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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

well people and welcome to my channel
Jon Sheppard fitness. yes look we have now got some Sun hallelujah yep man
we have now got some Sun so that means I’ve got to start doing my legs more
frequently yeah I’m one of them who likes missing my legs all the time just
because I work on my feet and frankly I don’t want to go and do leg and out once
a week and so today we’re gonna hit the gym and do a workout on the legs also I
need to start doing it properly because if you didn’t watch my last video I’m
gonna compete next to you at body power and obviously legs are part of your body
I can’t go into a show with a chiseled upper body and then some chicken legs
no so what I’m gonna do is I’m I’m sorting out my program rearranging it on
my leg day so I need to go and see what I can actually do obviously I’ve got a
sort of dodgy ankle as well so some of them movements are gonna be a bit tricky
because obviously a lot strain on my ankle especially when I’m doing single
like leg exercises so I need to incorporate as there and differently
because I don’t want to put strain on that hand cord and get injured even more
anyway I’m gonna go in there I’m gonna do a little voiceover and tell you what
the actual movement is and then next week I will sort it all out
ready properly so I’ve got a proper workout plan every single day and
I’m gonna show it you what I actually do day to day in the gym so you can follow
it I’m gonna write it all down for you and then you can copy it on my channel
and thank me later when you’ve got games like me joke anyway let’s get in the gym
and show you what my leg day right so starting off I wanted to do something
heavy I didn’t do squats today I saw my first workout exercise was the
leg press machine I haven’t done legs for quite a while I have to admit
because I do have trouble with my uncle and any pressure or weight on my legs it
affects my ankle started off with 3 plates each side of 25 and then I was
pulling 25 plates on each side building up the actual weight seeing what I could
do I felt quite comfortable when I was going to these weights and my uncle was
holding on because obviously I’m doing less hours and I didn’t really feel the
pain until this and I felt struggle this is a 250 kg but I still managed to get 6
reps out of it now I know where my working set is so when I start writing
my stuff down I will be doing this 4 times then I went on to single presses
obviously the light weight because I do not want anything to hurt my ankle it’s
not my right one the right ones pretty fine it’s my left ankle which is the one
that struggles and I did 3 four sets of this just alternating from
leg to leg because obviously the other leg is resting while you’re working the
other leg next I went on to the stiff legged deadlifts I’m not a big fan of
these because I’m not that supple and I can’t bend down as much but these are
great exercise for stretching those hamstrings and also improving your
deadlift I just did about four sets on a light
weight I knew I could do have Europe or just wanted to see what my range of
motion was then I went on to a move I was never really done before I never
thought I liked it and that was a bench leg raise thing I don’t know what you
call it and basically just step on the bench with one leg and it works the quad
and obviously you can do this with a bar or dumbbells I tried it with a heavier
weight first and I couldn’t do it so I load the weight then I went on to
dumbbell split squats these are challenging
because you are have good balance I did try these with a heavy weight and
I couldn’t do I really are weak on my legs and obviously because I’ve got a
weak ankle and it’s stretching the ankle on the back of the bench it hurt so I
probably won’t do these on a heavy weight I’ll stick to walking lunges and
sort of him more bit more safer for me then I went on to a calf machine just do
some calf exercises this machine isn’t the greatest at the gym I like standing
ones where you can work on the weight then I went on to the leg curl machine
you’ve all been on this this is hitting your glutes and it’s also
a good exercise if you want to improve your deadlift and then finally I went on
to the leg extension probably still my the most favorite leg piece of machinery
and that is it so now back to me with a little conversation about my
bodybuilding competition well there you have it and my leg workout it’s not the
complete workout because I’m not I’m gonna split my workout obviously I’m not
gonna be doing the whole of my workout in one day that would be crazy and I
would seriously have to replace my legs if I did like 20 leg exercises in one
day anyway I am now just around the corner from my house at this famous
landscape the wood henge yes this is what it’s all about
historic rotten wood with dog pee all over the bottom of it enough about the
history lesson and more on about what I am trying to achieve
I’m obviously balking as you know I always seem to tell you every single
video basically and I am trying to get as much weight on as possible not a fat
way because that will be stupid now I’m talking about lean body mass weight so
when I do come down to that cut next year I don’t have to work as much
because I am lazy and I can’t be bothered to do it shred for like half a
year to try and get into that body power stage to see oh but I was talking to one
of the lads who I follow think he follows me if he doesn’t he should do
because this channel is awesome and he is on the old injections yeah
he’s on the actual steroids and he is competing next year as well Eve had a
little convo with him yesterday and I told him about I was going to be
competing in body power well going for it and he said basically most of them at
body power are on something you would be very very very very hard for you to
actually compare to anybody in that competition because most of them are on
something and there might be but as you know me I like a challenge
and I will stand my ground to this day and say unless you’re in that huge
category you know the Phil Heath the Phil heaves and all that luck I think if
you’re going to be doing any sort of physique competition I’m not gonna be
going into them ones where you wear little pants and I’m gonna be wearing
shorts you know and Beachbody competition whatever you call and that’s
the thing I don’t know what category I would actually be in so if any of you
have ever been in competitions if your natural or natural what category do you
think I would be in as you can see by my snatcher I’m quite I’m not skinny my
body fat percentage I don’t know what it is
it’s probably around 15% so and I’ve got abs so when I get to her cutting stage
I’m gonna look like I’m gonna I think I will look really really good I’m see the
only weakness about me is my back and I think that’s what they love in the
actual competitions if anybody has gotten any advice on what to do should I
go natural and compete against all the steroid
users and beat them or shall I go in a natural event so I’m on a fairground
that is the end of this video today I will see you next time


  1. Banging out the videos bro, love it! Step ups are brilliant and challenging, looking forward to your road to bodypower journey 🙂

  2. Good on you dude stay natty. Just give it your all my man. I might not be doing that show, who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️Good video bud x

  3. I’d personally vouch for the natural event buddy.. it’s well known that in these un tested shows people are taking PEDS that’s just the playing field ya know! It’s what’s almost expected. Of course do whatever show you want but give it everything x

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