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Is there something floating in your supplements? Guys, there had better be, especially if you’re
spending your hard-earned money on branch chain amino acids. Let me explain to you why today. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today I want to address one of the most popular
questions that I get, and unfortunately, it’s one of the saddest questions that I get. Because each and every day, those that are
using our ATHLEANRX Supplements, inevitably, somebody writes in and says, ‘What is this stuff floating at the top of
my RX1, my PreWorkout RX1 Supplement?’ And it really, it makes me, it makes me upset
because the answer there guys is, it’s what’s supposed to be there. And unfortunately, it’s what’s not there in
a lot of supplements especially those claiming that they’re putting branch chain amino acids
in. So you guys have known how much I’ve talked
about the supplement industry and how downright awful it could be. Well, we know that branch chain amino acids
are one of the most desirable supplements that we can put in our body, right? They are derivatives of our longer chain proteins. We can use them for energy if we include them
in our Pre Workouts. We can use those to increase protein synthesis
if taken after our workouts. The idea here, though is guys, are you really
getting what you’re paying for? I wanted to show you guys a little experiment
and just prove my point. I’m going to break out my Mr. Wizard experiment
here to show you. We have two supplements here. We have my ATHLEANRX1 Supplement, and I took
the label off of one of the most popular Pre Workouts, branch chain amino acid pre workouts
on the market. I am not going to list who that is. I’m not going to deal with any lawsuits here,
but I do want you guys to really concentrate on what you see. First of all, you can try these experiments
on your own supplements. Trust me, you’re probably going to find out
what I’m showing you here. If we take 2 things of water here. We take a scoop of ATHLEANRX1, pour it in. And then we take a scoop of this branch chain
amino acid, and we put it in, and we stir them, ok. Now, I’m suggesting you shake these, but we’re
going to stir them. A little bit more, and then just get this
off here. We stir. What you should see here guys, is, unfortunately,
this popular branch chain amino acid is incredibly clear at the top. Everything has blended itself together. Whereas in our RX1, there’s a lot of clumping
going on at the top. Guys, the clumping is coming from the fact
that branch chain amino acids in their chemical nature are hydrophobic. You cannot change that. That means they fear water. They clash with water. They separate like oil and water. What we want to do is, we want to make sure
that what we’re getting and buying is actually in our supplements. And you can run this test on your own branch
chain amino acid supplement, and find out that yours is mixing incredibly clear. And it starts to taste like a Jolly Rancher. I can also tell you that branch chain amino
acids have a really bad taste. They’re acidic, extremely acidic, obviously. So, if yours is mixing incredibly clear and
tastes great, you’re most likely not getting what you’re paying for. And guys, as I’ve said before, that is the
sad thing about the supplement industry. You can buy what you think you’re buying,
but whether you’re getting what you think you’re getting, is incredibly up in the air,
alright. So, as I say, guys, you don’t have to buy
ATHLEANRX. All I tell you though is you have to buy a
brand that you trust in. And I’ve gone through great lengths to create
a supplement line that I know I can take, that I know I can stand behind and be proud
of and offer to you guys so that you know what you’re
getting, and that you know what you’re getting is the best out there. So, guys, if you’re not sure, then I would
say, go with who you trust. And in this case, I hope, if you’re watching
my videos, that you trust what I deliver to you guys here each and every week. Whether it be through our coverage of our
supplements, or whether it be through the coverage of all the things I try to give you
in our other videos down in the gym. Alright, so if you haven’t already, guys,
make sure you come on board ATHLEANX, and check out our Training Programs at ATHLEANX.COM. And if you’re looking for a supplement that
you know you’re getting your money’s worth. And you’re not getting what you think you’re
getting, but you actually are getting what you’re getting,
then I would say check out ATHLEANRX.COM and try our supplement bundle. Alright, guys, we’ll be back here. If you found this helpful…like I said, run
your own tests. This is not rigged. You can take your own test and do your own
thing. This still has lots of clumpiness in there. No matter how much I shake that, that’s not
going to ever dissolve. Those things will not dissolve in water. Alright, guys, be back here again soon.

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Supplements That Work IF… (SUPPLEMENT LIE!)

  1. Well, Wednesday for me is Deadlift Day – Various styles and various reps spread over 4 hours. It's a one day a week deal because it destroys me. I'm swearing the next morning, praying when I wake in the night to go to the loo, praying I can get there. It takes about 3 days before I can feel halfway normal, 5 days before I feel the benefit, 6 days before I feel up to more deadlifts.

    My BCAAS the next day are like a balm being put on my muscle, the relief kicks in about 30 minutes after drinking it. That can't be a placebo effect, not with me expecting a placebo effect. The relief is real. I take my BCAAS purely to aid recovery and to give me relief after deadlifts. I know the BCAAS I buy help me.

