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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

9 thoughts on “Bodybuilding with Indian clubs

  1. Dear Cococlubs,
    some year ago I found your channel by chance, today I already own two pairs of clubs, toying around with them and trying not to hit myself that often, which is much fun. Same as following your channel and enjoying your content. Thank you, thank you very much for enriching my life this way.
    Wishing you Health, Luck and Happiness.

  2. Hi Andreas, sorry to hear about that. It's been great watching you develop your own moves and routines since the day you started club swinging, after coming across one of my videos. Sorry also that you probably have to stop windsurfing.
    Best regards, Thierry

  3. Used to watch your indian club uploads. You were one of the enthusiasts whose uploads were worth looking out for. Sorry to hear that it's going to be your last. All the best to you.

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