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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’m Brendy Scheerer. I’m a National Bikini
Competitor, the Franchise Relations for BPI, and I’m
also a BPI Team athlete. Well, I definitely grew up in a
very interesting family where health and fitness was not
high on our list of priorities. However, I was an athlete so I
was always active and, you know, into sports, into stuff
like that but I never actually understood the part
about diet, nutrition. I’d grab a Kit Kat bar out of
the pantry, hop in my car, and head off to school and I thought
that was a healthy breakfast. It’s definitely come a
long way since then. When I first kind of realized
things were a little bit different is when I stopped
playing sports and all of a sudden, you know, your body
changes a little bit as you start getting older and putting
on a few extra pounds and that Kit Kat bar turned into 5 pounds
here and the Reese’s 5 pounds there and eventually I just
realized, you know, something had to change and my lifestyle
was not what I wanted it to be at all. After I finished high school,
I went to college and stopped playing sports, put on a few
pounds and my life wasn’t going the way I wanted. I had some
personal family issues. My family was actually pretty
concerned about my health at that point. I was doing a lot of things that
wasn’t the best for my body. A lot of girls go through it. A lot of self-image problems. But it came to the point where
my sister who suddenly passed away unexpectedly, she was
always kind of my inspiration and after I lost her, it was
kind of a wake-up call, like, what are you doing to yourself,
you need to get healthy. My sister believed
in me when I didn’t. And when she was no longer
there, it was kind of like I wanted her there in spirit. So that was kind of my
first intuition I needed to do something and I got a trainer
and I got someone to help me with nutrition and that’s kind
of where it started and it kind of became an addiction almost. Instead of eating food and being
unhealthy, it was going to the gym and doing cardio and
actually eating stuff that made me feel good. Not really knowing anything
about sports nutrition but I saw ’em in the magazines, I saw
pictures of these beautiful girls and they kind of became my
idols and I just said I wanted to look like them. And I remember taking this
magazine to my trainer and saying, “Hey, I want to do this
fitness competition,” and he kind of looked at me, he goes,
“Oh,” you know, “maybe next year, maybe next year.” And I was like,
“No, it’s in 30 days. I want to do it. I can do it. Let me try.” And he’s like, “You know
what, we’ll do what you can.” So I worked my butt off. I entered this competition. I ended up taking
third and fourth. It was one of the best feelings
ever ’cause I never ever thought I would be in that position. It kind of started this whole
inspiration of something that I could look forward to and a goal
and a competition and I’m always looking for a new
challenge, for sure. For me, training, I
really like variation in it. Compared to most girls, I
actually really like to train heavy. To me, it’s kind of a challenge
and I tend to be on the leaner side sometimes so I really have
to work to build that muscle so I definitely prefer the heavy
lifting, the maxing out, but I also get bored easily. So I’ll do the–I’ll be the girl
doing the random, like, cardio ballet or, like, rocking Pilates
or, you know, I just really like to mix it up but definitely
heavy lifting is probably my first choice but then kind of
doing fun things on my days off would be kind of what keeps me
motivated and keeps me going. There used to be a point where I
could definitely squat over 300 pound. For me, considering my body
weight, I’m almost doubling it, which–well, actually,
I’m over doubling it. It, to me, I think, is a
pretty big deal for a girl. Now some of the women body
builders could probably shut me down but it’s definitely, to me,
I just–I really want to be able to build that max, build
that–even if it’s only 2.5 extra pounds, to me, I’m
like, “Yes, I can do it. I can do it.” And it definitely is–it’s
a challenge and it’s fun. Cardio, I
definitely 5 days a week. If I could do it
7, I surely would. Lifting, I try to be in the
gym at least 4 to 5 days. Usually, I’ll try, you know,
Mondays I’ll do maybe back and biceps. Tuesdays I’ll do legs
but maybe more quad focus. Wednesdays is
definitely my cardio day. Thursdays I’ll do shoulders
and tris, and then Friday, my favorite day,
definitely is butt day. I’ll spend a whole day
working on my butt, for sure. And then Saturday is usually
where I throw in something a little unique, Pilates, ballet,
kickboxing, a circuit training class, and then Sunday is
definitely my rest day. However, occasionally, you might
see me doing a little cardio just for fun. I definitely used to dread
cardio but then I kind of realized it’s a moment in time
where there’s nothing else you can really do. So it kind of clears your head,
kind of makes you feel good and I used to kind of turn that
negative into a positive. And everyone jokes around,
especially at the office ’cause we’re fortunate enough to
have a very large, nice gym. I’ll be out there
doing cardio twice a day. And everyone kind of jokes
around, “Oh, she’s doing cardio again. Oh, she’s doing it again.” But it’s that time where I can
get away from everyone in the office and kind of clear my head
and at the same time, you know, burn a few extra calories from
the Skittles I probably ate 10 minutes ago. I try to mix it up. Usually, I’ll do slow burn a
couple of days a week but I definitely, like, you know, I’ll
do 3 minutes, kind of take it easy, and then 1 minute I’ll go,
you know, absolutely crazy, kind of vary it as it goes, but
ideally I’m–you’ll always find me on the StepMill
or the StairMaster. Anything that involves working
your butt, you’ll find me on that machine. Honestly, if I don’t work out,
I don’t quite feel like myself ’cause it always gets my
endorphins going, it always makes me feel good, and it just
kind of gives me that positive energy for the day and
when I don’t I just feel like something’s a little off. Granted, if I work my butt off
all week and it’s my rest day, I’ll surely enjoy it but if it’s
