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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s going on, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here
at – and in this video here, sort of a boring topic
but it’s a basic fundamental nutrition subject that I haven’t talked about before and that
is bodybuilding and water intake, and more specifically how much water should you drink
per day for the best overall health benefits as well as to maximize muscle growth, strength
gains and fat loss. So without going in to much detail, a proper water intake is obviously
important for a bunch of different reasons. Your brain and your muscles are about 70 to
80% water and staying properly hydrated throughout the day provides a lot of different health
benefits like helping with digestion, regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients,
assisting with proper brain function, these are just a few examples of many, and when
it comes to bodybuilding and water intakes specifically, there’s also a direct connection
there as well. Studies have shown that being even slightly dehydrated decreases strength
and physical performance. Water also seems to have a direct effect on mood and concentrations
so that might carried over to your training sessions as well. It helps to keep joints
lubricated which could assists with injury prevention and on top of that staying properly
hydrated will also caused you to retained less so you’ll have less subcutaneous water
retention and that will reduce bloating a bit and give you a slightly more define appearances
assuming your body fat levels are low enough. So then the next question is how much water
should you actually drink? The issue with giving a set guideline to everyone is that
it really highly depends on the individual. Overall bodyweight is one thing but it’s
also going to be hugely dependant on how you sweat throughout the day and that’s going
to be influenced by a lot of thing like you training schedule, how often you workout,
what type of training you’re doing and how intense it is, how much you move around throughout
the day in general, the type of climate that you live in, all of these things play a big
role in affecting your levels of hydration. Somebody who lives in a hot climate and trains
six days per week including weight training and cardio, that person is likely going to
require a lot more water to stay hydrated than somebody who trains three days per week
and works a desk job in place with a cooler climate even if those people are at the same
bodyweight. So you will hear a lot of different recommendations, there’s this standard eight
glasses of water a day, another common one that I’ve used in the past was about half
an ounce per pound of body weight. Some people will just say that they drink one gallon even,
which about 3.8 liters. And then you’ll hear all kinds of other different recommendations
in between there. These recommendations generally will put the average person somewhere around
the right level but my advice would more so be to just adjust your water intake to your
own needs and a good way of doing that is just by looking at your urine basically. So
as long as you’re making an effort to consistently drink water throughout the day, you’re not
thirsty and your urine is reasonably clear and odorless then those are really the most
important things to pay attention to when it comes down to it. And if that takes 2.5
liters or 4 liters or 6 liters for you to get to that point then that’s fine because
it going to largely depends on the person and will vary from day to day as well depending
on how active you are. So I’d suggest starting off your day by getting in a good half liter
to a liter reasonably soon after waking up just to get off on the right foot and then
from there just take a water bottle with you throughout the day because that will be a
good reminder so don’t forget and also gives you an easy visual just so you can see how
much you drank at any point. Also keep in mind that all liquids except for alcohol do
count towards your daily total, whether it’s pure water, juice or coffee. Coffee isn’t
nearly as powerful a diuretic as most people think and it does hydrate your body, and then
on top of that you’ll actually get in a decent amount of water just through your food
intake as well. I think it’s about 20% of people’s water intake actually comes from
food. One word of caution that I would give though, is that it’s generally not a good
idea to be consuming large amounts of calorie containing liquids as a way of meeting your
daily water needs, even if those drinks seems to be healthy. So things like juices, sugary
smoothies, sports drinks, these are all pretty high in calories and it can add up really
quickly if you’re not careful. So control the amount of those is fine as long as you
take the calories into account but the majority of your water intake should be in the form
of plain water or flavored drinks that are zero calories. But in any case bottom line
on bodybuilding and water intake, don’t stress out about it too much, you don’t
even necessarily need to specifically track exactly how much you drank, just make sure
that you have access to water throughout most of the day, make sure that you’re making
consistent effort to drink and stay hydrated and make sure that your urine is reasonably
clear and odorless at most point and beyond those things I really wouldn’t worry too
much about it. So thanks for watching, guys. If you find this advice helpful and you want
to get every single tool you need to gain muscle and lose fat as effectively as possible
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61 thoughts on “Bodybuilding & Water Intake: How Much Do You Need Per Day?

  1. Hey Sean i wonder if you can explain or do a video on progressive overload, what it means and how to correctly action it.
    Great content man

  2. I consume at least a gallon a day mainly because I'm used to drink lots of water. Plus what I reads is that at least 70% of your muscles is water. I could be wrong.