  2. There´s one that i used to buy that is cheaper that seemed pretty good, it never floated… i bought it for a while, now i bought a new one that seems better and this one floats…. and it costs more so explains a lot. I will buy the one that floats only for now.

  3. Love this. But also so sad… my favourite brand failed the test 😭 would you do a video on carnatine? Interested to hear your input

  4. Oh ok so the ass taste from my supplement is ok, and that clumping was normal this whole time. Thanks man this actually made me feel much more reassure

  5. What if my bcaa doesn't taste terrible but i can feel the side effects? is it working or am i paying for trash?

    EDIT: I just did the test with mine and i noticed that it forms into little balls and it stays at the bottom of the drink, is it still trash?

  6. The dude is a physical therapist and his dad is a physician, of course the supplements he makes are the best on the market

  7. Should there not be only one way to do it right.?. Can Someone just make a preworkout , during workout, post workout and recovery supplement correctly. In 28 years I have not found one that works.

  8. Sucks not to want to put the artificial sugars into my body. They taste so damned good until you find out how they are made and what the possible effects are. Sucralose is in almost everything nowadays. How much of a load of that chlorinated sugar are you taxing your body with? I wish that they would just use real cane sugar, non-gmo, etc. Very few options for those who do not want the artificial.

  9. so just a Straight BCAA 3:1:2: Combo Shouldn't mix with water? I have been putting 2 scoops into water shake it up and it still tastes horrible but does mix…..So am I getting ripped off?

  10. Im using all day you may, 2 scoops in a gallon and drink it throughout a day. When i first shake it up theres a bunch of clumps. After about an hour they dissolve. Taste is alright, not too sweet and there is a sort of sulfuric background taste

  11. been experimenting with IF over the last year. didn´t want to drop 20 bucks on bcca´s but decided rather than drinking beer for my cheat day on my saturday i bought a tub. maybe it is placebo, maybe not but i have seen a considerable difference when taking 10 grams bcca pre workout after a 16-18 hour fast. i have gotten stronger and leaner so i will stick with what works. maybe it is only good with IF but i like it.

  12. Someone help me out here. So Jeff in a lot of his videos makes a lot of sense, and backs up a lot of his claims with science. For that reason I religiously watch all these videos. Hence this one being years old.

    I don’t understand however how BCAA’s are supposed to be “hydrophobic” if all acids by nature must release and break down hydrogen in water. Is it because BCAA’s are a very weak acid? I’m not good with organic chemistry so can someone with more background please fill me in lol thanks.

  13. I've been using six star aminos+energy pre-workout and myobuild4x amino and bcaa for almost a week now and I have seen major gains. I have also had less muscle breakdown when I'm not able to eat at my regular times. The myobuild4x doesn't mix as well as the amino+energy.

  14. I can vouch for the recovery efficacy of Jeff's supplements, X-Cite, X-LR8, Reconstruxion, and AAlpha-RX. I have lived a very sedentary life for the last 10 years, I decided to get the Athlean-X Xero program and ordered those supplements. I did a day and a half of the program, half of the 2nd day because I wasn't able to complete it. I was so sore that on the 3rd day I could barely lift my arms to itch my face, so I iced and stretched that day. The 4th day my supplements came in and I decided to start the program over using the supplements. With X-Cite and the AAlpha-RX, I pushed through the soreness to go harder and longer on those workouts than the prior attempts, then used the X-LR8 and Reconstruxion when directed. I thought I would be even more sore the next day and would not be able to continue, but I was much less sore than I was before. I was pretty surprised. Since these supplements have improved my performance and recovery, I'll continue to use them. If your supplements aren't getting you the recovery to continue as well as they should or you're on the fence about getting Jeff's RX brand, get them and you'll be glad you did.

  15. Hi Jeff how can i purchase athlene products? I leave in cayman island. And normally we use forwarder to ship things in u.s and they send it to cayman.. Thanks

  16. I would love to try your supplements but I live in Ireland 🇮🇪 and I take it they are only sold through your site. The cost of postage would make it not an option for me, any work around?

  17. I'm currently taking EAS Vanilla flavor 30g Protein. I haven't done the clump stirr test but I know that shit taste disgusting. Once I finish that jar I'm gonna start using Muscle Milk Vanilla which I haven't tried. Hopefully it tastes better than EAS.

  18. I'm testing mine tonight I'll be PISSED if this is the case cause I just bought the BCAA. I KNEW I should have gotten the Athlean X stuff but I just wanted to have something so when I do order the X series supps I'd have something to take during the AX-1 program till they come in. Thanks for doing these videos Jeff!

