Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

So, we have our new performance-driven
line, it’s really, really cool. We have our M.P.ACT O. It’s really, kind of like our expand to X,
more concentrated. So, you get 200 grams of caffeine,
you get BCAAs in it. You also get creatine, so it keeps
your anabolic focus a lot longer and really gets you throughout
your workout without crashing. It’s not a super stimulant so,
you feel great on it. And we also have our Amino Pro. That’s one of my intra-workouts I
really like, just because when you live in a hot climate, or you’re working
out intensely you sweat a lot so it keeps you hydrated and
also it has 2.5 grams of BCAAs. Also has Citraline to give you a pump and taurine to keep you focused
throughout your workout. It also comes in caffeinated, sometimes
I need a little bit of extra boost or pick me up so you get a 100 grams
of caffeine in there as well. And then we also have our MPS. So what does,
it keep you anabolic after your workout. Me personally, I use it with my protein
shake because it comes unflavored. Or, I add it in with my meal. At seven grams of BCAAs,
it also has leucine metabolites, which are HICA and KIC. And what those do is keep you metabolic,
keep your muscle protein senses up, and keeps you anabolic for about two hours,
instead of just taking a protein shake, which keeps you building your muscles for
about 45 minutes.

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