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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys, welcome to today’s video.
Today’s video is gonna be a little bit different – taking a little bit of a break
from you know the details of training and the science behind training
variables and so on. We’re gonna take a look at a cool product that pretty much
just arrived in the mail so stay tuned. Alright so what arrived in the mail? This
right here. It is called a Halo Sport 2 As you can see, it’s a headset and I’ll
tell you much more about it in a moment; but I’ve actually had my eye on the
older version for about six months and they just announced the second version, and they just announced the second version, so HaloSport 2, so I decided essentially I’m gonna pull the trigger
I’m gonna get it. So what an Earth does that thing do? Well, just think about it
for every movement that we make our brain needs to send messages or signals
along nerve cell nerve cells or neurons if you like, to specific muscles which
then stimulates them to contract. Now what might seem to be simple movements
are the result of many different muscles contracting and relaxing in a particular
sequence or rhythm with different degrees of force to be able to cause
that movement. Now the region of the brain where these signals originate is
what is called the motor cortex or the primary motor cortex; and learning really
complicated skills you can imagine especially if they’re you know movement-based skills, typically requires a lot of practice for you to get all the coordination
perfectly worked out. And all of that coordination is happening via signals
from the nerve cell connections within the motor cortex. And as those
connections get stronger and stronger you get better and better and that
concept is called neuroplasticity. If you’re like me, you’re interested in
making the execution of exercises in the gym essentially second nature. Now
there’s a lot of skill required in order to contract specific target muscles in
very specific sequences at specific rates and exert and maintain as much
tension as you possibly can in those target muscles without
allowing it to shift anywhere else. And because of the very close attention I’m
constantly paying to those internal cues from my body as I go through the range
of motion of a rep, I’m always chasing that perfect rep where the muscular
tension is exactly where I want it to be from the start to the end of the rep and
then I’m trying to replicate that perfect rep all the way to the end of a
set. Now being able to acquire that perfect rep faster and faster as well as
repeatedly is obviously an ultimate goal. Now as you can imagine this is you know
me taking those principles into the gym, but similar principles exist for high-level athletes and high level athletic performance in sports, or in musical
instrument playing proficiency. So high degree of skill means a lot of practice
and that’s where you know me trying out this Halo Sport comes in. So the headset
is designed to stimulate the primary motor cortex of the brain, or region of
the brain using these little rows of small electrodes to then transmit
electrical signals. And so doing this for about 20 minutes according to the
company before your training is supposed to increase neuroplasticity for up to an
hour, and that’s supposed to result in increased ease of executing complex
movements; improved strength or neural drive, and even an improvement in
endurance via movement efficiency. So you see where this is going. I’m gonna try
I’m gonna use the halo sport before as many training sessions as I can over the
coming few weeks and months and I’ll try to be as objective as I possibly can
be with assessing any effects on both movement patterns and on strength. If
you’ve made it this far, I have one more surprise. So yes, I am Jamaican and that
is the weird accent, or the weird but fading accent, and hopefully I will soon
officially be “Jawaiian “since Kaua‘i here in Hawai‘i is my new home. But within, or
with Caribbean culture comes Caribbean music. So way back maybe 18 years ago I
started to learn how to play the steel pan
and I’ve completely forgotten – it’s been 18 probably close to 20 years, so what I’m
gonna do is once I’ve gotten comfortable the Halo Sport over the next couple of
weeks or a couple months, depending, I might be ready to try it out, test it out
and see if it can help me to recover some of the fine hand motor skills that
I’ll need to relearn in order to relearn how to play the steel pan. So you know
they’ve totally as you can see been sitting essentially brand new in their
case for about three years. And I’ll work on documenting you know how things are
going for both the fitness training effects and the steel pan playing
effects and hopefully you guys will subscribe and follow along through the
course of both of those mini adventures within the next week or so hopefully
I’ll have the next video up for my progress with training and until then
guys as always Aloha from beautiful Kaua‘i

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  1. Yes!! Musician too! Glad to be seeing how you progress with music as well. Drummer and other instruments as well.

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