  19. I guess the real point to all the responses here from my view, propylene glycol ( anti freeze, diuretic, and a few other things I will not get into), I've taken crap in the past with it in it and then went and worked in 100 degree temps, when you sweat and you feel like your salad shooters gonna blow out even though your dehydrated; you"ll sure as hell wish youd bought Jeff's non glycol and non preservative laced sups. As far a sucralose, I prefer natural juice I make myself for sweetners, alot of micronized supplements still dont fully disolve, bcaas are one of them and carnitine and creatine monohydrate also rarely disolve. Opinions are like certain body parts, we all have one. I will say this much after my own research; find info that works for you and use it, build your mind like you build your body, both represent each other; but dont hack up another persons video, if your an expert on supplementation then go make your own dam channel. So far I havent heard this guy bash on anybody's stuff directly, but he does show the differences really well. I wish I would have had this guy as a coach back in 98' when I was in highschool. I may have been more motivated to become something then; AND I DAM SURE BELIEVE HE WILL RAISE HIS CHILDREN HEALTHIER THAN MOST OF US WATCHING HIS VIDEOS WILL EVER BE OR BECOME; ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO CANNOT FIND A WAY TO STRENGTHEN THE MUSCLES THAT KEEP THEIR MIND AND MOUTH FROM BASHING A MAN WHO HAS TAKIN THE TIME TO DEVELOPE A WELL RESPECTED CHANNEL. 🤔

    And as far as tasting good, Im sure that taste is more or less a selling point for most people, but I buy all my supplements now in unflavored versions so im sure not to get fake sweetners and all that crap, if i want taste I'll add my own cocoa, or natural ingredients (cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, etc.) Healthier and combinations are endless.

    Ive had some of the hardest pumps with out supplements, Ill leave that for the rest of you to try and grasp 😎

  20. Let me guess your product is the best. That's what all people would say if it was there product. I think you understand health but you don't everything so stop thinking you do.

  21. Thanks i will keep this in mind sir. But unfortunately for me, we do not get Athlean x supplements in india 🙁

  22. Just because something has hydrophobic properties doesn't mean it's insoluble in water. Amino acids are soluble in water.

  23. I dont have floaties hardly at all in mine and it taste like green apple.

  24. Snorting Huge Fat lines of Cocaine off your toilet seat when your wife and kids are downstairs watching tv is the ultimate pre work out boost you need to loose weight and burn fat! Cocaine has been pharmaceutically proven to speed up heart rate to a safe level and optimise body fat burning capabilities! So what im basically saying is this is total Horse Shit and a complete fucking lie… Have a great day 😁👍

  25. Most BCAA sups only have 3/8 essential branch chain amino acids. Your body can’t use the 3 unless it has the other 5, or else your body will use it as fuel, at which point you just might as well eat a banana because that does the same thing 🤷🏻‍♂️

  26. This guy clearly has no idea about micronization, pharmaceutics, formulation, dosage forms etc, and yet, he manufacture and sells bodybuilding supplements. What the hell!

  27. Why does it make you upset if people ask why sediment is floating in their pre workout? Do you assume that everyone that buys your supplements is an expert?

  28. BCAA's are useless anyway. They do not help in any way and in some situations may even decrease protein synthesis. Do not toake BCAA's separately only take them with whey protein or dont take them at all as they tend to not be very cheap. A whey protein compared to bcaa only intake produces twice the protein synthesis.

  29. I have been wondering about the clumps for over a YEAR while taking the rx supplements and only now do I find this video. I'm so thankful I'm actually taking the correct supplements. Thank you Jeff! <3

  30. I must have some good shit because my amino acids clump at the top at first but after a long stir it goes away. Not like my xtends it will mix really fast but it's costly. The only thing I don't like about good quality aminos is that it tends to stain the cups, it has some kind for food coloring or dye in it.

  31. Allergic to athlean x protein drink because of the egg whites. Anyone have a recommendation on another brand ? Athlean support wouldn’t help point me in the right direction

  32. Hes probably being as honest as possible but i think hes just trying to explain why his own supp is clumpy so people stop complaining lol

  33. Cool I'm gonna test my bcaa' brand now for clumpy floaters & see what goes down
    @ athlean-X Jeff great vid

  34. What i did is copy the pre post and recovery ingredients of the athlean x supplements from bulk supplements cost me around 245 dollars from amazon but last for months im on the fourth month right now. Probably can get another month out of it. 245 for 4/5 months vs the athlean x monthly cost of 120 something dollars or more do the math. Bulk which is the name for the name of the company

  35. Im surprised non of his supplents dont have arginine. Well he must have a good reason for not adding arginine

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