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100 thoughts on “Building Your Meal Plan! Learn How To Calculate Protein, Carb & Fat Daily Intake For Your Goals!

  1. Hey Scott,
    So when I use your calculator on your website and it asks me to first put my weight in. Do I use my lean weight that I calculated or my full weight. For instance my weight is similar to yours at 170 and my lean weight is 151. Which do I use to calculate my Rest and “in motion” numbers
    thanks !

  2. About calories, do you need to make up for a defecit after adding that +250 for lean weight gain?

    For example, if your calorie count is 2450 and you burn 300 in the gym – do you need to consume a total of 2750 to stay on track?

  3. You know you have to eat like a kilo of meat everyday to fulfill that protein intake? Does that make sensei? You sure it's not per kilo of lean weight and not per pound? According to those numbers I would have to be eating 600gms of meat every day. It's a little bit extreme. All considering only about a quarter of the meat you eat is pure protein. Depending on the type of meat of course.

  4. The average of those 2 is 2340 calorie so for maintening and if i add 250 calories for lean gains is 2590 calories. Your calculator say 3050 calories.

  5. Thanks Scott, brah, appreciate the time you spent to show this, cant believe how easy it is to calculate you nutrients relating to personal goals, set the facts straight for me, thanks brah

  6. This is the 3rd time I’ve come back to this video over the past couple years. It is the most detailed I’ve seen on YouTube. I start then work/kids/ life in general stops me. I really wanna get in shape, I’m starting to feel old and very tired all the time. I have so much potential, but I just feel like I’m in a marathon that I’m starting 6 years late. Hopefully I can maintain this time around. Thanks for the video Scott. Good luck everyone.

  7. Im still confused i have trouble processing all this when im alone at home figuring out what ama eat its frustating

  8. I don't understand why you would increase your fat and decrease the carbs to reach your macros. Wouldn't be better if you do it the other way around?

  9. finally … it's actually simple to do :o, thank you for explaining/visualizing it in an understandable way 😀

  10. So far, i gathered this. Don't quote me, but here are some of the nutrients we need and the amounts they should be taken.

    "There are 16 essential minerals: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chloride, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, and selenium, molybdenum, chromium, and fluoride.

    Your levels should be the following:
    Vitamin A: 30-95 mcg/dL
    Vitamin D: 30-60 ng/mL
    Vitamin B6: 5-24 mcg/mL
    Vitamin B12: 200-800 pg/mL
    Folate: 5.4-40 mg/mL
    Calcium: 5-10.3 mg/dL
    Magnesium: 5-2.4 mEq/L
    Potassium:5-5 mnol/L
    Iron: 25-170 mcg/dL
    Zinc: 60-130 mcg/dL
    Omega-3s: These fatty acids are crucial for normal metabolism and play a role in everything from cardiovascular to mental health. However, most people eating a standard American diet don’t get enough omega-3s. Your blood level of omega-3s should be: – 8 percent or more of your total fatty acids.

    Source(s): And Google

  11. Hey, there is one thing I don’t understand… when Im trying to get lean muscles (calorie surplus) and Im heavy lifting – should I add up the calories I burned on my trening? Should I eat more kcals on my trening day and less on my rest day?

  12. im so confused the calc on the site is like 3k cals and im the same height and weight as scott and hes eating 2500 cals?

  13. Yo Scot I'm a nutrition student. Your supposed to multiply 1.5 (protein per body weight kg) by your lean muscle in KG. Lbs is too high. If your eating 200gms of protein that's like 200×4= 800calories from protein alone. Wtf? Hello kidney failure.

  14. The part calculating protein is wrong because you're using pounds for your weight, so it doesn't make sense that you get a result in grams. Convert your weight to kilograms.

  15. Yeah you made it really complicated I lost you 20% into the movie video. That's a lot of riding in a lot of words this generation is not ready for this #boring

  16. he is using imperial units for his weight but then results are in metric units, so is this legit? I feel like some on this is not right

  17. This video is very Informative. Thank you Scott. I will spam this to every fitness Freak that I had ever known.

  18. Okay, stop, here is my diet plan for u guys
    Eat healthy(u know what to eat, and how much to it, ur body knows)
    Drink more water
    Eat more vegis, fruits that contain much fiber,
    Chew your food more, so it can easily digest by your system


  19. What if I don't know my current body weight? I don't have a weighing scale so should I just take an approximate of my weight?

  20. The fact that you put this much effort into helping people with there diets is reilly cool, so thank you I appreciate it

  21. Can you just increase fat and lower carb intake for the same effect if the calories are the same at the end?
    Edit: Nvm, it was answered at the end of the video (yes). Thanks!

  22. By far the best and clearest video I’ve seen on macros. Thanks Scott. i have a question do i have to adjust my macros if i workout on that day and burn 1000 calories?

  23. don't understand why my carb intake is so high 305grams with my calculation, 379 using the calculator on your site. Can i send half the grams from my carbs to the protein side? Is this too much of a boost on the protein side with my body fat being 25%?

  24. I don’t understand why he changed his macros st the end. I thought the whole point of the calculation was to calculate your protein and fat intake then the rest on carbs but he changed the numbers at the end. Could anyone explain to me why he did so please?

  25. Dont listen to this guy. You must focus on the overall calories of the food and not the protein fat and carbs. In the video he used protein fats and carbs as the calories to meet the needed calorie intake. Dont base on macros because foods contain other things like sugar than just protein fats and carbs. If you base on the grams of protein fats and carbs, you will get fat because the sugar and other things on the food has also calories.

  26. So for the 2588 calories is the supplements with amino acids and creatine we use for exercise included or that would be extra?

  27. My problem is that I eat a lot of vegetables and have no idea of what anything equals. How does 6 leaves of romaine lettuce break down, etc?

  28. I'm very confused how these numbers are supposed to work out.
    He recommends eating as low as 1g of protein and 0.35g of fat per lb of lean weight if your goal is weight loss. If I was to take his advice and eat protein and fat in those weight loss ratios, I'd be at 138G of protein, and 49g of fat (843 calories total)… but then to stay within 500 calories of my 2300 calorie average BMR, I'd need to eat ~240g of carbs (962 calories). 240g of carbs is in the "WEIGHT GAIN" bracket.


  29. old video but great video. Ive done my calculations and came out to 375 grams of carbs/day. seems like a lot, like ALOT, what do you think?

  30. Hi, can you tell me here you got the fat figure of 0.35 to 0.5gram per pound lean weight? is there a reference for this please , thank you

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