one of those things where I’m just like, oh, I didn’t get a
chance, or I wasn’t–didn’t give my full effort to work out that
day, then I truthfully feel like I’m missing a little part of me. Time is always a battle when it
comes to a crazy schedule but, for me, I am very strategic when
it comes to making the best use of my time. I will return emails and do
conference calls while I’m on the treadmill or I’ll be the
random girl in the hotel at 11 o’clock at night doing whatever
cardio machine they conveniently have. Definitely make time for it
’cause the fact of the matter is it’s a choice. And it’s easy to get off track
when you decide, “Oh, I don’t really need to do it today, I’ll
do it tomorrow,” and it kind of starts that snowball effect. And I’d rather do the snowball
effect of where I have to do cardio every day
versus putting it aside. Nutrition is a tough one because
I do have such a crazy schedule. In a perfect world, I try to
eat five to six times a day. I’m definitely big on
lean protein and veggies. I love, love vegetables and I
try to keep, you know, my carbs in morning and lunchtime but
if I’m not doing a higher carb routine, I’m definitely
gonna up my fats for sure. I’m a big fan of
avocado, guacamole. My easiest meal that I found is
the best as far as, like, you can eat it cold or hot, turkey
and zucchini is kind of my go-to meal that you
always find me eating. I’m a huge brown rice fan. I try to stick with
rice when I’m packing. I tend to eat a few
protein bars here and there. Unfortunately, with a crazy
schedule, you can’t always have the perfect food available for
you so I’ll do the best I can whether it’s a protein shake,
whether it’s a protein bar, it just kind of varies. I try my best to keep a clean
diet but it’s really tough. It’s really tough
on my schedule. My go-to spices,
black pepper, cayenne. Those are what I put on every
vegetable, fish, chicken, steak, you name it, that’s
kind of my staple item. Now my kind of, like, for
oatmeal, a lot of people put cinnamon but I actually
get the pumpkin pie spice. It doesn’t have any sodium in
it so it kind of changes it up a little bit. So those are kind of my hidden
spices I guess you could say. Since I am on the go all the
time I do tend to eat out. And the easiest way for me
is–kind of my tip is I always, anything I order, I
always order dry. I ask for no salt, no oil and
I always ask for sauce on the side. It’s the easiest way to kind of
avoid those extra calories that you may not necessarily eat
if you’re at home cooking it yourself. Any time I order chicken or
something on a salad, I just ask them to make the chicken fresh. I don’t mind waiting but usually
if the chicken has been premade, a lot of times it’s sitting
there in a lot of salt and preservatives so I just try to
avoid that as much as possible. I’m the type that usually I
have Skittles or Starburst or something kind of hidden in my
office or my bag but now I know with moderation, you’ll see me
eating that candy but you also see me as the first person on
the treadmill in the morning. So it’s kind of where I’ve found
that balance but I’m not willing to give it up. Dieting definitely doesn’t
happen all year long with me. It’s just impossible because I
have such a crazy work schedule and I like to have fun and I
like to have a life so for me of course when I’m training for a
show or an event or something, you know, where I have to look a
certain way, I will definitely kind of put aside my candy
addiction, at least wait ’til after the event. I have what I call my
dessert, egg whites. It’s kind of my hidden
little trick at night-time. A lot of the times we have kind
of the sugar cravings or those late-night hunger cravings
so I’ll do some egg whites. I’ll put a little Stevia and
cinnamon in there and scramble them up and I kind of call it
my dessert for the evening. And it kind of helps kill that
craving and I’m able to go to bed with, you know, pure protein
in me at the same time with no extra sugars or–especially
when I’m avoiding my candy. That’s close but not quite, so
that’s kind of my little secret that I tell people. I will never say to take
supplements over real food any day. For me, it’s real important to
get in your multi-vitamins, get in your CLAs, get in your
aminos, along with real food. Of course, you know, being
traveling all the time, it’s tough to always get the real
food in but, by all means, that’s the number one thing when
it comes to actually health and fitness in my opinion is real
food versus the supplements that may be available. You can never kind
of trade that off. Ideally, you want to use it
and make it work together. Protein is huge. Usually, I do whey protein. For me, that seems
to work the best. Everyone is different
but that’s what I prefer. Of course, I take a
multivitamin, and then definitely I’m
big on pre-workout. I usually need something to
kind of help give me that little energy, that extra boost,
to get through my workout. Definitely the focus is huge. I’m really big on that. And then, of course, my silk
aminos that I add to Jell-O so I do–it’s kind of a block
sugar-free Jell-O which I make as my post-workout treat. So I get my aminos and kind of
get that sugar fix in there and kind of dessert all in one. Everybody’s different. That’s why there are so many
companies out there, there are so many product lines. You have to find
what works for you. It’s one of those things
where it doesn’t matter what one person says, it may not
react the same for the other. So all I can do is
say what works for me. The difference that I see when I
do take the supplements, I don’t think there’s anything
you could compare it to. I don’t think I’d be where I
am, and matter of fact, I know I wouldn’t be where I am, without
the supplements, without the fat burners, especially
with the crazy schedule. It’s really tough to be able to
do it without the supplements that are out there. That’s it for me. That’s a little bit about
my lifestyle, my training, nutrition, supplementation. If you have any questions about
anything I talked about today, please feel free to contact
me on Twitter, on my website, and, of
course, you can find me at For more videos and content
like this, please check out

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