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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

This is Dr. Rob Wildman from Dymatize Nutrition. I’m the Chief Science Officer for
Dymatize. And it’s my pleasure to stand
here next to John Pera, who is a Cross Fit competitor
at the 2012 Cross Fit Games. Jon is from Southern California. He placed first in the Regionals
in Southern California. He’s here competing as an individual. He’s gonna do great. We’re all excited about it. He’s part of Team Dymatize. So we get to ask him a few questions as
he gets ready for the CrossFit Games. Jon, tell me a little bit
about what got you here, types of training that you do and
just how did you get involved in CrossFit?>>Well I got involved in CrossFit back
in September 2009 just with a co-worker. He introduced me to it. Asked me if I want to do a killer workout. Went down and did it with him. Got destroyed. Liked what I did, and just wanted to
keep doing it over and over again.>>Excellent.
Jon and I were talking beforehand about how
he prepares for each workout and how he kind of recovers from each workout,
the importance of nutrition. So we’re gonna tap, you know, tap into his knowledge base and
have him reveal some of his secrets. How he prepares, and how he recovers. So what kind of nutrition do
you apply before you exercise?>>Before I exercise I always try and
eat a well balanced meal, make sure I get the right kind of carbs,
fats, protein. I eat pretty much a strict
paleo diet with the exception of supplements, like protein powder and
stuff like that. Before workouts, I use the Xpand
product that you guys make and I eat Elite Protein Bars as well. Well for snacks, stuff like that.>>Excellent.
So Xpand to help you get ready for a tough work out.>>Absolutely.>>And then when you’re done,
what do you do?>>When I get done with the workout
I take the ISO-100 for recovery and then I eat a good solid meal after that. And then usually before I go to
bed I take the Elite casien.>>Excellent.
So ISO right after he trains for rapid digestion and absorption of protein. Get the amino acids into the muscle so
they can get the recovery and adaptation and then casein late at night
so you can get more amino acids throughout the night because of it’s
slow digesting properties.>>Right.
>>Outstanding. So tell me, what’s your mindset as
you go into the games this time?>>My mindset is just to do as
well as I can in every workout. With CrossFit, it’s one of those things
where you know what you’re good at. You know what your weaknesses are,
and sometimes you have to approach different workouts with mentality at
hand I might not win this workout, but I have to do the best that I can do. Whereas there are some workouts where
you know that it’s your wheelhouse. You can do really well and try and
push and win those workouts. So you really have to approach
each workout individually.>>Now you’ve said that you
take Xpand before you train and does that help you dial in and
focus when you train?>>Absolutely. Yeah, I definitely feel focused and
I feel pumped up. I feel energy and I feel ready to go.>>Excellent. So Jon’s going to check in with
us over the next couple of days, let us know how he’s doing. We’re going to be watching him and we’re
just going to be rooting him on because he’s going to kill it out
here at the CrossFit Games. Thanks so much.>>Thank you.
>>Appreciate your time.>>Appreciate it. Thank you.>>Okay.
That’s it for now.

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