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What’s up, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here at – and today I wanted to answer the question
that I do received pretty often but that I never addressed in the video which is the
topic of body building stretch marks and how to get rid of them. So, stretch marks are
basically just a result of your skin being stretched and expanded, and that causes the
connected fibers to break down and tear, and you end up with lines across your skin, which
usually start out as dark red or purple and then it gradually fade to silver or white
color overtime. Not everybody gets them but a pretty high percentage of serious lifters
will end up with body building stretch marks to some degree as they gain more and more
muscle. I personally have them as well, I have them all over my body actually, on my
shoulders, my biceps, my chests, my lats even on my glutes and my quads as well. So, on
to the real question here, which is, is there any way to get rid of stretch marks or any
way to prevent them. The most common recommendation that you’ll hear is to use different creams
and lotions on your skins, things like cocoa butter, almond oil, silicone gel or even olive
oil. There’s a lot of people out there selling a lot of different products for this, but
the honest truth is that there really is no good evidence to show that any of these creams
or lotion worked for reducing stretch marks, at least not to a significant degree. There
is some research showing that actively massaging certain creams into the area can have a minor
effect, but whether that’s from the actual cream or from the messaging is not clear and
most studies out there don’t show any real benefits, so I personally would not recommend
that you go out and spend your money on this stuff because it’s most likely not going
to do much of anything for you. Keep in mind that stretch marks are not just a simple surface
issue on top of your skin, they’re actually happening underneath, in the middle layer
and they’re essentially scars where the skin is actually torn apart. So, you just
think that rubbing a ream or a lotion o top of your skin and have them just disappear,
it’s really just not realistic. Now, if your stretch marks really bother you and you’re
serious about reducing them, then the only way to treat them in a more reliable way is
through an actual hands on procedure done with a dermatologist. So, things like microdermabrasion,
laser therapy or IPL, these are the only methods that have actual concrete research behind
them and showing real benefits, and that’s basically the route that you’re going to
have to go if you’re really serious about this. However, even then keep in mind that
depending on how severe your stretch marks are, even though its treatment don’t guarantee
anything they can probably reduce the appearance of your stretch marks but not eliminate them
altogether. And on top of that they’re usually pretty expensive, they’re going to require
multiple treatments, so you’re going to need to have the money, you’re going to
need the time and to really dislike your stretch marks enough to bother going that route. I
personally don’t think that body building stretch marks are that big of a deal, I actually
kind of like them in a certain way because I find they sort of serve as a reminder for
the hard work that I’ve putting over the years, so I’ve never even bother to try
to get rid of mine. And also keep in mind the stretch marks do fade overtime in most
cases, so time is going to be your best treatments for them. The only final piece of practical
advice that I’d give in terms of stretch mark prevention is that if you’re bulking,
this is just another reason why I recommend going the clean bulking route rather than
the dirty bulking route, that just means that you should focus on maintaining a smaller
calorie surplus and making gradual muscle gains overtime, while keeping fat gains at
a minimum. I covered this in more detail in the previous blog post, which I’ll link
in the description box but aside from all the reasons that I talked about in that post,
gaining weight at an excessive pace where you’re putting on muscle but also a bunch
of fat as well, that’s also going to increase your chances for developing stretch marks.
So, when it comes to the issue of body building stretch marks there’s really not much to
it. Lotions and creams are probably not going to do much of anything for you and if you’re
really serious about this and you have the time and money then just go see a dermatologist.
Aside from that try not to worry about it because it’s really not a big deal and they
will fade overtime anyway. So, thanks for watching, guys. Make sure to like, comment
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81 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Stretch Marks: Can They Be Eliminated?

  1. Thank you for this video. I have stretch marks just as bad as you. Glad Im not the only one, was getting really self-conscious

  2. I'm lucky to not have any stretch marks, everyone has some kind of issues though so I wouldn't worry about it, other people probably don't notice them as much as you think,eg I didn't notice Seans. We're all pretty hard on ourselves! lol

  3. I have loads from being 22 1/2 stone. just have to except them. anyone who judges me just arnt worth my time

  4. Bio-Oil on the places you anticipate to get stretchmarks may work. my wife used it throughout her pregnancies. not a single stretch mark. a proactive measure. probably wont work to fix existing marks.

  5. I found that this isn't a problem for most natural lifters and even if they occur (usually chest / shoulder area) guys don't mind. Glad you mentioned the point about these scammy products and cremes out there marketed as magic solutions while in reality they don't do anything. Great video as always

  6. Who cares, the important thing is being healthy, strong, efficient and energetic. That's what gym and fitness should be all about

  7. I know almond products are commonly recommended, because of the vitamin E content, but I would have thought that ensuring you are getting sufficient vitamin E while you are bulking would increase the chances of minimizing stretch marks. To be honest, I'm a bit like you, I've always thought mine are kind of cool, because it's evidence of rapid growth and, because of the areas they are in, it's obviously the result of muscle growth rather than just gaining fat.

