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hi everyone, how are you you all saw my unboxing of this bulk amino raw protein I was so satisfied (will do a separate video on that) I went ahead and ordered another Whey product from Advance Nutratech I’m gonna unbox this one nw I was really happy with their raw protein most probably will be good with other products as well click on this link to check out the bulk amino unboxing I gotta give it to these guys, they pack their product really well I’m supposed to have only one bottle I’m actually seeing the screen of the camera and doing the cutting at the same time alright nice bubble wrap, which is always nice check it out it’s the Whey Extreme 1 kg tub and common flavor, chocolate fudge has enzyomes and stuffs the raw one is doing pretty well but I wanna take this one too I’m gonna give you my feedback BTW,it doesn’t have any soy bit processed, but doesn’t mean that it has soy normal whey protein so far satisfied with the packaging seal is awesome let me just open the seal up last time, it was more of a pouch (the raw one) pouch was good zoom attempt I think I’d just puncture it check it out, in case you’re looking for genuine stuff etc. but I think Indian products don’t get duped much I’m always happy with Indian products except a few I’m extremely happy with this one the raw one is awesome at least here we go where’s the scoop let me scoop out the scoop WOW, this is one gigantic scoop check it out such a gigantic scoop how big is this? per scoop is about, a heaping scoop, about 40 gm. which is like 10 gm more than usual scoop weight that’s why the scoop looks big so far happy sniffing don’t know how it will mix I’ll see that pretty much what I had for this unboxing hope to bring new unboxing I always experiment with new stuffs then only the consumer gets to see the new stuff in the market mostly I stick to Indian brands, sometimes brands from outside of India in cases where those are not available in India until next time have a great day have a great time ahead

12 thoughts on “Bodybuilding supplement Advance Nutratech Whey Extreme Unboxing and First Look

  1. Hi, thanks for showing the unboxing of the product. I am interested in this product as well. Could you please let me know how is the taste of this product?


  2. Thanks a lot bro. I'll be buying it soon to try it. Their packaging is really attractive. Hope their protein is good quality because price is really low.

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