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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– All right, so we’re about to get the workout of the day started. Now, this workout I’m gonna show you guys is gonna build solid muscle,
just calisthenics exercises. This is one of my favorite
exercises that I do out when we’re traveling through Europe, so when you’re out
traveling, you really just have to make it work, and
to build real, solid muscle without having a proper place to train, it really all depends on
your training regimen, what you’re doing to
train, the exact workout. So I’m gonna show you guys
one of my favorite workouts to build solid muscle. This is gonna be an upper body workout. I have it right here on the Heria Pro app. So we’re gonna be building solid muscle using high reps with calisthenics. Of course I got some extra
weight on to add resistance. But this workout routine is super tough, so even without extra weight, this is gonna be a killer routine, and you’re definitely gonna
put on some solid muscle. And if you guys need a weight vest, definitely check We’re gonna have ’em there
in just a couple weeks. So for this workout, we’re
gonna be specifically using high reps, and
we’re gonna be doing it with as perfect form as
possible so that we’re really engaging those deep muscle fibers. The real technique to
building solid muscle is doing it as perfect
as you can and engaging the correct muscles as
perfect as you can as well. And doing this simultaneously is the key to building solid muscle,
especially when you’re repping high reps, ’cause that’s gonna be burning all the lactic acid out of those muscles and actually be building onto
those solid, dense muscles, making them really tight and really dense. Personally, when I do this
routine, I feel more tight than when I actually lift weights, so try this routine yourself. We’re gonna get right into it. The warmup is gonna be a
hundred push-ups straight. That’s gonna be the theme, basically, ’cause we’re gonna do
25 pull-ups, 25 dips, and 25 tricep extensions for four rounds to equal 100 total of all those exercises. And then lastly, we’re
gonna finish off the routine with a cool down of 25 handstand push-ups, and after this routine,
let’s go grab a bite to eat. I’m gonna show you the
perfect meal for gaining to eat after a workout, just like this. So, let’s get started. 100 push-ups to warm up. I got it right here. Let’s go for it, baby. 100. Perfect form, guys, tight everywhere. Before you even start,
get that form perfect. Tighten up, and don’t break that form. Here we go. (electronic hip hop music) ♪ Heria Music ♪ ♪ Heria Music ♪ – There’s my first 50. Now, if you guys had seen the video that I did on the ThenX channel, 100 push-ups a day, you would
know that there’s many ways to break down these push-ups. You can do 10 sets of 10,
different styles of push-ups. When you build your
endurance, five sets of 20, four sets of 25, two sets of 50. If you can do all 100, go for it. So I’m gonna back and finish the rest. (electronic hip hop music) (Chris groans) Whoo! All right, a hundred push-ups to warm up. It sounds like a lot,
but the more you do it, you get used to that set real quick. Eventually, it’s just a warmup. All right, so now we’re gonna
move into the workout routine. 25 pull-ups is what we’re gonna go for. Dips, 25, tricep extensions, 25. Four rounds, that’s 300 reps right there. Are you guys ready? Let’s get through these pull-ups, 25 reps. (Chris pants) Get ready for the new app update
on the Heria Pro app, guys. You’re gonna be able to get
this workout routine on your phone, on the app, by
downloading the Heria Pro app. Every time I do a workout like this, you guys are gonna be
able to go into the app and check out the routine
that I did for the vlog. So,
(Chris sighs) that’s gonna happen in a couple days. But in the meantime,
let’s get this workout in. 25 reps. (electronic hip hop music) ♪ Heria Music ♪ – All right. 15. We’re not done. All right, let’s do the next 10. (electronic hip hop music) 25. So just like the push-ups,
if you can’t do ’em straight, break ’em down. (Chris pants) Three sets of 15, max out, and then do the rest that you have left, however you gotta do it. But get those reps in. To really do this workout
routine properly and to build that solid muscle, you gotta
