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22 thoughts on “Boosie said Planet Fitness kicked him out for comments about child

  1. Judgement free zone but yet they kicked him out for his judgment LOL too damn funny… totally hypocritical of the establishment..

  2. That's because they are allowing transgender men to share locket rooms & showers with woman. They announced that quit some time ago.

  3. Sooo they got roaches and their showers 🚿 don’t get hot!!! But he still was on his way in there to workout 😂😂😂😂

  4. THE GAY MAFIA…Gays want others to be tolerant of them but they don't want to be tolerant of those who don't agree with the gay lifestyle…HYPOCRITES!

  5. Thats stupid. Planet Fitness is a Judgment free zone…But they are JUDGING him by kicking him out of Planet Fitness; kicking out Boosie

  6. Most of y’all don’t even workout no way. Boosie ain’t did nothing for me or d wade. That’s on them. Y’all getting mad cause he got booted. He got money build a gym at his house

  7. There is no conclusive research that supports a born that way hypothesis. In other words, Dwayne Wade’s child wasn’t born that. So why can’t Boosie try to convince Wade not to allow his son to do that bc Trans advocates are definitely telling wade to support it. I’m boycotting Planet fitness. This is disgusting!!!!

  8. That Had To Be The New Planet Fitness On 138 In Union City He's Always At The Walmart Across Street. Union City Not Jonesboro, Hwy 138 Jonesboro Rd.

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