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100 thoughts on “Bruce Lee Workout (INCLUDES DRAGON FLAG!)

  1. awesome vid! BRUCE LEE THE ART OF EXPRESSING THE HUMAN BODY by John Little has all of Bruce's training routines. good book!

  2. AND – Bruce Lee did a lot of Overload training with weapons work, which cannot be understated. If it were not for Dan Inosanto working with him on weapons, he would have not had this added attribute – which I use at the core of my system – HEAT: Highly Explosive Amplified Training.

    Coupled with what you put out here – excellent, and additionally, water resistance in addition to swimming, i.e. – working hand, foot, knees and elbow work, and other stuff, against water for resistance – which allows for isotonic work through the range of motions fluidly – LIKE WATER, in the actual motions of fighting, as Muhammad Ali use to do, also.

    Thanks for all your posts.

    I fell off the face of the earth 26 years ago when I went into Law Enforcement and Military Special Operations, but now that I'm on the mend from over 240% "permanent and total disability," as the Army deemed me upon my retirement in 2016, I'll be posting more stuff soon, God-willing, including a dynamic, weapons based HIIT circuit over the next couple of weeks that I think you and others are going to love! Maybe even faster than Bruce Lee!!!

  3. I believe the version of Dragon Flag that Bruce Lee did was from the shoulder, not from the back? I can almost do ONE of these!!

  4. Just got hooked on to this channel couple of days ago.. and Damn! it never stops surprising me.. Thank you Do much for making this.. Gonna kill it these weekend lol

  5. Jeff. I want you to do a side kick for me.. with soem dragon. Oahhsjs jstsho.sound .i dedication to Bruce Lee

  6. I'm only 5 feet and weigh 130 but I've successfully held my own weight against 6 foot bullies and wrestlers

  7. It's interesting to watch rock climbers like Magnus Midtbo… His arms are relatively weak looking, definitely not huge, but he is able to do one arm pull-ups. He even did one armed muscle up, no kidding. It's all in the core strength, apparently.

  8. 5:35 what warm ups do I have to do in order to do this exercise so I don't hurt myself anyone here know?

  9. You're video is a little bit misleading, because nobody can train like bruce lee, he was doing a thousand push ups on 2 fingers, even professional martial artists who knew lee personally, admit not being able to work out as much as bruce lee did, and you dont look as muscled as bruce lee was by the way 😉

  10. We can all emulate Bruce Lee, but we can't become him. His physique is just one of a kind. In terms of Martial Arts he was ahead of everybody in his time. In terms of speed and power he was just on another level.

  11. Fit guys these days have too much muscle mass. Bruce Lee had very low body fat percentage and he didn't have huge pecs

  12. I made a few adjustments
    1. I started to eat more bananas, I mean a LOT more everyday to get the extra energy that I needed
    2. Not using ac anymore, it helps a lot on my breathing and lungs. Bills got significally lower.
    3. I ran 5 miles to 10 everyday
    Bottom line I ended up by losing my hair but I do this for the gains

  13. "Be like water my friend…."
    "Except when you are working out. Be a fucking rock."

    The man, the myth, the legend.

  14. "The Tao flows everywhere, both to the left and to the right. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them. It makes no claims to greatness, therefore, its greatness is achieved."

    The Tao Te Ching — Chp. 34

  15. I do "time under tension" AND basic isometrics AFTER both upper AND lower body strength training!!!

  16. Starting my first day of Bruce Lee training tomorrow. I'm excited even though I know I'm gonna be sore as hell the next day.

  17. Thanks for this video. I've been watching your channel for a sketch about a year now. I can't do everything that you show because of my health. But you have helped me and helps my friends that have had problems. I'm in the martial arts I love this video

  18. Bruce Lee was unmatchable & invincible. Knowledge, strength, speed, agility, humbleness are the words that describe Bruce Lee.

  19. I feel like if mayweather had the determination will power and mental power as Bruce lee he would be beter mayweather is more genetically gifted then him (I think) but we all no he would never do that

  20. The way jeff holds the support in dragon flag is different from Bruce lee. The way Lee holds it from side is more challenging, rather then holding it from top like jeff did.

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