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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

My name is Jacob Wilson, I work in
the human performance laboratory at the University of Tampa, and
my specialty is the effects of sports supplements on skeletal
muscle size, strength, and power. So we studied Xpand 2X,
which is a new product for Dymatize. A lot of companies will put
multi-ingredient supplements with ingredients that work individually, but
they typically will under-dose them. So we did was Dymatize put a
multi-ingredient supplement together, but it has several powerful ingredients such
as creatine, such beta-alanines, such as beet root juice extract, which increases
the efficiency of muscle contraction. Theoretically speaking, it would increase
strength and size, which is what we hypothesize, but we didn’t know until
we tested it in a live environment. So we performed a double-blind, placebo-controlled study with highly
trained, resistance trained, individuals. We put them through eight weeks
of hardcore training, and we supplemented them or gave them placebo. And what we found was the group that was
on Xpand 2X made almost double the gains in strength, double the gains in
muscle mass and lean mass overall. So scientifically,
this supplement, it works.

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