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It’s just a good day=) And continue. Hey, guys! Today we will hold a seminar in Brazil where there are a lot of strong people Brazil met us today with hot burning not SUN but COLD it was about +2°C at night Today we’ll have a record number of participants for the first time about 40 athletes Therefore LET’S GO! добро пожаловать в Бразилию! So it was our DAY 1 Everyone was tired I’m tired as well For the first time there were more than 40 participants at the seminar because we never take actually more than 25 persons but since more people gathered we asked for help our friend Celson from São Paulo and now we’ll have some rest Tomorrow we have CLEAN&JERK CLEAN JERK from the chest and it’s full moon today that’s why we need to be more careful We don’t say “goodbye” to you we came to an eatery pizzeria This man standing behind my back in a white robe lifted the barbell not so long time ago and now he is Chef and owner of this restaurant and will cook something not healthy So, Olympic weightlifting is everywhere Hello, Ukraine!

11 thoughts on “BRAZIL – WORLD of Weightlifting // A.TOROKHTIY

  1. Хорошо, позитивно, умно, видео хорошее, семинары тоже!молодцы так держать!)

  2. А всеже вопрос,Алексей почему ты не выступаешь на мире и ид?

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