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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

(Music) Hi, I am Emi! First, thank you iHerb for sponsoring this video and today we will be on for a 7 day Fat Burning program. So as I started this Youtube Channel, I’ve always seen comments from you guys saying you have a special occasion coming up maybe prom, a date with a boy, high school reunion presentation, wedding or summer vacation and you want to look your best for it. You want exercises that are quick and effective because many of us are so busy in our daily lives and frankly speaking not everyone get to, or want to spend hours in the gym. At least I don’t! So I’m putting together this 10-minute workout with some of my favourite exercises for full body fat burning We’re going to do this for seven days I know it sounds like a lot, but if you think about it, it’s only ten minutes every day We can all find a time, so no excuses. For the best results, push yourself a little bit harder every single day. So in just seven days I’m getting better, stronger, fitter, faster and just burning more fat. Alright before we get started a lot of you also ask me where I get my healthy food, snacks, supplements.. (Chad: And where I get mine!) (Chad: What a big muscle, look at my bicep) (sound effects) So Chad is here because he’s the supplement expert (Chad: So we get most of our stuff from iHerb and that’s not just supplements. But that’s also healthy foods and healthy snacks) (Chad: They are a global online leading site) (Chad: They have over 30,000 different natural products and they also guarantee best value). For me, the best thing is free shipping and the discounted shipping so over 150 countries. (Chad:The things that we got this time is whey protein isolate and some BCAAs – Branched Chain Amino Acids) (Chad: Now the brand that I like to go with typically is XTEND) (Chad: Protein is good for building muscle. So essentially after your workout, you will want them to recover (Chad: well. I think Emily just loves the flavour, ) (Chad: that’s why we got this chocolate one). For me when I first start working out, I did drink protein shake because you know, I want more abs, I want to look more toned. But then the reason I was on and off, it’s so hard to get a flavour that I like. A lot of them taste like syrup. This is really yummy. (Chad: Another good thing about XTEND in general is that these are all gluten-free. All their flavourings are natural). BCAA (Chad: This gives you a lot of energy and then it’s great for recovery for your muscles as well) Especially on the days when I feel super not motivated, lazy, this just makes me feel more energised. (Chad: And it’s also zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugar) So if you guys are ready for the seven days fat burning program, let’s go! Take a deep breath, exhale, and use this moment to set a goal for yourself. What you want to achieve by the end of this 7 days program? Remind yourself why you click into this video. Why you decide to take the time to do this together with me. Make a commitment that we’re not giving up! Remember, no pain, no gain. Let’s push it and give it our best! First exercise is jumping jack punch to warm up our full body and get us started with the fat burning process. Hop your feet in and out, punch one arm out every time your feet are apart. Alternate between arms, punch hard and jump with power. Go as fast and explosive as you can! The more effort you put in, the more result you’re going to see. Just like everything else in life. With each punch, you’re burning the fat and getting closer to your goal. Push it for the last few reps! Rest for 15 seconds, catch your breath, and get ready for second exercise. Inchworm with shoulder tap. This works our full body and especially targets our arms and our belly area. Bend down to place your hands on the floor, walk your hands forward into high plank until your body is in one straight line. Holding your core tight, tap your opposite shoulder one by one with your hand, and walk your hands back to your feet. If this feels easy, go faster! I want you to really challenge yourself in this workout because that’s how you’re going to make progress! Drink some water. Next exercise: Lie on the floor for ab bike, which targets the abs and the legs. Hands behind your head, lift your shoulder blades and both legs off the ground. Crunch your lower abs to bring left knee in, to touch your right elbow as you twist your upper torso to the left. At the same time straighten your right leg out. Alternate sides as you continue with the biking motion. I know the burn is intense, but