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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– [Man] (knocking) Hey
Brett we’re here to see your gym and fridge. – What’s happening? (ringing) I hear you guys are here to check out my fridge and gym so, let’s check it out. (upbeat country music) ♪ I wanna be that song
that gets you high ♪ ♪ Makes you dance, make you fall. ♪ – [Man] How long have
you had this tour bus? – I just got this bus, I’m two months in. I’ve ridden on so many
different kinds of buses through the years. But now I got my own, it’s beautiful, it’s a beautiful thing. First of all, you’ve got the home for my pup Edgar. Then you go over here, check this out. My mom left some food in
there over the weekend, so it stills smells a little
bit like the fourth of July, but let’s check it out. – [Man] What staples do you
always have in your fridge? – I go through a lot of almond milk. Silk almond milk, right here,
30 calories per serving, it’s pretty great. I make the shakes with
this, so couple scoops of protein, and some peanut butter,
and banana and blueberries. I’ve got some thinly sliced
chicken breast right here that we can throw on the grill, before the show, two hours
before the show though, because I don’t wanna eat, I don’t wanna be burping on stage, that happens. The green, oh we got some salad here, sometimes I do kale
sometimes, sometimes I do just whatever mixed greens. I got limes in here for, you know whatever you
wanna throw limes in, maybe vodka or something. You know you gotta have some drinks every once in a while. – [Man] All right let’s see that cabinet. – In my cabinet up here you got your proteins, Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein, my body’s just used to this, so I always drink this, I don’t know. I love it, and I make several shakes a day with that. I love peanut butter,
but I used to be addicted to peanut butter, I
needed an intervention, I’m not even kidding. I do, this is the PB fit, as well. And there’s a lot less fat in that, so I can still eat a lot. – [Man] What are those tablets? – These are hydration pills, I’m big into hot yoga as well, which I’m not very flexible,
so I’m not gonna give you any yoga tips, but I’ve learned that I really get dehydrated
from that, so I do this, for that, or on really hot
days when we’re playing, like today. Where I can drink this
and make sure I’m not gonna pass out on stage. And I feel good because
hydration is everything. I’m a whiskey guy, how
would country music, it wouldn’t be country
music without some whiskey. I love Angel’s Envy. – [Man] You ever been on a weird diet? – I’ve been on a lot of
weird diets, but I’ve done, I did keto. It was weird just ’cause
I felt like I was eating random meats all the time. (laughing) But I actually really liked it. – [Man] What’s your cheat day meal? – Barbecue ribs, or curry,
red curry or green curry. I love curry, Thai food’s my favorite. And then if I’m going sweets, I’m a peanut butter and
chocolate ice cream guy. I’ll cheat every once in while for sure. – [Man] So what do you do for fun? – So when I’m not eating,
which I love to eat, I do a lot of other things on this bus. Let me show you this. For one, before every show, we
have a pre show dance party. It gets out of control,
you’d think, literally the bus is rocking before the shows, and it probably looks kind
of crazy from the outside. But I have a turntable on here, gives you a great feel of music. Throw down the needle, see what happens, everybody’s in the feel good mood. Before and after every show
we play a lot of Mario Kart. You know people probably think, living that rockstar live, and
being crazy after the show, all these people backstage. No, we’re playing Mario Kart. You guys happen to be here
while I’m about to go workout, and since we are talking health, I think we need to show you
how I keep fit on the road. So we’re gonna work out. (country music) Okay so, working out on the road is, you have to get kind of creative. Yeah I work out five times a week usually, sometimes six, but probably
about an hour each workout, I try not to go too long or, I’m not a guy that sits around my phone, in the gym, ’cause I have
a flip phone anyways, so I couldn’t do anything cool with that. – [Man] Wait you have a flip phone? – So I got a flip phone for two months, and went straight two
months with a flip phone which was an amazing experience. It’s hard to take Ubers and Lyfts, it’s hard to use GPS, but you can ask somebody at
the gas station like 1997. All day long so (laughs). I really learned a lot more
about connecting with life in the moment through having a flip phone, and not just sitting there
starting at screen all the time. That’s been big, I also
work a lot on sleep. I got this ring, it’s
called the Oura ring, which is amazing actually. It tells me when to go to sleep, it tells me my body temperature at night, it tells me how many calories I burned, ’cause I like to see how
many calories I burn on stage as well. – [Man] How do you keep your mind fit? – I’m a big believer in meditation now, I’ve dealt with anxiety, a lot of my life and never really knew
much about meditation, it’s very much chilled
me out and helped me kinda get on an even keel with my life and see things for what they are. – [Man] Do you listen to
music when you workout? – I have to listen to
music when I workout, as much as possible,
’cause I’m a music guy, and that’s what I do so. Such a big part of my life, I’ve got an awesome setup out here. I’ve got a big TV right
here that you can pull out, and you kinda get the
tunes going, you can watch. Just a little bit of everything,
but since we’re already talking about it, this is
a good song right here. Ay, it’s Return of the Mack baby! See whatever it is, it’s got a beat, whatever’s got a groove,
you just gotta feel that, and then you just get the workout going. I got a fridge right here as well, I don’t really know what’s in there, but let’s see what’s in there, ’cause it’s a surprise to
me, it’s a surprise to you, but I’m pretty sure,
there’s probably beer, because this is where the
tailgating kind of feel goes on. And look at that, beer,
we got beer out here. – [Man] Do you have any scars? – My brother and I were
at my house playing with the wooden swing and it came
back and smoked me right here in the head. And my brother gave me a
leaf to wipe up the blood, that’s how nice he was. He’s like, here take this
leaf, it’s gonna do great things for you, you’re gonna be fine. – [Man] All right, now it’s
time for our rapid fire questions, 7 a.m workout,
or 7 p.m workout? – I’m a 7 a.m guy all day, or like 9 a.m, let’s just go 9 a.m. – [Man] Squat or deadlift? – Oh god deadlift all day. – [Man] Favorite song on your playlist? – Return of the Mack, still, I’m staying with it. – [Man] Crossfit, yay or nay? – Yeah crossfit, I’m into that. – [Man] Pull ups or chin ups? – Pull ups. – [Man] Dumbbells or kettle bells? – Dumbbells all day. – [Man] Run on a treadmill, or in the great outdoors?
– Outside. – [Man] Cardio or weights? – Weights. – [Man] Big legs or big arms? – Big arms. I got bird legs. – [Man] Biggest compliment,
jacked, ripped, swole or cut? – Cut. – [Man] If you could workout
with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? – Frank Sinatra, we’d drink some whiskey, and he would smoke cigs
but I wouldn’t ’cause I don’t smoke cigs. But he’d just be cool
while he’s sat in a tux and I’d work on a tux too. All right you guys. I gotta get outta here, I gotta go do soundcheck. Plus my arms really hurt,
’cause I was doing that for a long time. So, go do your thing,
I’m gonna go to work, thanks for seeing what my
life’s like gunning on the road, staying fit, staying healthy. I love ya.

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