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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Are you away from home for the Holidays? If that’s the case, Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. We’ve got a workout that you can do with literally
no equipment. What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM It’s the Holidays here. Whether you’re celebrating or not, this is
a busy time of the year and a lot of guys are going to find themselves away from home. Traveling to the relatives, maybe staying
in a hotel. They’re not going to have the convenience
of the gym that they’re used to working out in to get their workouts in. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be
training or working out at all. Matter of fact with an ATHLEANX Burst Training
Classic here, I’ve got you covered. Alright, this one in particular is bodyweight
only. Bodyweight only guys if you’re familiar with
our ATHLEAN-XERO Program, it’s a workout that you can do with literally zero equipment. Every single body part, muscle group covered
in a six week program. And it builds muscle. Not like some of the other bodyweight programs
that are very popular, this is geared at building muscle. So is this. This is our Raising Cane. Ok, in a candy cane fashion here again, in
the spirit of the holidays. We’ve got alternating red and white exercises. The red exercises are more muscle building
exercises. The white are more conditioning. What your goal is here in this workout is
to do these four exercises for the number of reps or time stated here without stopping. Now if you do stop on your way to 50 Prowler
Pushups, and don’t worry, I’m going to demonstrate these here in just a second, you’ll have do
and face the Grinch here. Alright, the Grinch is our exercise, again
pulled straight from ATHLEAN-XERO, the Triple Skyfall. Five of them. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but when you
see what that is, you realize that that becomes a big deal. Especially if you’ve failed 3 or 4 times on
your way up to the 50 reps here of the Prowler Pushups. How do you do it? If you’re on your way to 50 and you fail at
12, you’ve got to stop and do 5 of the Triple Skyfalls. If you keep working your way up again and
you fail again at like 24, you’ve got to stop and do these. You have to keep stopping, face the Grinch
and get back on track until you finish all 50. Next up, Side Kickthroughs for two minutes
straight. Alternating Side Kickthroughs. Reverse Elbow Pushups, 50. You’re going to 25 on each leg. I’ll show you how to do that, again a back
exercise, again bodyweight only. And then Alpine Climbers for 2 minutes straight. So I’m going to take you through some of the
exercises. I’ll demonstrate a couple of my failures along
the way so you get a sense of what this workout looks like. But in the meantime, let’s put it all together
so that you have something to do when you are home, not home for the holidays. Alright, so there you have it, Raising Cane. Remember guys, as you’re working your way
up if you’re working on 50 and you fail at 12, stop and do your Skyfalls. Rest as needed, we call that our Xero Rest
Protocol for those that have ATHLEAN-XERO. And then resume right at 13 and keep working
your way up until you hit 50, ok. You do that for each one. If you fail at a minute and 10 seconds, do
your Grinch, pick it up again and see if you can get those remaining 50 seconds without
failing again. Guys, this is what ATHLEAN Burst Training
is like. We combine conditioning and strength training
together so that not only are we getting our heart pumping but the muscles are working,
ok. It’s not slow burn cardio where we tend to
overdo it, overtrain, lose muscle. This is where we build muscle at the same
time. Guys, special thing again in the spirit of
Christmas, the ATHLEANX 12 days to Xmas promotion is on right now. That means, if you order ATHLEAN-XERO or ATHLEANX
or AX-2 right now, there’s only 5 days left by the time I’m making this video. You’ll get access to our brand new ATHLEAN
Online Dashboard. I’m showing you some pictures of it right
here, what it looks like. Additional meal plan recipes, community profiles,
sharing, challenging other people. It’s a whole interactive community here we’ve
got going on on TEAM ATHLEAN. And I want you to be part of it. In order to do that, you’ve got to come and
join us on the team. Head to ATHLEANX.COM, get the program that
best suits your needs. Again, if you’re in the market for something
that requires literally no equipment at all, then ATHLEAN-XERO is the program for you. And if you have limited equipment, we’ve got
you covered with ATHLEANX 1 and 2. Alright guys, I’ll see you back here after
the holidays. If you’re celebrating have a Very Merry Christmas. And I’ll see guys back here soon. Good luck on this.

100 thoughts on “Bodyweight Workout (That WON’T Leave You SKINNY!!)

  1. For the reverse push ups I see you have your leg raised now do you keep it up till your done or do you switch it after you do say 25 out if the 50.

  2. I find Athlean Xero program to be quite demanding. Actually, I'll have to work my way up to completing the strength workout day in one fell swoop, because midway through I had nothing left in the tank. 

  3. What impresses me with this trainer is that it remains constant shape, avoiding muscle explosions from steroids. Remember guys, what is most important to be fit in life, it is not to have a great physique, but to keep in shape over the years. I know because in 61 years, I continued training and 30 years.

