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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, The Sore in Six: Bodyweight series continues,
and this time we’re hitting the chest. We’re going to get some soreness going on
because we’re going to get a great, metabolic overload going here. If you watched my video on this before I told
you, metabolically, if we can overload ourselves we can actually build muscle that way. It’s one of the three main ways that we build
muscle. So here’s what we’re using. We’re using this, and this. I’m not going to call it a bench. I’m not going to call it a dip station because
you don’t need this, or this. I could use the back of a couch, as you see
me doing here. Or if I don’t have access to a dip station
I could certainly use a countertop, like you see me doing here. We’re going to do use mechanical drop sets
to get us through this because we need to get six minutes of action going here. The exercises are going to be a pushup, but
we’re going to have three different versions of it. We’re going to have a decline pushup, we’re
going to have a flat pushup, and we’re going to have an incline pushup. We know that the decline pushup is the most
difficult version. We know that when we go down we’re working
more of our upper chest here, which is generally weaker than the rest of our chest. And then we know when we go flat we transition
that a little bit more to the mid-chest, which is slightly stronger. And then we know if we turn around and use
this surface again this way, we can get this incline pushup, which works more of the lower
chest. Again, we are a little bit stronger here. So as fatigue sets in we can continue to go
through it. You’re going to do a minute starting in the
hardest position, when we’re our freshest. We’re going to start with the decline pushup. Now the great thing is, this workout is going
to be segmented based upon your ability levels. So beginners, intermediate, and advanced. So if I’m going decline, in the first minute
we’re going to get through the entire one minute of this. The beginners can do it from their knees,
like this. We’ll make it a little easier for them to
try to rep out for the full minute. The intermediate people are going to go from
their toes, here, with that decline pushup. Advanced guys are going to go with the twisting
pushup. You come down, you push up, and through the
fingers there. So we’re turning, and twisting right here,
in the middle of the chest. Come down, and go to the other side. Here, twist. That’s minute one in the decline position. If you’re in an advanced position – doing
the twisting pushups in the decline – if, for some reason, you can’t get all the way
through the minute, you drop down to the flat position here. Still do the same exercise, but it will be
from there. If you have to drop again, for whatever reason,
you can go to the incline position, and you can twist here. Same thing goes for the beginners. The beginners start on their knees. If, for some reason, they tire out here, they
can drop down, and go to their knees here, and finish out their one minute knee pushup. Now, in the second minute you come right over
here to the dip section. Stay in the contracted range of motion, right
up here, at the top. Just a little dip, and up. Remember, we want to keep all the metabolites
that are accumulating from what we just did, keep them there, and then one eccentric rep,
all the way down. Step up if you have to, or jump back up. One, two, three, and down. Beginners, do this for 20 seconds. Intermediates, do this for 30 seconds. Advanced guys do it for 40 seconds. Now, minute three I come back down. If we’re intermediates we’re on our feet here,
flat on the floor, and we’re doing flats. If we’re advanced we’re coming up, and we’re
doing twisting from the flat position, and if we’re beginner we’re down on the knees
and we’re doing flats from here. Remember, if we have to drop here because
we don’t get our reps, you go to the incline, and you rep out. The goal is to continue to make sure that
you rep all the way through that full minute. Minute four, you’re back up there. You do the same thing. 20, 30, or 40 seconds based upon beginner,
intermediate, or advanced. Then finally, we come back here, we work on
the incline position. So again, the advanced guys are up here for
a minute straight, doing the twisting pushup. The intermediate guys are doing the regular,
flat pushup, no twist. And then the beginners are down, on their
knees, and they’re working through here. Guys, it ain’t easy, but it works. Again, getting yourself to work for six straight
minutes is something you’re probably not used to, but that’s where the benefits lie. Push yourself here. I know you can do it. I’m going to take you down through the advanced
version, but you pick the one that’s your level, and you push as hard as you can, and
get through it. So there you have it, guys. Sore in Six Minutes now in the book, Bodyweight
Edition. The idea is this: you’re never out of options
if you have no equipment. As a matter of fact, I take that as an offense. If you don’t know what to do – you should
be able to train in a cardboard box and still get a great workout in. If you don’t know how to do that, or if
you’re looking for a program that will show you how to do that, step by step our ATHLEAN-0
program was created, literally, with that goal in mind. I want you to be able to do it on a deserted
island because it requires no bars, no benches, no bands; nothing at all. Nothing at all. You could do the entire six week program. That’s over at In the meantime, if you’ve found the video
helpful, if you like the Sore in Six series, make sure you let me know what else you want
me to cover – still no penis – that ain’t going to happen. Let me know, and I will do my best to do that
for you in the days, and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon!

