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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey what’s up what up what up YouTube
family it is your boy Kwame here today I’m going to be giving you tips for back
have you awesome I’m going to show you different angles I use to actually train
my back and also improve on my back the work is on mainly upper box I will
hit some low as well I’m doing some roads that will be awesome
design give you guys some tips with some angles and different positions of my
join to which I used living apartments as well but it’s on a general consensus
usually we go for we go from you know elbow places to our body keep our laps
activated now even with the rori are actually good twist a one-arm dumbbell
or a go at twitter where you actually keep your elbow away from your body and
activate your lot so i’m going to be showing you guys that today as well hope
you guys can learn enough form it make sure you leave your comments below so basically what I’m doing it I’m doing
Royce I keep my elbow past them I’m for snow pulling my elbows back
keeping my chest right up keeping your chest up keeping the core nice and
strong I’m actually going to be able to activate my back a lot better trying to
get some controller excellent this only decent white families and hundred kilos
I’m going to increase the way the goal is hit six to eight reps I will go as
heavy as I can that I can control it outside once we start to get
uncontrollable I’m going to have to drop it so what about the recess to go I’m
gonna increase this to 120 for my next one yeah go to pull roll over here
my back was feeling a little bit tight um I did like yesterday and I did a lot
of eccentric control set on squat Milo Baughman feeling a little bit tight no
other place by just a little bit tight so this year was my best friend just
helped me loosen it up and I’ll just show you guys how I roll my box which is
really nice and simple I like to keep my hands high like up so I can get more
elastin go right up I can also get a little of my gray Delta the resin shop
we can read those and titrate those cause a lot of problems a lot of issues
so try my best to forget that involved and I can’t and also my room boys keep
my hand in or all the homies taiga biome words
which is in the middle of the back but keep iteration I can keep my game a lot
it’s a lot easier for different parts of the back that you can actually take even
use the formula Oh so you keep down control as you see our
struggling quite a bit so I call this Deborah red I’m going to do 10 sets to
pull up so my face working say I’m going to do 10 sets of pull-up and I have 45
seconds rest in between and Jaeger this is really really going to kick my butt
with my pull-ups I’m gonna keep my chest up as much as possible from Pierre
basically I’m going to pull my chest up so from here through my chest up okay
I’m also squeezing my shoulder blades together okay so those rear delts are
going to push back together now what does that actually activate your posture
from the back me chest up so you can see my rhomboid shoulder blades being
squeezed the world my radios are being tense and also connecting to my lab I
get much better skills again it’s really really easy to activate your box I find
that much better form with my pull up some no also I’m not going up all the
way for this one I’m just waiting on my stretch so I’m gonna come down all the
way getting a stretch up just going to about 90 degrees that’s just what the
style I’m doing today so patient I might create a bit of variation with my
technique with different movements to see what I’m trying to actually obtain
guys if you have any questions like I said leave in the comments below and
I’ll get back to you as soon as possible um another thing to grips we have a full
grip so this is the bar full grip okay my son boy ever and I have a finger grip
okay with my finger finger grip I find this
really really effective for working my laughs okay a full grip for waking my
wrong boys but in the middle of my part okay so I find that actually really
essential using a finger grip when I do the movements because actually get more
of my luck involved in the movement okay now I’m going to keep my chest up like I
said squeeze my shoulder blades together keep it nice and tight I’m going to go
all the way down I’m not going to go all the way up okay get a nice stretch in
between so stop nicely up my chest up here nice
dress I know if you my life is good good ha ha ha but you assume a
large-scale evacuation through this can we avoid fights against Oh next exercise on this one is my personal
exercise and personal preference if you don’t feel it don’t do it I’m just
testing one that I like for lot you don’t use very heavy weight with this
one it’s something nice in life and I call it around the world damn don’t
worry because our motion instead of actually keeping our weight in you’re
going up okay so here’s the higher part of a lot look of our rear delt with wall
so what I do is I try to keep my torso really straight okay
so dead straight no movement was also the only thing that twist is my elbow
that comes up so now if I give you guys to do with while you’re sitting down and
watching this YouTube video without the dumbbell get into the position which is
not blast some finger in the gum your little finger pull back to your chest up
without talking at all boys move our back and tell me you can scoop and so
pointing your elbow down point point the angle of your elbow down
tell me if you can still feel your last okay if you can this would be a great
exercise for you remember you got to feel to ensure that is actually muscle
activation there so I don’t use very heavy weight on this very nice and
lighter guess without the dumbbell I see if you always come down stretch it
come up pull that thing so always point that down so that elbow comes down oh
okay make sure your torso doesn’t twist again pull up Oh Oh with this I like to do high risks about
20 risk although I like to get squeezed at the top of the movements as well so
usually preferentially I’ll do this actually after heavy right so just do
normal form alright so I keep my elbow in afternoons like I say three sets of
six to eight reps of heavy earth I can do I can do this for about three sets of
um 20 reps of Fonzie’s you know squeezing around the world dumbbell Rory
that’s my tip for you thank you guys for watching I hope you guys try these tips
and give me your opinion on them it’s really I found them really really
helpful with bringing up my back and improving my back guys if you have any
more ideas or any more questions please drop it in the comment section below
make sure you subscribe and also click the I to check out my other videos as
well thank you so much guys Oh

24 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Tips: How to get a thick and WIDE back

  1. No man has a right to be so damn magnificent. You have EVERYTHING. Ample, with utterly the fullest muscle bellies I have ever seen, angular perfection. I know it takes work and discipline, but it also includes AMAZING genetics. Congrats, superman. You are really da man!

  2. How long have you been working man? I actually just came across your videos and I think you're great 👍 big up yah self

  3. Kwame I lift now and feel amaizing, I love u jeans for your original sense of self you possess. It's like I'm training with a real friend. Love u bro keep up that passion. God Bless.

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