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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Sometimes, whether it be by preference or
by the circumstances you find yourself in, you may or may not have access to equipment. And in those cases, what is your decision? Are you going to give up on your workout entirely
or are you going to find a way to get the job done given the situation you find yourself
in. Well today I wanted to go to one of the requests
that you guys have been making, a Shoulder Workout, Bodyweight only, that showed you how you can overload. How
you can create change in your body by doing the right kinds of bodyweight exercises to substitute for the things that we more
typically do in the gym. So with that being said lets break it down exercise by exercise, you see what you classically do, you see what
you can be doing if you find yourself in a situation where you just don’t have the equipment
with you. Alright so lets kick this workout off with
our compound move, our Dumbbell or Barbell Shoulder Press. Guys you know it doesn’t matter what type
of equipment you’re using here, the focus of this exercise is to push that weight, push some heavy weight and start building
those shoulders up. But if you don’t have access to either one, are you left with nothing? Absolutely not, guys you know we have other
options. Here you can see me doing a Handstand Pushup
against the wall. Even if you’re big and strong, I can tell you, this exercise becomes really
challenging really quickly, and especially the heavier your bodyweight
is at the moment. Right, you’ve got to push more the more you weigh. But even if that’s not a challenge for you,
you can add in our Wall Walk Pushup variation, where you’re going to do a Wall Walk out all
the way to a Flat Plank position, then walk yourself back up. And you can see
with every push of my hand, I’m using more and more of my shoulders to get back into
the position just to have to do pushups again. So we can definitely overload this exercise
and get you working right off the bat in this workout. Next up, one of the most classic exercises
that you can do for your shoulders, a Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise. Of course, this is the one that targets the
medial head. This is the one that we all know and have relied on for years but does that
mean that there’s no equivalent here either? No there is, actually. I’ve shown this before,
we feature it in our ATHLEAN XERO Program, the Bodyweight Side Lateral. And the key here, as you watch me doing this
move, is the relative motion. Remember relative motion means that as long as the motion that’s
occurring at the joint is the same, we’re good. And you can see that, yeah in a typical Side
Lateral Raise, my trunk is staying fixed and my arm is traveling away from my body. But in a Bodyweight Side Lateral Raise, we
fix our arm and we let our body rotate away but the end result is that our shoulder is
in that abductive position. So we’re getting a loaded abduction here for
our shoulders that will help us to still target this medial head, even when we just don’t
even have equipment at our disposal. Ok, now lets work our way around to the back,
we’ve got the rear delts to worry about. And again, classically the Dumbbell Rear Delt
Raise. We do this all the time, when we’re trying to get and target that back side of
the shoulders. But again we’ve got an option guys. And again
in ATHLEAN XERO, the Reverse Iron Cross Pushup. This is a very intense way to create an overload.
Again just try the exercise and I promise you’re going to feel a contraction you probably
haven’t even felt from doing the dumbbells. A lot of times guys will rely on the dumbbells
to try to heave the weights up and not get a good enough contraction in the posterior
delt, try this and I’ll tell you, you’re going to
see the difference and feel it right off the bat very first rep. Next it’s time to get a little bit more functional.
As a trainer for professional athletes guys, you’ve got to be able to also recreate a little
bit more functional carryover into the things that we do. So that we can become more explosive but we
can do it in a way that’s going to translate to what we do. So on our Shoulder Tap Presses, you may have
tried these before. Some people like to use a dumbbell, some like to use a kettlebell,
some could use a landline set up in the corner. The essence of it is that you’re pressing
shoulder to shoulder, ok as you see me doing here. And what’s great about this is there
is a high functional carryover to sports. Whether I’m an offensive lineman that finds
myself down here and I have to, you know, press in a different direction. I can’t always direct my force straight ahead.
Ok, we know that the other guy on the other side of you is going to move. So we have to adapt to that. An MMA fighter
is going to have to grab somebody and have to control them from above. We also have basketball players having to
go up for rebounds and we need to have to strength to go in asymmetrical directions, that’s a great way to do it with a Shoulder
Tap. But again if we don’t have the equipment does that mean that we’re screwed? Not at all, we’ve got Pike Circles. So we
could take our bodyweight, position ourselves in a Pike position as you see me here, come down to the ground, lower myself to one
side, so I’m overloading let’s say the right arm, I’m sliding around, sliding that weight
