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our virtual spark number two last time
we made a three-part session where I was just punching you guys in the face and
you guys didn’t know how to do anything guys we’re just slipping right you were
wondering what I was doing when I was held in that guarding today we’re
covering like all the defense aspects of boxing you guys are gonna learn your
helmet guard you’re not only gonna learn how to slip but you’re also gonna learn
how to catch punches so your hands are gonna be your first line of defense now
you’re just catching punches as soon as you can’t catch it you’re slipping
you’re rolling and then that’s when you can pull back you got all your arsenal
of defense and then the last session we’re gonna do not today
the one after we’re gonna be doing not only that because gonna be doing
countering as well and you guys gonna be able to maybe even throw in a couple
kicks as well before we go into our last one which is gonna be MMA just show my
legs okay so you guys already know your stance right so you’re gonna first stand
like shoulder width apart and depending on which foot is your dominant foot say
you’re left-handed I’m left-handed so I’m gonna take my left foot back you
guys are right-handed you take your right foot back right so I’m left-handed
I take my right foot back your hands are gonna go up to the sky and then let them
just drop right in front of you so they’re right in front of your right in
front of your ribs covering your chest and then your hands gonna be a fist chin
tucked you got your elbows into your ribs so if
you have it spread out you can get body shot it you want to have it nice and
tight now we’re gonna do your hand movements right so you’re gonna be
learning you’re blocking okay so first say I’m throwing a jab right you want to
block a jab with a catch so all you’re really doing is just just a little catch
and you’re putting the same amount of force that the person is putting into
the punch in the catch right so it just kind of negates the punch and
it just makes a drop right there you could also use this kind of like Conor
McGregor right so you might notice Conor McGregor you’re just out there a lot of
the time you be like this and he uses that just like the first line of defense
like I said so as soon as he sees that jab coming so just push it away and go
for the cross right so you guys need to know that catch and same thing with the
other hand you can catch you can help me guard as well that’s what I was doing
right so at home my guard is for any round punch right so all you’re doing is
just like you’re answering a phone right let me turn around here and show you
guys so I’m taking like a phone and I’m just
answering right I’m putting my hand up to my ear I’m just answering the phone
so nothing can get in there right something you guys do need to know is
how to ride with a punch right so if you’ve seen like any pro fighters get
hit and it looks like they got rocked but nothing happens it’s because they
were riding a punch right so all that really is is when you get hit you use
your momentum and the power of the punch to kind of go with it so it doesn’t do
that much damage right all I’m really doing is just just a little slide when I
get hit so that’s the last resort so you obviously don’t want to get hit but if
you do get hit you guys want to ride with the punch okay now we’re gonna do 3
1 minute rounds for virtual sparring now you guys know how to block you won’t can
help my guard you can catch you can slip you can roll let’s go alright so first
minute we’re gonna be doing jab cross I want you guys to catch the first punch
and then slip the second funder you’re catching with the same side hand and
then you’re slipping to the outside of the body ok ready set
1 minute round go catch and slip only haha I got this this all right round two second round I’m
gonna be throwing a jab you guys were catching it then I’m throwing a hook
he has your helmet guarding then hook helmet guard again okay so it’s catch
eligor helmet guards catch helmet gourd helmet guard you ready one minute let’s
go so for a body shot you can just show
them real quick all I’m really doing is I’m taking my elbow right and I’m just
barely tilting just so blocks the side of the body that’s getting hit with the
body shot right so what I’m gonna be doing is show a little bit lower I’m
gonna be throwing a body hook right and then I’m gonna be going up for a head
hook okay so all you’re really doing is down here you’re blocking it to the side
and then you’re doing the helmet guard right so it’s super simple super subtle
movements and it’s kind of logged with your body in your head one minute round
ready set go let’s just yeah all right now you guys
can replay the video 2-3 times do like a couple rounds of that and that’s gonna
work on your guys’s defense you guys learning the helmet guard had a catch
you guys learned from the last one had a slip and a roll and you also learn how
to block body shots right get ready for the next one the next one’s gonna be
even more advanced what are we doing kicks as well with our legs okay so you
guys will be learning how to check kicks and you guys gonna be learning all the
other stuff we just did today as well we’re gonna be combining all of it so
it’s gonna be insane if you guys enjoyed it make sure you guys let me know what
the like peace out

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  1. MY friend l ! GREAT JOB Sperhuman ! You need nobody to inspire you ! … YOU ALREADY GREAT ! YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS GREAT !!! JUST KEEP GOING !!!! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF MORE !!! and thanks for your video

  2. Definitely worth the watch. Glad we were able to connect. There are quite a few videos I need to catch up on. Keep up the awesome work.

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