do you need each night in order to optimize muscle growth, recovery and fat loss?

    Bodybuilding & Sleep: How Much Sleep For Muscle Growth?

  2. Hey Sean; I have an interesting question regarding sleep: Is sleep the night after workout any more important? Am I hurting my gains if I don't get enough sleep the night after working out, but compensate it the next day?

  3. Apart from all these averages though, one things for sure: The most optimal sleep cycle, is a STEADY sleep cycle.

    If you regularly wake up a few minutes before the alarm goes off, you know you're doing awesome and your biorhythm is close to optimal. To be honest, I haven't had this in quite a few years. Time to fix it.

  4. From what I remember: The huge longterm+tens of thousands subject studies say 6 to 9 hours is optimal range for about 90% of people. Under 6 hours quickly decreases overal performance and health.Over 9 hours actually has detrimental effect on most (most!) people, but most ppl don't get 9h anyway.
    You can often feel this yourself when you incidentally sleep 9.5-10hours or more (often for 'compensation' of the missed sleep). Even though stress levels are clearly down, you feel slow and sluggish.

  5. It's hard to say – some people say that sleep can't be "made up for" but as I outline in the video I really think it's just an individual thing and you need to pay attention to how you personally feel on different sleep schedules.

  6. Question, so is the amount of time your body is just laying down and resting not an important factor? Just as long as you have energy and feel rested? Because I am a polyphasic sleeper, I sleep for 3 hours at night, and then take 3 20 minute naps throughout the rest if the day. Is that going to negatively impact my muscle gains?

  7. I work for 2 days. then 2 holidays..and over and over. my workday is 13-14 sometimes 15 hours long. i dont get to sleep more than 5 hours at all. any suggestions..?

  8. I know you are asking Sean but I work similar hours and I have one catch up day per week were I sleep for like 15hrs sometimes (not by choice i just go into a coma from the lack of sleep). The best thing you can do is try to nap where you can. I use my hour lunch break to take a 45min nap in my car and eat my meals at my desk whilst I work instead. Not the best but you can only do what you can in your given situation

  9. Of course everyone is different. But just for fun: one of Arnold's rules is "If you sleep more than 6 hours, sleep faster!"

  10. People asking how much sleep you should have are asking the wrong question. There is no arbitrary number of hours you have to sleep, none of that matters, what matters is the quality of sleep.

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  12. Hey, can I ask you a question. Will it affect my gains if i for example go out every saturday? Because that means i wont get normal sleep that night(Alcohol not included)

  13. I can't get enough sleep at night but i compensate for it by sleeping for few hours before hitting gym. Is it ok?

  14. It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when other regular people bulk up  easily using Ready Set Ripped (go google it).

  15. I envy people who can sleep well or have a cool place in which to sleep. Our air conditioner doesn't cool well enough in hot summer weather so many night there is little hope to get to sleep and stay a sleep. Then I have a nervous system disease that has destroyed my life. every day is a struggle, and my body is not able to get REM sleep any longer which makes me feel tired often. I do lift weights and bodybuild, but things have been going down hill. 🙁

  16. I don't sleep for more than 7 hours but I usually take 1-2 hours nap during the day. Does it mean I get 8-9 hours of sleep?

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  18. I started bodybuilding to compete in bodybuilding match but I used work at night every day 8 hours I have only 6 hours for taking sleeping at a time so is it enough for me or should I need little more time

  19. im 14
    I do pull ups push ups dips and other exercise stuff but I do rest at 9:30 and there R some times I want to fucking sleep but I cant

  20. Hi, Sean.

    I highly appreciate your hard work in creating valuable content which has helped me a lot. Many thanks!

    Does the timing of sleep matter in terms of muscle growth, as I usually sleep from 07:00AM till 02:00PM and was told that growth hormone is only released at night?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
    Husain Karimi

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