  3. thanks Sean, love all the videos. Can you do a video on rest days, how often they should be and if we can do any activity or stretching on those rest days

  4. Yes! Thank you! I work a desk job during the day and don't sweat that much, but ppl try to say I NEED to drink at least 1.5 gallons a day due to my hypertrophic goals. -__- However I am very in tune with my body and feel 1 gallon at most is all my body really needs. Once again THANKS SO MUCH for the clarification Sean! šŸ‘

  5. i can vouch for keeping the joints lubricated, i have some elbow issues and they seldom hurt when im properly hydrated before the workout

  6. Best advice look at your urine, if it looks like lucozade you need to drink more water, if your urine is pink keep eating beetroot. If it's red seek medical advice. If it's clear keep good job, keep it up šŸ‘šŸ½

  7. Great video Sean!! I was also wondering if you could make a video about injuries you have been suffering from (or injuries in general in within bodybuildin) and how to reccover (Eg- tendonitis, ac joint pain, knee pain etc.)
    Keep doing what u do brother!!

  8. If drinking a lot of water leads to less retention and bloating, as you pointed out, why do so many bodybuilders stop drinking it a day or two before a competition in an effort to look 'dryer' on stage? I would appreciate an answer. Thanks!

  9. Hey Sean, your advice is great. Could you do a Video on Reverse Pyramid Training or/and Intermittant Fasting (sorry if you have)


  10. I'm over here trying to lead people over to you, by saying your name through voice chat… i can't say your last name from memory for shit. damnit, Sean!

  11. Im 17 and i started getting acne on my back and chest recently and decided to drink about 5-8 bottles of water a day and in about a week it is about 90% gone, hope this helps anyone

  12. Man, you are my go to guy for advice on the bodybuilding life haha. You never cease to help me in all aspects of BB. I appreciate all these videos that you still make. Keep em coming man.

  13. I have been bodybuilding for about a little over a year now, and I have never took my water intake as serious as I have in the past months and I have seen many improvements since with my fatigue, acne, and especially mood, I highly suggest this video and it's crazy how the smallest of things can have a crazy effect

  14. Thanks for helping to educate on the truth behind hydration Sean. It's not just about what you need in a day, it's what you need right now to be at your best.

  15. Yea, nice that you hit this bro-science thing with coffee, that it dehydrates you. Its diuretic effect cannot counter amount of water you get into your system with cup of it, but it is often repeated bullshit.

  16. Is there anything you'd recommend taking once you get around 40? Maybe not so much for muscle gain but optimising mens health? Cheers

  17. I think I drink too much water, I must get through to gallons a day easy lol sometimes I wish Laura attachable you rhinal

  18. I was drinking 4 liters of water but that wasn't enough for me so i tried drinking 6L for one day and got a headache during my workout, will I stop getting a headache when my body gets used to the 6 liters?

  19. I usualyl drink the same amount of water per day so my weight wont fluctuate from the amount of water I drink from day to day, is that necassary or will my weight not change from drinking a different amount of water per day? (It'd be within a liter)

  20. Means some peoples said to me that water makes fatty that's why my belly came out little bit want to reduce it with the help of bodybuilding so I have this confusion that in this period shall i drink water with these activities or have to reduce it reply me need your advise thanks …

  21. I work outside 8-12 hours a day in 80+ heat in Kentucky and I drink at least two gallons of water a day. But I still feel thirsty when It's late before bedtime. How do you k ow if you actually dehydrated or if its just the cotton mouth?

  22. Iā€™m currently 258 lbs have been working out currently on my 2nd week. Back in the gym from taking a year off I go to the gym 1 time a day, I workout and do cardio Iā€™m intermittent fasting. Iā€™m trying to cut and get shredded Iā€™m on a 2-2500 calorie intake diet my goal is to get down to 185.

  23. You are the best for advice. So concise, humble, reasonable.šŸ™ŒšŸ™ŒšŸ™ŒšŸ™ā¤ļø

  24. well, I'm taking it this way..go by feel, don't over do it, so as not to dilute your digestive enzymes too much. but keep it on your radar to sip it throughout the day.

  25. I just aim to drink as many ounces of water as the number of how much I weight, for example I weight around 185lbs, so I aim to drink 185 ounces

  26. People taking steroids and oral steroids take in alot of water to clean out their liver. So alot of them will dri K around 6 litres a day

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