  8. Um, stretch marks are disgusting, you want to remove them as much as possible. I know from experience that rubbing in a good quality lotion with vitamin e and etc will reduce the stretch mark by 50% or more. However, this is just my experience. Wiping lotion on your skin after you get out of the shower won't get it into the skin rub it in. However, there's not need to massage it in. The best thing is a product called SCARFADE it's $26 so it's expensive, you're only supposed to use a rice grain amount so it lasts forever. SCARFADE damn near removed most of my stretch mark. Now this was just my result! I didn't do a scientific group test with several people. Lol I just ONLY know that it helped me in particular. I hope this info helps any of you guys out there.

  9. Laser is the only solution, and it is not pleasant.
    However they can appear again.
    They become a big deal if they are deep.
    They do not fade, ever.
    You can prevent them by keeping your skin moisturized and with almond, cocoa and aloe vera creme.

  10. another great video Sean! I have a question which I feel I can only trust you to answer correctly! I was wondering if I should count the protein grams from carb sources, such as the protein content from a serving of brown rice or oats? thanks in advance! 🙂

  11. Sean, unrelated to the video topic I know, but have you changed your mind about the frequency we should train a muscle? I remember when I bought your TTABM you recommended once a week per muscle group. Do you still advocate that?

  12. A tad bit of negativity in the comments section i see, I like these videos. This stuff is interesting to me and something i don't realize i want to no about until Sean makes a video!

  13. I suffer an absurd amount of stretch marks, my whole elbow joint even is full of them, all the way from my forarms up my biceps and onto my shoulders. Ive always been told by doctors and everyone that its because im gaining to much muscle/weight wich is pretty much bullshit i think.

    Im absolutely sure it has to do with getting a pump and working the muscle, not from gaining muscle in the area.

    There is no way i got them because i gained muscle in the area, its all about the pump and the way the muscle expands and causes the skin to tear.

    what do you think?

  14. My back looks like I got attacked by a lion, I've grown like crazy and granted was over weight; now I'm bodybuilding and have lost 27lbs and counting, if I work chest the next day they're insane on my chest. It's annoying.

  15. Don't tell this to the wife… she is huge at 8 1/2 weeks and the stretch marks are ridic! She is all about rubbing that Buddha belly with lotion!

  16. This argan life argan oil makes my skin feel softer than ever. I have also noticed less lines and wrinkles after using it only a month.

  17. This Channel Deserves so many more views. So much bullshit out on YouTube that is overshadowing an honest dude like this, its a shame. Keep up the amazing work!

  18. man i started out really skinny but overtime built huge amount of size from where i was. the bad thing is it left severe stretch marks on my chest etc. will they ever go?

  19. I stared using  ( Bio  Oil ) as soon as i join the GYM.   I use Bio Oil 2 times per day.   After AM shower around 7am and After my workout Shower around 6pm or 7pm.  and so far so good.   Im not sure if is the Oil or I just got lucky.    but im going to keep using it just in case.

  20. I have hella stretch marks, but when I started to get my diet better and started taking a vitamin supplement, eating more fruits and vegetables, my stretch marks stopped forming. My problem was I wasn't getting enough vitamin A, K, B6, B12, and E. That was my problem. Diet could be a big factor to your skin health, so make sure you're eating right

  21. You always hate to hear there's nothing you can do about whatever it is that's bothering you, but it's better than someone trying to sell you some cream that doesn't work. Fortunately I only have them on the inside of my biceps, which doesn't bother me.

  22. itsuplifting to see that you also have stretch marks i dont know how it happend but i got stretch marks where you showed at 0:54without training and didnt know what it was i am 13 btw if that makes a differens really good video!

  23. Hey Sean im a beginner and my arms seems to grow fast, but i have a couple of stretch marks on my right arm bicep, im scared of making them bigger, should i stop lifting? Or there's no danger of ripping my arm skin? Ty

  24. I got read stretch marks on my shoulders……..due to 4 months of gym…….can red marks be treated???? Plz anyone????

  25. I was really skinny as a kid and once I started lifting I got these marks. All it means is that you took the time and effort to get Gains!

  26. As specialist, I do think Femalix Secrets is actually great way to completely reduce your stretch mark naturally. Why don't you give it a chance? maybe it is going to work for you too.

  27. Do anyone know about Femalix Secrets? Does it work? I hear most people completely erase their stretch mark naturally with this popular stretch mark erase method.

  28. I honestly think they look really badass. Like i have them in my chest shoulders and arms. I worked for my stretch marks

  29. Anybody know what is Femalix Secrets about? I hear lots of people completely erase their stretch mark naturally with this popular stretch mark reducer secrets.

  30. moisturize your whole body before and after everyday with oils! it really helps to prevent them ! do not workout with your dry skin! oil it!

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