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I walked into metroflex gym when I was 16-17 years old. I didn’t know what to expect.. We pulled up in front of the parking lot. You heard music pumping out in the parking lot because it was so loud. Bryan was in there, Ronnie was in there.. I was like wow, this is a gym. It was not like anything I have ever seen before. The energy and the atmosphere in there is like no other gym I have been to. Even as a young guy he had a different look to him. Very hard muscle. I was like yeah.. this kid is gonna go a long way. Once I got hooked on it I just wanted to win. You know, I wanted to be a champion. Today you have to be about it.. Not talk about it! Last man standing who is it gonna be?! Don’t let nobody outwork you.. NOBODY!! I always loved him, I loved his attitude. I like that hardcore pitbull mentality. I remember one day we were getting ready for a show. A tornado came in.. You know, all the sirens are going off. Everybody is running. My wife called me, like you all better get out of there.. I’m looking at this radar and it says right in front of you. I looked at him, and said ”Man you gotta run..” He just kept training. He said I’m gonna keep training regardless if you leave or not because I got a show. There is no substitute for hard hard work. I always like the concept of training angry. If you’re training aggressive If you’re going after it If you want it You can’t be defeated. That’s how we do it here! I beat guys that I should never beat just because I outwork them. Everything I have I owe to bodybuilding. It taught me hard work pays off and it also taught me that it doesn’t happen overnight. The biggest problem with my generation and the younger generation is people don’t wanna work for it.. They want it right now. I see guys all the time, they say ”I wanna be where you’re at.” I started this journey 20 years ago. 20 years ago I knew this is where I wanted to be.

100 thoughts on “Branch Warren & Johnnie Jackson – LAST MAN STANDING – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. now this is what I like to see. A reflection of the reality of How Great America is. a so-called white guy and a so-called black guy training like brothers having each other's backs …all love that's real

  2. branch warren is one of the most underrated bodybuilders ever. im glad to see a video about such a good bb that is almost always forgotten.

  3. As a base I would say that it is best to do full rom but the reason these guys do shorter rom is because they have been doing this for many years and feel a better contraction this way it's different for everyone the first 3/4 of bench is chest and the lockout is triceps so why lockout that's the reasoning behind it I train full rom atm but short reps are brutal if you do it right

  4. Beautiful and Beasty!!! This is hardcore, baby. That's what Bodybuilding is all about. Fuck all the fitness-bikini-men's physique faggots, who think looks & appearance is number one priority. Yes, in bodybuilding you step onstage and you are judged by the way you look. But the insane looking body is a result of insane training. And both Branch and Johnnie train insane, look insane and ARE INSANE haha! If you take the heavy lifting out of the picture – it would be like music without melody and emotion. Hardcore bodybuilding is Spirit, Body and Mind in One 🙂

  5. Im not really fan of branch warren's physique but man he really gets u pumped up with that oldschool go hard or die trying attitude.

  6. Great music and Branch's monolog during the video. I like Branch's trainings because his physical exercises aren't for misses !!

  7. In a world which is at war against masculinity, it's very pleasing to know that the gyms still have that aura of masculinity, discipline, drive and hunger to achieve victory. These are the training camps which will make our young males become a MAN.

  8. For years I've been watching the best of the best in some brutal training sessions… But nothing like this! These guys created BEAST MODE!

  9. With shitty form like that i would lift all day long, goin hardcore intensity with correct form is Real l challenge

  10. I would say branch Warren beats Johny Jackson for sure. Branch does more repetition than Johny in every sets with same weights. And branch is a beast a beast

  11. no rep no rep no rep….hhhahahahah dat technique tho….i rly dont know how he was getting pump…..i dont admire nor his physique neither his training ethic and style……..heavy wheight bad technique…doesnt mean nothing to me

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