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We are here with Renee Campbell, Forest Gym
lovely neck of the woods, World Champion. What got you into bodybuilding? I think what
got me into bodybuilding was I done many years of triathlon and long distance marathon and
I got to the point where I think I wanted to try something different, something to challenge
my body in a different way, Uh huh, and a colleague of mine that I worked with at a
gym was gonna be competing at a British Final competition and he had said to a few of us
at work to come along and support him at the show and um and I thought well I had nothing
to do that day, so I went down to the Body Building show and while I was sat there it
was quite interesting to me when they suddenly announced that there was a women’s body
building class that was gonna come on and it hadn’t even occurred to me that this
would be something to see in the day. So I sat there and the minute the heavy weight
ladies filed on stage I just thought , oh my god, that to me looked incredible and it
was almost like an instantaneous decision where I thought, that’s what I wanna to
look like that, I want to achieve that with my body and you know at the time I was only
8 stone, wow, which is about 56kg’s, and um, I kinda looked down at myself and thought
oh my god I’ve gotta a lot of work to do, but if you really want to achieve something
and you put your mind to it and you can do it. So literally the next week, I um got in
touch with somebody who could help me with my training, uh huh, in terms of body building,
‘cos it’s very different to your standard kind of um cardio work I was doing and um
that was it, my whole life kinda changed from that moment. I was a vegetarian for 15 years
and I made that decision right there and then to start eating meat, to eat protein so that
I could achieve the muscular body that I wanted to and 8 months later, I won my first body
building show , wow, and to me one of the most exciting things was is when I won the
British Title the lady who I had seen win it that year who wowed me on stage came up
to me to congratulate me, huh, on winning the title and that to me was a signal, quite
a momentous thing because it was that lady that spurred me on and she came to congratulate
me for taking that title, wow, so for me that was fantastic. That’s brilliant and how
many years are we talking, since you were, what was it, 8½ stone? 8½, well 8 stone.
8 stone, how many years ago was that? That was about just on 5 years ago. 5 years wow,
what a transformation in that time. It most certainly is, I tell you, my wardrobe has
changed quite a few times. I bet is has, and what been the high of your career beyond that
lady congratulating you? The high of my career is winning the IFBB World Title, um I’m
the first British Athlete to have done that, wow, not only did I win the title, I won the
overall title as well, which is has never been done by a British Athlete before and
with that I was awarded Pro Status and now compete as a Pro Athlete, so that has to be
the highlight of my career. That’s huge and when did you win your Pro Status at that
competition? I won my Pro Status in September 2012. Ok, ok, fantastic, alright and the low
of your career what would you say there has been, some people talk about injuries, is
injury for you or something else? The low of my career no, um, touch wood, I haven’t
had any injuries that um I can complain of, I think the only sort of lows for me would
be competing away from home, because it mean friends family, I have two sons, um they can’t
come and support me. Um for instance I’m gonna be competing in the States, which is
an amazing opportunity, but I think the low side of that would be I can’t have friends
and family around me, supporting me. OK, cool, and what do your sons think? My sons are really,
really supportive and um my eldest son, he’s into body building himself now, wow, and trains
and in the year that he’s been training seriously he’s put on a good amount of muscle
and he’s motivated by his mum which I think is a fantastic thing so both my sons are very
proud and um sort of pleased to kinda of mention to their friends oh my mums really big and
so, I think it’s been a really kind of support for both my sons. Great and let talk about
your up-coming show. I’m gonna be competing in Chicago at the Wings of Strength Pro Show,
ok, this is a very exciting show because it means, the best of the best in the world will
be competing on that stage, it’s not the show where anyone can turn up on the day.
You have to be specially invited and selected for the show, so it does mean you are only
going to be competing with the very best, so for me just that in itself is exciting
because what an opportunity, you know to look back on life and to say I had the opportunity
to compete with the best athletes there are in the world, is a fantastic achievement,
regardless as to where you place, yep, it’s just the fact of being on that Pro Stage and
be able to look back and say yes, I was on that stage. Wow – we wish you a lot of luck!
Thank you.

32 thoughts on “booost oxygen interviewing Rene Campbell about her bodybuilding journey and how to build muscle fast

  1. Rene is a fabulous lady with an amazing physique. Have you watched Rene's other video's on our channel?

  2. When I see someone achieving their goals, I want to know how. How much sleep? What exercise routines? What supplements? Then after filtering out those things that I consider dangerous, I try to do it all.
    Is a lift dangerous? Is such and such a supplement dangerous? AFAIK, oxygen is a risk free supplement. Do oxygen.

  3. Yes i mean it. before I started eating right it didn't matter how much I exercised my abs were still jello.

    Listen to this My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly.

    i found it here

  4. You are right, eating right is essential. And a good video you have found there too that will help others. How is your 6 pack now?

  5. I find her muscle very attractive. No she is not considered beautiful by most people's standards, but I don't base my taste on other people.

  6. I hate that she's probably on roids (jawline) but she seems like an awesome lady. Always love a goal setter/achiever.

  7. Seriously? FUCKING STEROIDS, SHE TAKES FUCKING STEROIDS. You dont take advice from someone who's only achievement comes from a needle

  8. What a beautiful woman! She has inner beauty as well as an amazing body. Haters just need to spend more time in the gym! Rene, thank you for being an inspiration!

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