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Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj, of
here. And in this video, I just want to give you a very quick and easy way to meet your
daily servings of vegetables for the day. Now, vegetables are packed with micronutrients.
And they’re very high in fiber. And whether your goal is to build muscle or burn fat,
I would recommend that you aim to get in a few servings of vegetables every day. Now,
if you enjoy eating your vegetables, then that’s great, just continue doing so. If you
don’t like eating vegetables or if you’re just looking for a quick and easy way to consume
them, the simple solution is to drink some. And that might sound kind of gross. But you’ll
actually be surprised that when you mix your vegetables with some fruit, and you add in
some sweetener, it actually tastes pretty good. You’ll be surprised. It’s usually better
than you’d think. So, I don’t have like a set recipe for you today, because there’s
a million ways you could combine different fruits and vegetables to make a specific shake.
So, I generally just go with whatever is laying around at the time. Today, I’m just freestyling
it. I’m going with blueberries, lettuce, broccoli and a little bit of green peppers. And I’m
going to sweeten it with some berry pomegranate MiO, that’s just like a liquid 0 calorie sweetener
that you can buy at any grocery store. But you can use whatever sweetener you want. If
you want to use stevia, or splenda or whatever, that’s fine. You can even mix in protein powder
as well. You can kind of get creative with these recipes. So, I don’t know how this is
going to turn out. I’m not even sure how big the shake is going to be, but let’s mix it
all up, and see what happens. So, I’ve got my water here, I should actually add some
ice cubes as well. Two seconds. So, I’ve got four ice cubes as well. I’m going to toss
in the sweetener. And then I’m going to toss in all the stuff, and see how it ends up.
I don’t even know how big this shake is going to be or how well this is going to mix, but
we’ll see what happens. I might need a little bit more water here, probably I need more
water. Let’s just see what happens. This isn’t a super high powered blender. So, if you have
like a juicer or something like that, it will be a lot easier, but let’s just see what happens.
So, looks like I added a little bit too much water there, but nonetheless, there you go,
blueberries, lettuce, broccoli, green peppers, and there it all is right there. That’s kind
of a big shake. I should have use less water on that one, but — honestly, I’m not doing
it for a fact. With everything mixed up and with the sweetener in there this is perfectly
good. It’s actually pretty enjoyable. So, that’s a very easy way. If you don’t like
eating vegetables, take two minutes out of your day, go into your fridge, find what’s
there, mix it all up, be creative. And again, that’s just a very easy way to get your vegetables
in for the day without having to sit there, and cook, and chew and all that kind of stuff.
So, I hope you found this little method here useful. As always make sure to hit the like
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And I’ll talk to you again soon.

59 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Vegetable Smoothie: Easy Way To Get Your Veggies!

  1. If you have a lot of skins and material left over in your juicer, then yes some fibre is left behind compared to if you had made a smoothie or vegetable cocktail in a blender.

    I myself prefer to blend because you get everything the vegetable has to offer and a blender is much easier to clean versus a juicer. Also, it takes MUCH more ingredients to make a glass of juice with a juicer than it does to make a fruit and veggie smoothie with a blender.

    Just my $0.02

  2. Let me preface my comment though by saying it's perfectly fine to juice and definitely helps keep you committed to your nutrion plan and goals. Essentially, whether you blend or juice, the method that is best is the one you can stick with.

  3. Great vid Sean, I'm definitely going to try this. I have read a lot that spinach blends easily with other flavours in a smoothie. I've been a fan of Greens+ but at $60/container for the stuff, I can make a lot of tasty salads for that price.

  4. Some awesome choices include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, red chard, spinach, lettuce… The dark green vegetables are typically the most micronutrient dense. I can't really give a set amount as it depends on each person and their individual needs.

  5. If you are just looking to eat healthier than you do normally, would you recomend that you never eat candy or soda or things like that? Or does it lie more in the everyday food?

  6. This is something I've been doing for a while now. If you're looking for some good stuff to try out check this— 1 pear, cucumber, celery, kale, baby spinach, hemp seed, coconut oil. Always best to go local and organic with your veggies unless you're interested in consuming leftover pesticides or GMO.

  7. I'm sure some people will say "Omg, but you're cutting all the micro's in pieces so they're useless!" πŸ™‚ There's got to be SOME!

    But yeah, I'm always in for efficient ways of doing things. Just cut that sh-t up, drink it. Done!

  8. I usually use stevia for most things. In this video I used a product called MiO which is a flavored sweetener that comes in a little squirt bottle.

  9. It's more about the big picture. Including "junk food" in your diet is fine as long as it's in small, controlled amounts. (No more than about 20% of total calories)

  10. I look at the concrete studies – not random health blogs, magazine articles or news reports.. If you know how to actually scrutinize the methodologies used then Pubmed is fantastic.

  11. Tried it but it is not for me. Had spinach, cucumber and an apple mixed with water. It was filthy beyond beleave πŸ™

  12. should these vegitables be cooked? like should the brocolli be steamed or just raw thrown in the blender? same with others as well cooked or not… great video!!! thanks!!

  13. I like veggies but sometimes I'm just lazy!

    Definitely gonna give this a go. Just popped into my head.

    I think drinking your food isn't as good as eating it though. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) but definitely still good for you!

  14. I like making fruit / veg smoothies, definitely a good way to get some extra nutrients, personally I wouldn't add an artificial sweetener.

  15. Hey Sean, I was watching a video that details how you can have a natural diet high in testosterone. One of the things he recommends is a broccoli shake before bed at night, because it reduces the estrogen levels in your body, because broccoli is high in indoles(?). What is your take on that? I have been have been super ass gang-busting lift sessions lately because I started juicing~ vegetables that is.

  16. This was the video i needed. I have seen so many videos from girls making veggie smoothies, throwing in "coconut water" and ginger and other crap that no guy would have lying around. I needed a video from a guy who just throws in whatever ingredients a dude would actually have. Thanks for the more reasonable video, man

  17. 2 minutes? Ha..
    Prepping and washing well all ingredients takes around 15 mins.
    Filling up, blending, pouring 1-2 mins.
    Drinking it, 3-5 mins. Unless you're gulping it in one shot, but it's a smoothie though and if it tastes good, then you take some time to enjoy it.
    And then the nasty part – cleaning up the blender components and drinking recipients 5 – 8 mins.
    So the whole process takes somewhere in between 24 to 30 mins.

  18. Maybe paprika disagrees with banana, otherwise, ripe banana is a good sweetener. Also, raisins, only 1-2 spoons are a good sweetener. And finally, dates are super sweetener. All these sweeteners are perfectly healthy …

  19. i purchase vegetable juice at whole foods which is low sodium, and then i pour about 6 oz into blender and put 2 servings of peas, and green beans into it, and WABAMMMMM DELICIOUS WARM DRINK. i prefer the shake to actually taste like vegetables, i like that earthy taste rather than making it sweet or whatever, usually i crack an egg into it as well for added protein.

  20. THis is cool. I dont eat vegetables at all, but i want to start working out and build muscle . This one i will try . Thanks

  21. LOL!! Its so obvious from watching the video that you have never made a smoothie in your life. You should have at least tested it once before doing the video surely? The second you poured that water in I could tell you that you had put in too much – then you put in ice cubes on top?! If you have no idea how much water to put in then you definitely dont do it very often.

  22. For anyone out there doing this…. Kale is pretty sharp and leaves a bit of a sour taste in your mouth. Brocholi is ok . The least strong flavor is spinach which blends brilliantly. So I go heavier on the spinach but make sure I add some kale and stem of brocholi. 3 times a day it all adds up.

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