  4. Having trouble with the reverse push-ups. Any advice for it or on how I can be stronger to perform the move more efficiently?

  5. decided to get back in shape after months on the bench so to say. this was my first workout in months. brutal!! managed to complete it but i was screaming. almost crying. it was hellish. but feeling good now! athlean x is definitely where it's at. there's no substitute.

  6. For anyone who has done the athlean zero program. After the 6weeks are done, are there more routines to choose from or do you have to get another program? Thanks.

  7. OMG Jeff……what the hell do I need to work on to master those reverse pushups. I have AX1 but those reverse are a b–ch!!!

  8. How can bodyweight workouts even be believed to not add mass? Apparently heavy lifting builds mass….A chin up would have more weight to it than what most people curl with a barbell so how is it any different?

  9. First of all, that looks like an awesome workout and I have become a big fan of Jeff Cavaliere in the past half a year. However, I have been educated through my Exercise Science program that the best rep range for building mass is around 8-12, and for pure strength 4-6. Doing a certain amount of prowler pushups and then a hybrid burpee until you reach 50 pushups seems great for muscle endurance and aerobic endurance. Are there really certain circumstances in which having such high reps does build muscle? I have been experimenting with doing just bodyweight routines for strength and hypertrophy and everywhere I look tells me that just like with weights, one needs to create a level of overload to shorten the rep ranges. If anyone has a scientific explanation, please do leave a comment.

  10. I seriously like these exercises !!! thumbs up PS: they got me really pump up. Even my family members started joining in.

  11. Just tried this and it's absolutely killer, but the tension it causes is legit, will be my go to for whenever I can't get to a gym

  12. hey everybody. I just started rucking to. But I can seem to find what it does. I want to burn fat and build muscle. Does it work the legs and burn fat. Excuse me if this is a stupid question I'm a total newb

  13. My house is small, no room for equipment, so this workout would do good although with work and the married life + kids I have little time, how long do these exercises take per day?

  14. Jeff's material over the years…. Jesus. There is NO reason – for anybody in the world… to not BE LEAN and HAVE MUSCLE. MAN! He's given SO MUCH VARIETY about building muscle, strength, mass and burning fat. You could get so much from ONE video…. and follow it for a week… then follow ANOTHER video for a week… and so on.

    It's amazing. And he's been doing it for years. I'm just amazed.

  15. Jeff you son of a… that workout was the s… The conditioning is unreal I've done a lot of cardio and marathon running, but that taught me a hard lesson. Truly tough and what I would call an elite workout, what with the use of strength and endurance. That took me 25min 43sec to complete. Love your vids keep it up. I really appreciate it!

  16. Sir can you please tell me that it is possible to train like a WWE wrestler with bodyweight only to gain that size and strength or not?

  17. tried ordering but its not clear if the program includes the dvds or is strictly online portal. Also tried calling the phone # for the Athlean x program and it just beeps and whistles at me.

  18. Awesome music Jeff! What song/music is it? How can I get my hands on these awesome workout tunes! Thanks Jeff!!! – Silverio

  19. The moment I saw Alpine Climbers on this, it was a long-winded "Shiiit, now it's on!" Had to do these for 5 minutes followed by butterfly kicks for 5 mins whenever I was late to PT in rotc. the burn is forever engrained in my core!

  20. Hey Jeff I really enjoy your videos. I've been trying to find ways to incorporate some of your body weight exercises on the TRX. I was wondering if you had a well rounded workout to do on the TRX, for muscle building.

  21. Just started this program! I've been rock climbing for the past year and doing at-home chest workouts last year pretty regularly. But, Day One still totally wrecked me. I literally have not been this exhausted before in my life. Looking forward to Day Two.

  22. Thanks to you I have been making connections between mind and muscles, but my reflexes is still of  a higher calling 🙂

  23. Somehow I can't even do 1 rep of the reverse push up I think am doing something wrong either that or it's very very hard

  24. Great Video especially as an introvert that basically hates humans. This home workout is perfect lol.

  25. The only interesting content on YouTube is this the genius in bodyweight work outs , no workout here in YouTube is as amazing as Jeff's !

  26. Hi Jeff, I like your bicepses. Nice ones.
    Is there any silicone or oil implanted and which type do you recommend to inject and how often to renew the procedure?
    The reverse push up is new to me, looks great, is it allowed to use both legs? Are you sure those exercises are not for shredding only?

  27. This is similar to athlean xero the punisher challenge, where there's a penalty workout to finish when you fail to complete a full rep of the regular workout

  28. 02:52 Prowler push-ups 50 reps

    03:03 Side kick-throughs 2 min
    03:16 Reverse elbow pushups 50 reps
    03:30 Alpine climbers 2 min

    Rest as needed but every time you stop
    03:38 Triple skyfalls 5 reps

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