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Hi everyone Robert Yang strength coach and nutritionist here And I wanted to discuss the difference between using amino acids versus a whey protein pre and during a workout or peri workout and The big difference is the way that the amino acids are structured so with the product with BCAA’s for example this is just the isoleucine leucine valine Altogether in this, but they’re not connected so you can think of it as different cars of a train, but they’re all separated They’re not connected whereas with whey protein Whey protein is a number of amino acids of branched amino acids and some other of the amino acids, but these are all little links that are Cars that are linked together like a big long train that’s being pulled along So the difference is with the digestion component so with branching amino acids your body doesn’t need to break it down There’s no linkages so it can readily get assimilated into the body and utilized by your muscles so it can help with your work capacity help decrease catabolism All those nice things that we want from an amino acid product whereas with whey protein remember They’re connected together so your body has to break down those Linkages in order for the body to use them So it’s a more delayed response and your body’s going to be working for digestion whereas when you’re working out You want to get blood to your legs to your muscles to your arms to your extremities To help you with your workout, so you don’t want it to be working on digestion So that’s the big difference and the benefit of using branching amino acids pre and peri workout And then you would utilize something like a whey protein Which has great properties of branched amino acids and glutathione and all these other sorts of Benefits to be used after workout to help modulate your cortisol levels hormone levels and to promote recovery So hopefully that helps explain a difference of using different amino acids as well as whey protein and how you want to utilize them during a workout with again, Branch chain amino acids and then Post-workout is when you want to utilize a product like a whey protein if you enjoy that then please subscribe to my youtube channel and Share it with anybody that needs to be using a branch chain amino acid product during their workout

9 thoughts on “Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAS) vs. Whey Protein: is there a difference?

  1. Do you use BCAA's and Whey protein or should I just use BCAA's? I use Creatine as well but don't know what to use it with

  2. Thanks for the info, Robert.

    I get bad bloating when using whey protein powder. I also seem to put on weight when using it.

    Therefore, I'm thinking of trying BCAAs instead.

    Will I still get the same, or similar levels of protein? Eg, I take a 30g scoop of whey & get 24g of protein from it.

    Thanks again …

  3. can i use amino acid during my work then take protien wen straight after my work out or do I have to wait before I drink it?

  4. Ofcourse…it starts with pre workout drink……den during workout….and post workout….all fucking marketing gimmeck….

  5. another dumb ass ..on steriods in my opinion and just sound so stupid ! ah eh ah ya l;ike a train ah ya ..I dumb

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