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In this video today I want to discuss bro splits, whether they’re effective for natural
trainees and how they stack up against other popular higher frequency routines like a full
body, an upper/lower or legs/push/pull. So for those of you who don’t know, a typical
bro split is where you split your muscles up over usually 4-6 weekly workouts, and then
you train each individual muscle group once per week. So something like back on day 1,
chest on day 2, arms on day 3, legs on day 4 etcetera. Now over the last few years, bro
splits have gotten a lot of criticism in the bodybuilding community for being a “waste
of time” with most people saying that a natural lifter will see faster progress using
a program that hits each individual muscle group at a higher overall frequency. And all
in all, this is basically true; hitting each muscle group directly only once per week is
probably not going to be the optimal approach for the average lifter who wants to see progress
at the fastest possible rate. And this is because a given muscle just simply doesn’t
require a full week of rest in order to fully recover from the previous workout. In most
cases, 3-4 days will probably be enough for full recovery and growth to take place, and
at that point the particular muscle group could be trained again. So by using a once-per-week
bro split training approach, you basically leave your muscles “idle” for several
days out of the week where they could be trained again and a new “growth period” could
be stimulated, but instead they just rest. For example, if you trained your chest twice
per week using like a basic upper/lower split, you’d end up with 104 individual “growth
periods” over the course of 1 year for that muscle, in comparison to 52 growth periods
that you’d get by only training it once per week. And this is why I generally recommend
either an upper/lower split done 4 days per week or a legs/push/pull split done 4-5 days
per week for most people. That type of routine still allows for enough total volume and “focus”
for each individual muscle group in a given workout, but it also lets you comfortably
hit those muscles at a higher frequency of somewhere around once every 3-5 days. So,
we’ve established that a typical “bro split” is probably not going to be the optimal
approach for people who want to build muscle as quickly as possible, however, the fact
that it isn’t optimal doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective and it doesn’t mean
that it doesn’t work. When it all comes down to it, ANY bodybuilding approach that lets
you train a given muscle group with enough volume and intensity and that allows for progressive
increases in weight over time is still going to produce consistent gains in muscle size
and strength, and a typical bro split will definitely still accomplish that, and a lot
lifters (myself included) have seen perfectly reasonable gains from week to week using this
exact type of approach. Now again, a bro split likely won’t have you building muscle at
the same rate as you would on a higher frequency program, but you’re still going to make
impressive gains either way. For a lot of lifters out there, a 4-6 day per week split
is just a more enjoyable way to work out, because a lot of people find that it just
leaves them feeling more motivated and more excited to train. And I fully get that, because
there definitely is something fun about being able to just go into the gym and really “pump
up” just 1 or 2 muscle groups with a wider variety of exercises and more total volume,
and the truth is that if this workout style maximizes your overall consistency and you
just prefer it because it’s more fun for you, then I really don’t see anything wrong
with using it, even if it’s just for temporary cycles of training. I’d also make the argument
that even though the differences in overall progress between someone using a bro split
and someone one using a higher frequency routine will probably be fairly noticeable in the
initial stages of the training program, they’ll still tend to level out over time, and this
is because there are very steep diminishing returns in muscle growth the longer that you’ve
been training, and there’s only a limited amount of muscle that a natural trainee can
gain in the first place. So even though something like an upper/lower split or a legs/push/pull
routine would almost certainly give you faster gains right “out of the gate”, after maybe
4 or 5 plus years of hard training and proper nutrition, the differences between that and
a standard bro split in terms of pure muscle growth would probably be fairly small because
both approaches are still going to ultimately allow you to make gains close to your genetic
potential over the long term anyway. So, in my opinion, the 2 key points to take away
here are, number 1, if your goal is to make the fastest and the most efficient muscle
gains possible regardless of the specific routine, then a bro split is likely not going
to be your ideal choice. And instead I’d recommend that you go with something that hits each
muscle group closer to around twice per week, so an upper/lower done 4 times per week or
a legs/push/pull split done 4-5 times per week, or even a full body routine done 3 days
per week. And number 2, if you just prefer a bro split because you find that it makes
your training more fun and it’s more motivating for you, and you’re also aware of the fact
that it probably won’t be optimal for building muscle at the fastest rate at least in the
short term, but you’d just prefer to use it anyway, then the choice is completely up
to you. There’s really nothing wrong with using a bro split and you’ll still make significant
gains following one, but it just might take you a longer period of time to see the same
gains in comparison to somebody who is using a higher frequency routine. So thanks for
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