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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I wanna say thank you man for taking what I have done in my career. Bringing it up to today’s standards for my fans to see. You motivated not only my fans but also motivated me watching how you put these videos together. Thank you man. No matter what was going on in my life .. No matter what people wanted .. I was able to tune in to another level of understanding. And knowing why it happened and understanding the process of it. I just took all that pain and I applied it to my training, I applied it to the gym. When people say yeah you gotta live for today.. Live in for today and understand the process of the day and it will lead you to the vision of 6 months from now. Understand what it is that I need to do today.. To have a better tomorrow and that’s how I’ve always moved forward in to help me get where I am today. I could trust my decisions. I could trust what I was doing was right because it gave me the satisfaction. Going into the gym I could build my body. When I graduated highschool I was a 147 pounds. I build and build and build it. I said you know what as long as it’s up to me it will be. I can make these decisions that will never go because it’s something that I’m giving to myself. I’m gonna develop my body, I’m gonna develop a character.. I was able to build a foundation and the character that I believed in making my choices. Because of what I went through in the world. It was to take my pain, agony and all of my thoughts and turn it in to become one of the best bodybuilders. I became like A PITBULL. I’m willing to endure the pain for the results. If it’s up to me I’m gonna make this happen. And that’s what drove me.. To have that KILLER THOUGHT MENTALITY that I ended up with.

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  1. At a time when bloats and turtles were getting bigger all the time, this man maintained aesthetics. Far more pleasing to the eye than Ronnie, Jay, Heath or Dorian imho. Can't believe he never got a Sandow. Something's gotta be wrong.

  2. You should have been Mr.O.Todays bodybulders dont compare to you in your are one of the GREATEST.

  3. Ive seen many videos of current olympians and they just dont look like this.. The Maryland Muscle Machine was something else!!!

  4. Said it before and I'll say it again..if I had to build my best bodybuilder ever he'd have Levrone's arms and shoulders…….

  5. How do you explain this: or this

  6. Kevin is legend I mean at 56 he has 22 inch and come back at 2016 Olympia and pretty shame no India bodybuilder achieve 20 inch arms they say they have and don't measure this cunt I wish one dayin India some one make to mr Olympia

  7. I thought he was unreal! I was never a fan of Dorian’s physique. Dorian had a lot of weak body parts. Keven won at least one of those Olympia’s in my opinion.

  8. he has one of the best Delts in Bodybuilding history for sure 😱😱 surely an uncrowned Mr Olympia

  9. When these guys hit the scene back in the day they where and still are huge but also still maintaining great symmetry. Unlike today when they are starting to loose sight of what is a great physique.

  10. Am I the only one who doesn't like veiny body, not even one bit. It's fucking hideous. Arnold was smooth and still ripped.

  11. Kevin, a live legend! God bless you, it was more that great pleasure to see you and meet you in person last Dec in Dubai. Please come again 👊🏼

  12. Ебать он страшный. Словно бройлер на антибиотиках.

  13. levrone and flex wheeler both should of won a few mr os and both 2 of the best of all time.both considered uncrowned. mr os..both had amazing genetics

  14. That 500 for a triple is more impressive than a bench shirt powerlifter with the bar loaded up with weird plates I cant count…just saying I remember being in Queens at Diamonds Gym IN 1986 and I saw my first 500 bench bench press WOW!

  15. He’d definitely beat Phil if he was part of this year cause the line up today is trash . Roden doesn’t look nearly impressive as these guys

  16. He doesnt need the sandow. Because everybody knows he is the best of all. Sandow is nothing! Kevin is the best bodybuilder in the world. Only this is important. Not a bruce lee, he never had a title but everybody knows he was the best. 😉

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