across to overload the left arm, then pushing back off there, back up to the
top. And I can work these circles, both in a clockwise and a counterclockwise direction so that the loading arm on the descent is
changing if we keep going back and forth. So what I would do here, is just do say, if
you’re doing to whatever your failure reps are, divide half of them to the clockwise
and half of them to the counterclockwise direction. And finally for those that think that bodyweight
training can be an inferior way to train, compared to weighted training, we’ve got certain issues that actually are
able to be more easily addressed with bodyweight exercises than they might be able to with
weights. You guys say a video, I hope, that I did the
other day on a Spontaneous Eccentric. Of what it was and how we could apply it to our shoulder
training with a Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise. And if you haven’t seen that video, I’ll link
it up right over here, because it is definitely worth the watch. But that being said, some would feel that
maybe even that is a little bit too risky for them. I called it an Advanced Shoulder
Exercise for a reason. But maybe bodyweight allows us to actually
do the Spontaneous Eccentric concept and do it in a more controlled safe manner and that’s exactly what I’m going to show
you here. We’re able to do this in a much more secure way because we’re controlling
our own bodyweight here. And we get the explosivity we’re looking for
in the exercise. And we’re getting that Spontaneous Eccentric contraction that we’re looking for
every single time that my hands hit the floor here. And then of course, I’ve got to reverse direction
and get myself back up. And you can start the way I’m showing you here just by leaning
forward with one arm, hitting the ground, kicking the leg up, going
to a Handstand Kickout and then from there getting back up. I’ll tell you, it doesn’t matter which leg
you kick up in the air, the bottom line is ,it’s the overload you’re creating on the
shoulder and this is a great way to really push yourself even when you have not a single piece of equipment
at your disposal. So there you go guys, a complete shoulder
workout whether or not you have equipment or if you don’t. As a matter of fact, sometimes you’re going
to find that your hand will be forced. Whether you’re traveling or you’re just in
a location that doesn’t have the equipment that you need to get a great workout, you
really have no excuses anymore. Because you do have an option and you can
start doing these workouts right away and start overloading and causing the overload
you need to build muscle. That being said, If you’re looking for a complete
program guys, you know as a coach, my job is to make sure I have you covered regardless what circumstances you find yourself
in now and if you have equipment or if you have access to a gym, or if you want to train
at home with limited equipment, you can do that with the ATHLEANX Training
System. It’s just a pullup bar, a band, and some dumbbells and you’re good to go. But for the guys that prefer to workout with
bodyweight or just don’t have the space or the ability to get any equipment, guys I’ve
got you covered here as well, ATHLEAN XERO. We like to say, NO BARS, NO BANDS, NO BENCH,
NO BULL, literally 100% bodyweight only. NO EQUIPMENT AT ALL. So guys, pick your program, get yourself started.
The big thing is, start training like an athlete so you can start looking like one. You can do that at ATHLEANX.COM. In the meantime guys, if you found this helpful,
make sure you leave a thumbs up and some comments below. Whatever else it is that you guys like to
see, that’s what I bring here. You’re the ones asking for this, now you’ve got it. Leave your other suggestions, I’ll make sure
I get to them too. Alright guys, thanks a lot.

50 thoughts on “Bodyweight Shoulder Workout (NO GYM…NO PROBLEM!!)

  1. ive deliberatly chose to work out more using body weight exercice for the simple control and body sensitivity you can develop even more than with weight training. your videos are always incredibly helpful for both type of workout and really improved my calisthenic workout.

  2. Hey Jeff another good bodyweight shoulder press is the pike push ups and much easier for beginners than handstand push ups

  3. whenever I watch syle video's from alpha and Jose I remember some. But when I watch Jeffs video's I always remember them and do it right

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  5. Honestly some shoulder exercises are so finicky, these look serious and athletic, can't weight to work them in.

  6. Wall walk in no joke,I do handstand wall push up then work my way to incline 1 arm push up now I can do a one arm pushup about 8-10 each

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  8. hi guys i'm really confused about it, does it actually works for real in a calisthenics training or is this just one of these workouts for beginners that's never gonna have any effect on an "advanced" body state

  9. After losing 25 pounds, these body weight exercises are getting easier. Not alot easier, but more reps and less weight is what I want, trying to build muscle and THEN strength

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  11. Thanks a lot, Jeff!!
    This format of b/w versions of weighted exercises is really very helpful and motivating (for people like me without resources). Thanks again!

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