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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Sal Di Stefano here. In this episode of Forgotten
Muscle Building Exercises, I’m going to introduce you to an exercise that builds the quads better
than almost any other exercise… The Barbell Hack Squat. Old school Barbell Hack Squats.
Boy are these a quad burner. They develop wonderful strength and mass in the front of
the quadriceps, and I would say, every maybe once a month, replace regular barbell squats
with these hack squats and watch the front of your thighs develop, especially that teardrop
part of the quadricep near the inside of the knee. So you set the bar behind your body
and you grab it with your hands closer to your hips. You want your feet about hips distance
apart and what you are going to do is squat down with good posture and you want to bring
all the way down until the plates touch the floor or until you hit the rack, and then
you stand back up. Like I said, you should feel a lot of this movement in the quadriceps.
Let me show you… Again, throw these in every fourth or fifth workout for emphasis on the
front of the quadriceps. Throw them in a little more often if you want to develop that lower
part of the quad near the inside of the knee. I love this exercise for that particular area.
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