put in those quality reps. (Chris pants) All right, so moving on. Just hit the first 25 pull-ups. Hit that, complete. Let’s move on to the dips. We got 25 of those. This is gonna be a piece of cake. I don’t know why naturally pushing is always a lot
easier than pulling, but, here we go. Weighted dips, 25. Let’s knock these out. (electronic hip hop music) ♪ Heria Music ♪ – Piece of cake, 25 dips. But it’s not over, ’cause we got those tricep extensions. So, completed those. Now, the next time I go around this, I’ll probably be doing
a different type of dip, maybe straight bar dips,
something like that, just to switch it up. But, let’s go into the last exercise. Tricep extensions, 25 reps. Let’s go for it. (steady synth music) ♪ Heria Music ♪ (Chris groans) – We’ll mark that down. That’s round one. (Chris sighs) Three more rounds. That equals 300 reps of the workout, and then we’re gonna finish
off with some handstand pushes. So let’s move onto round two. All right, let’s hit
it, weighted pull-ups. Let’s go for it. (electronic hip hop music) All right, we’re gonna
switch up the dips this time. Straight bar dips, let’s go for it. (electronic hip hop music) All right, we’re getting
closer to the end. (Chris pants) I’m gonna do the last set
that I have without weight, just to run it, all right, guys? Then we’re gonna finish off
with some handstand push-ups. Then we’re gonna go get some food, and I’m gonna show you what to eat right after a workout like
this for some serious gains. Let’s go for it. (electronic hip hop music) Try this routine out. We’re gonna go for the cool
down, handstand push-ups, and then it’s a wrap, guys. If you can move your arms
after this, you’re tough, bro. Let’s kill these. Here we go. Of course, if you can’t
do ’em freestanding, do them against the wall. (steady synth music) Oof, those were a little shaky. But we’re gonna get ’em,
we’re gonna get ’em. So that was my first five. You guys can always
switch it up, of course, doing ’em different hands positions, doing ’em against the wall if
you can’t do ’em freestanding, and also doing ’em with some parallettes. It’s the new ThenX parallettes, baby. Now, this is easier to
control when you do it with parallel bars, but you
have a deeper range of motion, so it’s gonna be hard
to actually press it up. Let’s go for our next five. (electronic hip hop music) Whoo! All right. It’s getting a little sloppy. If you get sloppy, just stop, really. It’s better to keep those quality reps and just finish the reps on the wall than to keep going with sloppy. You don’t wanna build sloppy form. But, that was 10. I got 15 more to go. That’s gonna wrap up this workout, guys. I’m already feeling it, so I’m gonna finish up
right quick, and then I’m gonna see you guys for
some gains in the kitchen. See you then. All right, guys, we’re back at my crib, and I am ready to eat. So it’s about 3:30 p.m.. We have a whole egg of egg whites in here, chicken breast, spinach
with broccoli florets, some avocado, red beans. Now, you put that all into one. (spoon clinks) So in this bowl I’m holding, there’s already a cup of quinoa. Some avocado, some healthy fats. And last, we’ll go for some red beans. All right. There you have it, guys. This is crazy, crazy delicious. Now, you can literally mix this with any type of salad dressing. You know I like to go
for some type of Caesar, light Caesar salad dressing. You don’t wanna go crazy
on the salad dressing, ’cause that alone could
be like, enough calories to equal almost half a
hamburger, so don’t do that. So this is gonna be my meal. This is my post-workout meal for gains. If you guys want me to get
more in-depth into nutrition, let me know down in the
comments section below, and let me know in fact what you want the next video to be about. I’m gonna be back in Miami
for the next couple weeks, so I’m gonna go hard, guys. I got a lot of updates
coming for you guys. The new weight vest is gonna come out on the Chris Heria shop
in just a couple of days. I’m already testing the
brand new Heria Pro app, so if you guys already downloaded the app, get ready for the brand new update. It’s coming out in just a couple of days. Got a bunch of exciting
things coming for you guys. Brand new apparel coming through, but I’ll see you guys next Thursday. Until then, peace out. Mad love. (electronic hip hop music) Smash that like button, guys.

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