that’s what we’re here for! No slacking, no dropping to the floor. Almost there, you can do it! That was a good one! Proud of you for pushing to your limit. Fourth exercise, stand back up for Burpee squat for the best calorie burn. Bend down, hands on the floor, kick your feet back and lower your whole body to the floor, then push yourself back up. Jump your feet towards your hands, stand up to perform a regular squat by sitting back and down until your thighs are parallel To the floor. Stand up again for the next Burpee. Remember to have your chest up and eyes looking forward during the squat. This is working every single part of your body. Push yourself to go even faster to burn more fat! Good job! And we’re on to our fifth exercise. Single leg raise to target lower abs/belly area. Lie down, hands below your butt, press your lower back flat on the floor, lift both legs a few inches off the ground. Work your lower ab to raise one leg up towards the ceiling, then lower it down followed by the other leg. We’re not dropping our legs to the floor until the timer is up. It gets really tough! That’s when we know it’s working, so enjoy the burn. Success is never easy. But I promise you the hard work you’re putting in right now will be a hundred percent worth it! We’re halfway through this workout. Sixth is high knee tap to take fat-burning to the next level. Hop up by driving one knee up, tapping it with your opposite hand, alternating between sides as quick as possible. As always, the faster you go, the more powerful you jump, the more fat you burn. This is one of the craziest exercises I’ve ever put into my workouts! I’m also dying right here, but giving up it’s not even an option that I’ll ever consider. So keep it up with me! This is how we’ll make it to our goals. Don’t stop! You did amazing! Don’t worry, next ones are easier. Of course, we’ll still keep moving. Seventh is mountain climber to work our abs and core from all angles and also our arms, shoulders, and legs. In high plank position, crunch your abs to bring one knee to towards your elbow on the same side. Alternate between sides as you can see here, i’m doing it controlled and steady to focus on a burn in the inner and lower belly area. Only three more minutes to go guys! We have come way too far to quit now. Push it through! Eighth is reverse lunge knee raise clap. Long name, but it’s not as complicated as it sounds. We’re first starting with the right side. Take a big step back with your right leg into reverse lunge. Lift your arms up towards the sky, then stand up as you drive your right knee up to the front. Clapping your hands under your right leg. Repeat on the side for 22 seconds and switch sides. 3,2,1 switch! You can feel the burn building up in your legs. I’m just gonna say, let it burn baby. We’re so close to the end, make it count! And let’s give our legs a little break. Ninth is plank punch to focus on the arms. Get into elbow plank position making a triangle base with your forearms. Engaging your abs for the balance, then raise one arm up to punch forward, lower it back down alternate between sides. Punch hard for each rep. If you have any negative emotions today, punch them all out. Think about all the fat you want to burn off, punch them all out. Hang in there, only a few more seconds to go! And finally our last exercise of this workout! Squat pulse for the ultimate burn! Just like a regular squat, bend your knees and lower your hips down until thighs are at least parallel to the floor. Instead of sending all the way back up, start pulsing by moving your butt up and down slightly. Keep pulsing for 45 seconds. Keep your chest up. You’ll feel the burn mainly in the thighs but this is also working on our whole body, especially our core. I promise you this will give you a full-body sweat. We’re not sending up or sitting down on the floor. Just focus on pulsing, almost done! No pain, no gain. Get it guys! You’re stronger than you think! Push for the last few reps. We did it! Rest as long as you need. You should be so proud of yourself for getting this done, but don’t forget this is a seven days fat burning program. So come back tomorrow, I promise you this will be worth it! Just wait and see, your hard work will not be wasted! Remember to stretch. You can also go to my complete stretch video, which I’ll link it up right here. So your body can recover and get ready for the workout in the next few days. Good job everyone and see you tomorrow! New videos coming your way. Bye Bye! That was a tough one guys! Chad just chilled right there. (C: I’m just chilling there) In front of the camera, on a sofa. (C: Oh, yeah)