100 thoughts on “Bodyweight Chest Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!!)

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  2. Thank you man this actually works and I’m getting a bigger chest just by doing what you said thank you again keep on doing what you’re doing

  3. Hey Jeff good vid. My shoulders got absolutely destroyed but like what always seems to be the problem with me is that my chest always doesn't get that sore. I still got to wait for the next day but right now my chest is slightly sore but it isn't even close compared to my soldiers and triceps which already feel sore as hell

  4. This gentleman is able to do the workout and explain its science at the same time. Those have to be good lungs.

  5. I used to think Incline pushup works for Upper chest, not only think but i saw it in various fitness apps & videos.. & Jeff here said it's for lower chest my whole life has been a lie

  6. This is really cool, I like how you show that it’s easy to do at home without equipment and you show how the different difficulties can be performed!

  7. GREAT video Jeff!!!…I will try this workout in itself…but it has also sparked some more ideas for my active Recovery Martial Arts training sessions…thank you once again!!!

  8. still no penis? he says it around 6:21 but im lost and laughing my ass of as to why he said that? some one assist with this? athlean dude hopefully can reply with an answer to my confusion…thats how you know i watched the whole dam video but worth hearing that random shit xD

  9. If I didn't want to use a stopwatch for this exercise. What would be the recommended sets and reps between Intermediate and Advance? Thanks in advance, love your videos helped me greatly!

  10. I’m a varsity TE and my bench is 185lbs. which isn’t great for a TE, but I’m truly trying to get my bench up, so I’m going to really work on my chest from here on out. Hopefully this workout works for me

  11. Tried the workout definitely feel the burn… but would recommend showing the proper way to do a dip at a countertop

  12. Hey Jeff! I've got a question for you, though if you can't get to answering it, that's fine. See, after doing this 6 minute workout, I felt like rather than having sore chest, my triceps were really hurting instead and I just wanted to know if that's because I'm doing something wrong, or if it's expected?

  13. my advise would be to name the mucles of where your targeting verses saying upper or lower chest.

  14. omg.. Im late but yesterday I found this video and wanted to try this out. I was super exhausted already after 2 min and did it in the end with 7 min 30s. My chest is really sore now.. I want to give this method a chance and will train with it the next weeks/months 🙂

  15. I'm starting to work out again. Pecs have always been my main issue since they seems to lack behind when compared to the other muscles, but my concern is that I'm really hypermobile and my shoulders "double" joint so I'm not sure if it's safe for me to do this. I recently recovered from shoulder surgery because it "double" jointed while benching heavy and it caused my shoulder to tear and dislocate. So I'm not trying to go through all that again. I'm just asking if it's safe is all. Thank you

  16. Hi Jeff of ATHLEAN-X!

    When I do the incline push up, I would feel the stretch at my rhomboid muscle (or around that area of the back and I don’t feel the stretch in the lower chest area. I’m trying to contract my chest when doing the exercise but as I’ve said, I feel the stretch at my back rather than the lower chest. Is it normal? If not, how to put the stretch on the lower chest rather than the back?

    Looking forward for your response

    Thank you very much!!!

  17. Just adding that twist and squeeze into my chest workouts (strictly bodyweight training here) has my chest so defined it literally ripples like waves when flexed. Been doing this with pushups after i found this vid a few months back. Really works.

  18. 30 military push ups, 30 normal push ups, and 30 push up where I push out when I get to the top (Jeff taught me it and it works the chest better). In 16 min. What should I do here? Intermediate?

  19. Omg.. those biceps man, they re screaming with full of pump. Perfect coach, perfect tips and details. Love your channel ❤❤❤ regards from Turkey

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