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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

a Bozeman woman recently won a national bodybuilding competition and became an International Federation of bodybuilding and fitness pro she also has a sweet tooth MTN’s Emma Hamilton has more Kimberley Greenough trained for years to look like this and be crowned an IFBB Pro I said for my 50th birthday I am coming back and training like no other and I’m going to Nationals and I’m gonna win being in this kind of shape you probably don’t believe that Greenough also owns the candy jar here on Oak Street in Bozeman after 22 years in the cosmetology industry she says she needed something a little different I wanted to still do something that made people feel good and but I wanted to stand up and I wanted to bring that moment to either children or adults that we all remember as children and she’s bringing that excitement to people of all ages here in Bozeman but the question is how does she surround herself with all of these sweet treats while keeping her physical physique she tells me it’s all about balance someone need to get to eat we do like to have our treats and I’ve been treating for a couple weeks in being crowned a pro and living out her childhood dreams of opening a candy store shares some similar emotions you’ve worked so hard and you’ve had this dream for so long and then in that moment there it is reporting in Bozeman Emma Hamilton MTN news Reno says she’s looking forward to adding a few other new things to her candy store and that she has plans to compete in a pro show in about a year or so

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