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virus Kyle is arguably the best female
bodybuilder of all time so Irish Kyle has won the Miss Olympia
competition more than any man has ever won the mr. Olympia competition so the
record for most olympia wins in the mr. olympia is 8 mr. Olympius and that is
held by both Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney they are tied for that title
iris Kyle has won 10 Miss Olympia competitions as well as 7 Miss
international competitions so for those of you who don’t know the Miss
International is basically the miss Arnold Classic so it’s basically the
female bodybuilding show they hold at the Arnold Classic every year or they
used to hold before they cancelled it and started to do away with female
bodies with your first show that must be coming up September 2019 people have
questions about bodybuilding getting in shape and sport in general
what qualities do you think dictate how successful someone can be in the sport
well one again he’s efficient we do have the show coming up September which 14th
we have another show never-ever tonight but been successful at anything has to
do with one your determination of what success is I think success is you
getting moving forward and not quitting so been a finisher but been what we call
more competitive in the sport certain structures may be better for
different divisions we have the bikini for women figure for women and women’s
equal so some divisions they may be more successful than than others but everyone
has the opportunity to do well and maybe even win a competition where they have
the physical structure at all at all don’t in the start but getting in top
condition anyone can look competitive your success is really dictated by one
decided you want to move for it and do something and be consistently doing that
genetics plays a role in if you’re gonna be a world-class competitor how good is
at you have can dictate if you will input 100%
because you can be maybe the best in the world but some people can be the top of
the world not have the best today so I think discipline and drive is the most
important thing for anybody been assessed for it at anything or this
business your job getting in shape but going in with the intentions to finish
what you started and you’re gonna be very successful in the sport so please
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