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Good morning! What are you doing here! Look at him! Parkour! Climb up! Can you? You need help? Hold on! We need to go there! Go down carefully Don’t be scared By yourself Stop. Don’t fall. Look under your feet Hold the bar
Continue Don’t be scared Jump off! Almost dfsfgguh
Almos what? What are those flowers? Oh, I know! It’s for the bin! Hold it. Thow it there! Over there. No! It’s y mom’s blowball! You are your mom’s blowball Blowball Mom take it! Mom! Thank you, darling What is this? Kiss Boris No, she’ll not. She’s a dame. What is this? It’s a camera
No no Eat What are you, a cat? Ew! Your tongue is all sweet and sticky Savage! Who is this? Say to the camera,
What´s your name GOD! Wow! Strong statement!) You’re a god of what? The ice cream? Yep! What’s your full name? JALIL And your middle name? JALIL! What´s your middle name? I don´t know ) Careful! Don´t fall! Do not fall! Jalil, if you fall
It will be cool, but it will be not! Silly) Stop, stop! I’m turning it off! I´m using her for
VIEWS George. The day has come! Take the camera. No Take it, take it! Straight hand Wow! Hallelujah
They finally brought me here Look! It’s a paradise! Look! x3 Yes.It’s your type of store! Tell the salesman what you need. What? No, I’ll do it myself. I’ll analyze first. No! You don’t know where to look at. Mother knows best! There are different types of paper. We need the one for drawing Think or think? Well, they’re all for painting. When the nerves… There’s one for paint and one for pencils. Ok. So go and talk to… Did he not use a hair gel again? His heaven A tutorial on How to choose a right paper for your needs Close your eyes! Do this! And choose one! The more you can do with it the better. George You came to the store not knowing what you
actually need? I don’t know. We are not told… Ok peeps. Never come to a store if you don’t know what
you need. No one will tell you. It’s being George. I left our bags at the entrance. (forgot about them immediately) This is unacceptable. WTF is this $Hit? This is made to make you buy pills that make
you lose weight. We’re leaving I’m out George You know when you feel like shit… That’s the moment. I got a lot of work to do and a lot of food
to eat. Look, look. Calm down a bit! Chill George! Calm down Calm the f0ck down George Calm your tits, George
George!!! G- as of George G- as of Gentleman Enter! Ladies first. Oh! Female breasts! This can´t go to Youtube. MOM! Female tit! Finally! George! Seems like we´re progressing) Now he can sit down and…beat it! What are you going to beat, George? Look at that: noses-roses etc… Hey! Can you draw me with
Straight teeth… I knew you were gonna say that. I wanted to ask
Is there someone else with the straight teeth in the car? What a f0kin funny mofo… hohoho We met Mark and his friends n the street but
unfortunately, I deleted the footage. We met Mark… He asked: What are you even
doing here?))) You know what you can do
If you film a vid and there’s something cool happening a certain point… So you can easily find it…. Holly mother! Is it filming? Yep. Let me check again. And this is the court,
George will go there soon Yes, I’ll be a president! I’m the most ridiculous but… Sometimes I can top him for a lil’ instant. Oh look when Mercedes wants to copy BMW but
it doesn’t quite go as planned. Mom: Help this man to cross the street. George, take dad as if he’s an old man and
cross the street. By the hand x2 Mom: Sit him down and come back to us And where are we going? Mom: To the grocery store. No!!! Mom: We got a visit tomorrow. Now we’ll go to the north to pick up the weights… That’s the way it goes We should climb that bridge so I can show you the views. May be next time Let’s go back to the family They said it was all a sellout… And started screaming: tongo, tongo! At the end, we were 2nd but still… Ok. From here I don’t know what to do So we better watch the f0kin instructions Look. These things are supposed to go here I’ve put it there but it seems like it doesn’t fit You know what I mean That’s what she said) It’s a vaina Is there a lube over there? No, no lube. Unfortunately. Now, look here… Wait! Stop! Here we have a… Vaina)
Are you filming a normal video? Yes. Look. Here we have a vaina)
Ok This vaina into this vaina using that vaina Gosh…You are stupid, both of you. These two are monkeys I haven’t done anything yet, boy That’s why!
You are useless, my boy I think we almost got it niggz
We can not say the N word We ain’t no pewdiepie so we can say whatever
the f0ck we want ASMR ok now you can see a vaina I dont understand how this goes in you can see the sUn
its a beautiful sUn A little tweak
George, it was all about that little tweak, my brother You got to fit the things tightly at all times, Cus if you don’t, you’ll end up with something
unexpected. ok? Good bye
Mark! Good bye! Final tweaks Twix? Twix! That-is-no-a-publicity
That is not a publicity Family friendly! Family friendly! Not on this video Not on this beach) Look, you see a hole good bye… I have a pen…) That’s serious! Ok
We have a hole, look Family friendly) That is a family friendly… That’s a family friendly content
It’s a… It’s a fricking tutorial It’s a flipping tutorial Yes
I can hear you, yes) What do you do? You fit it in… bish) you fit it in Don’t film all of this
Damn, I didn’t want you to film all that mess I’m going to get a new cameraman on this bish Ok. Let’s check if I did it all correctly
It was all improvisation Check out the tutorial
Mark, put your body like this First, you have to go bald! Yes
Put a black short on! Wait youre shirtless. WTF? Oh God! Mark! No! Mark you gotta have a shirt on! WTF are you doing? No! It’s not the way you do it. Retraso! Retraso! Well, to be honest, you could do it that way George, you are filming all this bull shit around! I told you to film only this square!
Boris, you know there’s a towel hanging behind you?) …
Too much

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