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Hi everybody, thanks for joining me. My
name is Steve Park of Parkecore Personal Training and today we’re gonna have a run
through of the Garage Gym Equipment Level One. Mirafit Guide to Garage Gym Equipment Level One. Okay so let’s get into the
first bit of equipment and this is the M1 adjustable Folding Bench, so I’m just
gonna go around and show you what it can actually do. As you can see from here
you’ve got the incline setting which we have it set up on at the moment. We
can take it down to a flat setting such as that and also a slight decline. It has
the maximum weight capacity of 250 kg including the user so as you can see
it’s not only looking great but it’s also really heavy-duty bit of kit that
will last for years. So moving on to the next bit of equipment which is the
7-foot Olympic bar, it includes the 2-inch collars so when it comes to doing
things as just squats, deadlifts, bench press, it’s a great bit of equipment
to use because you know it’s going to be able to stand years and years of abuse
in the gym and also it’s going to be able to take the kind of weight you’ll
be putting on there as well. Another nice thing I really like about it are the two
inch collars, quick release ones which are easy to slip off either take your
weights on or off on there put the collar back on, click it back down with
that nice safe sound and you know you’re good to go from there. So over
here we have the tri grip weights, called tri grip because you have three
options of gripping them. This is a great advantage because unlike normal weights
you can actually use these to work for conditioning, you can actually do
individual exercises of these because you are able to grip them so that has a
really great extra dimension into using this bit of equipment. Obviously there
heavy duty as well so if you’re knocking them around not a problem on that and
also with the tri grip aspect there were a lot easier to load on and off the bar as
well so also keeping the consistency to work out, nice and topped up, keeping the
speed and momentum of the work out going as well. So we have four of the 1.25 kg,
two of the 2.5 kg, two of the 5 kg, two of the 10 kg and then two of the 20 kg. And
last but not least is the biggest bit of equipment which is going to nestle
everything we’ve spoken about before and this is the M1 250kg Power Rack which
also includes the storage poles which is just back here, they’re used to store
the actual Olympic weights on so they slide on and off nicely and it’s a safe
way to keep the weights together and in a safe place. Now with the power cage as
you can see we have the pull-up bar at the top so that’s great for doing any
back exercises, working your core or attaching anything you need to attach to
a higher point. Also with the power rack are the spotters just here on either
side so if you’re doing things like such as squats, deadlifts, even bench press
these are your backups, these will make sure you stay safe and secure and
there’s no problem but you can also really push yourself and if you do want
to upgrade at a later stage and have more varied and challenging workouts, we
have a cable system which can be purchased individually. We attach to the
top and the bottom and it allows for a host of various different exercises. Okay
so that was a breakdown of the Garage Gym Equipment Level One. As you can see
it’s a great package, really heavy-duty and we’ll also be doing a workout with
the equipment to show you some tips, hints and also what can be done as well
so if you want to know anything more ask us any questions, leave a comment, give us a like, subscribe to all that good stuff and we’ll catch up with you very soon. Okay thanks. Mirafit logo

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  1. Hi just a few questions. Firstly would the power cage need to be fitted into the ground. Also do the spotters come with the package?

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