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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Yo, what’s going on guys? Troy here with
Muscle Tactics. Got the Tower of Gains behind me, just climbed it. Got a little lat and
back workout in. So that’s the Tower of Gains, I come up here and climb it every once
in a while. I’ll do a video showing you guys one of these days, but I want to get
into advanced training techniques to unleash the beast. So I want to get into four really
powerful advanced training techniques that are going to help you unleash all kinds of
gains, get you guys jacked, you know, burst through those plateaus. Do not go in the gym
and repeat the same boring ass workout every single time. You guys want to be doing new
things. Always be throwing new overload on your body, going through new workout techniques.
So I hope these four, you know, advanced training techniques are new to you. I hope you guys
can implement them into your, you know, training right away. And definitely let me know your
feedback on what you guys think. The first one, we have an entire video breaking down
how to implement it into your training routine, but it’s called German Volume training.
And if you guys want to know a lot more about German Volume training, make sure you watch
the video that I did explaining, you know, German Volume training. How to set it up.
How to set up your workout schedule with it. The whole nine yards. But German Volume training
essentially is going to put the maximum amount of overload on your body’s largest and strongest
muscle groups. You’re going to be doing 10 sets of the most powerful compound exercises.
You’re going to stick in the 8 to 10 rep range. And you’re only going to rest 60
to 75 seconds between sets. So it is going to unleash maximum anabolic response in your
body. You’re going to jack up your testosterone levels. Put the maximum amount of overload
on your body. There’s people who do German Volume training that haven’t even, that
have been training for five to ten years that did this for six to eight weeks and gained
ten pounds of solid lean muscle mass. And these are people who are at a plateau, who
had been training for long periods of time. So, German Volume training, a really powerful
advanced training technique to pack on lean muscle mass. Next up we have opposing muscle
group supersets. This is one of my favorite strategies for, you know, really building
lean muscle mass, increasing those anabolic hormones. Arnold Schwarzenegger did this back
in the day with his chest and his back. You can do this with your quads and your hamstrings,
but opposing muscle group supersets are going to elicit an incredible response on your body;
you’re putting so much overload. And you’re actually going to feel stronger. For instance,
if you do pull ups, or you do lat pull down, or seated row, you get that blood pumping
in your back muscles, and all the sudden you go down on that bench-press, you get that
pump in your back. You just feel stronger. You feel like you have such a solid base.
I’ve noticed that I feel really strong on my bench-press when I do these push-pull supersets,
and I do a back exercise followed by a chest exercise. So, so many creative ways that you
can do this, but it all comes down to opposing muscle group supersets. So you got your tri’s
and your bi’s. You can even do, you know, you do your chest and your back. That’s
a classic opposing muscle group superset. Obviously your quads and your hamstrings.
And obviously, you know, you have your traps and your shoulders you can do together. Not
necessarily opposing, but still really powerful to do in a superset fashion. The third advanced
training technique is drop sets. Now drop sets, I’m sure a lot of you guys have done
it before, but you can do them with any single muscle group, with any exercise. So if you
guys are really struggling on your gains, try drop setting, you know, deadlift or squat.
I know a lot of guys who drop set bench-press. And for those who aren’t familiar with what
drop sets are, what a drop set is is you’re essentially doing 4 or 5 sets, you know, interval
with no rest in between. You’re starting off really heavy and you’re stripping, you
know, 10 – 20 – 30 percent of the weight off for every single set. So for instance,
like a drop set on the bench-press, say your max is around 330 pounds, you might do 315
for 3 – 4 reps, strip some weight off, then you’re doing 295 till failure, then 255
till failure, maybe 225, then your last set you get all the way down to 135. And you will
be amazed at how, you know, tired and exhausted your muscles feel after doing all those proceeding
super sets. So the whole point is you want to go to a failure on every single set. And
you’re basically, what drop sets allow you to do is do more sets in less time. So the
more sets you can do, the more different kinds of overload you put on your muscles, the more
you vary your rest times, this has a powerful anabolic response on your body. It’s going
to help you burn fat, build muscle. It just anything that you can do, anything that you
can exert on your body that’s different than what it’s used to is going to give
you powerful results. So drop sets are a really powerful advanced training technique. The
fourth advanced training technique is something called a rest-pause set. And what you do with
a rest-pause set is you start off with a weight that you can do between 8 and 10 repetitions.
So say you’re on the bench press or say you’re on the barbell row, you’re going
to go till failure, and failure should be between 8 and 10 reps. So what you’re going
to do is you’re going to rest for 20 seconds. You’re going to keep the weight the exact
same rate. And then you’re going to instantly go into that next set after a 20 second rest.
So ideally you’re going to be doing, you know, say 10 reps on that first set. And after
that 20 second rest you may only be able to do it, you know, 3 – 4 – 5 reps, but that’s
the whole point of these rest-pause sets. You’re putting maximal overload on your
muscle when it’s already tired. So you’re putting, you’re pre-exhausting the muscle
on that first set. You’re only resting 20 seconds, so that doesn’t even allow enough
time for the oxygen in the blood to pump back into the muscle, and then you’re putting
more overload on it. So this has an amazing anabolic effect on your body. It’s going
to help you guys build muscle mass. So rest-pause sets, you can implement it with any single
exercise, but if you guys do it with compound exercises, you guys will get fucking jacked.
You’re going to unleash the beast. You’re going to see some incredible lean muscle gains.
So those are four advanced training techniques to help you burst through plateaus, increase
your muscle mass, overall just become jacked. You know, it’s so important guys, you know,
when I haven’t been going through, when I’ve been going through periods where I
haven’t been gaining lean muscle mass and I haven’t seen the gains that I want, it’s
because I’m going the same workout over and over again. Do not fall into this trap,
you know. That’s why we try and throw so many videos out at you guys that are all these
different training techniques, all these different philosophies. It’s not that, you know, it’s
not that one or the other is better, it’s that new things on your body will have an
incredible anabolic response. It’s the whole thing is your body is really stubborn. It’s
not just going to grow lean muscle mass. It only grows when it’s forced to adapt to
the new overload being presented on your bodies, so that’s why it’s so crucial that, you
know, every single month or two you’re incorporating new training philosophies, you know, doing
rest pause sets, doing drop sets, opposing muscle groups super sets. Then maybe you go
through a 6 – 8 week period where you’re doing German Volume training. Don’t get
stuck in a routine. Always incorporate new things. You guys will see non-stop gains.
I don’t care how naturally skinny you are, how big of a hard gainer you are, you always
have to incorporate new things. You will see amazing, amazing results.

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