100 thoughts on “BURN FAT IN 7 DAYS! 10 min Full Body HIIT Workout Program (Results in 1 Week) ◆ Emi ◆

  1. Day 1 : ✔
    Day 2 : ✔
    Day 3 : ✔
    Day 4 : ✔
    Day 5 : ✖
    Day 6 : ✔
    Day 7 : ✖
    Day 8 : ✖
    Day 9 : ✔
    Day 10 : ✔
    Day 11 : ✔

  2. I did this today! I only stopped like twice. I’m 65.8kg let’s see what’s gonna happen to that. I’ll update you guys, like if so I can remember to update

  3. I start working out today again after a long time,,i'm gonna turn 18 on Saturday(just wanna share to someone).I've gain like 10kg and i'm so dissapointed at myself,,i don't know if i could lose it,so i decided to start working out again,but sometimes i do not always feel motivated enough and it's so hard to pull myself at those time,,btw i'm 62kg,5'1…i really hope i could lose some weight Day 1:quite hard,did not see any changes but i feel good,i did it with emi's beginner Hiit workout

  4. I just recently started watching your videos, I am so impressed! I always struggle to find legit workouts with results and yours did it for me💙💙 especially your thigh burning one, I saw results in just about 3 days and I am so amazed🙌🏻 thank you so much Emi!💎

  5. Love this video especially. I have tried a ton of Emi's videos and they are all killer, but this one is just what I need to whip my butt into shape! Thanks Emi!!

  6. I started my first work out with Emi’s workout of 30mins full body workout! And it definitely worked for me 💯 and I’m so proud and happy for it ! I have already completed my 4th month of workout and now it’s my 5th month and I’ll start off with this. Coz now that my belly fats have cut down I just need to workout to burn down the calories that I consume it and I’m working out more for my arms /butts/legs now! But not forgetting the belly fats too ! ! My belly fats percentage has really reduced its been over months that I had been following your workouts and I enjoy it !! And yesterday July 1st 2019 I started off with this and some other workouts of Chloe ting too!! And I’ll carry on with this workout for a month and not 7days 😃
    So I’ll be sharing my results again here

    Day1- done successfully 🤗
    Day2-done successfully 🤗

  7. Okay, gotta go back to shaping again because I stopped working out because I was sick and got unmotivated from everything and I feel so fat again from all that binge eating every midnight ;-;

    Today's my Day 1!

  8. I gave up after 7 minutess, is it really bad? It's not like I'm super lazy or anyhting, I just feel very awkward when my family is at home and I secretly start exercising, so I give up really fast. Idk what to do with this. My younger brother exercises multiple times a week and my parents are like super proud of him and they keep telling me that I should do some workouts too. Wow, after writing this I suddenly got some motivation. I'm gonna finish the workout tho

  9. Day one : body burning
    Day two: the plank punches are getting easier
    Day three : I didn't do it because I am on the road all day today

  10. Day 3 done..starting weight 60.4 kg,will check next Tuesday,afterwards planning to do the 15 minutes one.

  11. I started doing this yesterday. I'm very insicure and I'm leaving to go to Italy on Tuesday. Give a like if you want updates from me. I'll be doing these workouts till Tuesday.
    Day 1- the workout kinda killed me, but it was also very fun. I ate clean till 7pm.
    Day 2 – in the morning I saw a line on my stomach, but still no huge changes . The exercises were tiny bit easier to do. I ate clean till 7pm.

  12. I’m going to do this everyday until school starts again( I’m going to be a freshman)
    Day 1: I did everything but during the plank punch I collapsed, but then I put myself back together. After the workout I felt exhausted, but I drank water and caught my breath. After the workout I ate 2 poached eggs, then layed down for bed (btw I did this one at night)
    So I haven’t done it in awhile but im going to start again
    I started drinking apple cider vinegar befor breakfast and before dinner
    Adding to that I’m going to work out and start eating healthier
    I’m update tomorrow

  13. Ok I am starting it to 9 July 2019 I am 5'6 height 160lb and I am having a moderate diet will update my result in next week ..

  14. I started it today
    Lets see if it works
    Im 16 and 50kg
    Day 1 ✅
    Day 2 ✅
    Day 3 ✅
    Day 4 ✅
    Sorry guys will not be able to do for the next 3 days as i am travelling suddenly so will be starting this from the start after i come back

  15. It's 8 days to prepare for my 14th birthday from now and i just want me look a little prettier 😭
    I started this workout yesterday.
    Day 1: ✔️
    Day 2: ✔️ Yay! But today i've eaten much 😭
    Day 3: ✔️ yeahhh i've done ittt although today there are so many people in my house so it's a little bit hard for me 🙁
    Day 4: ✔️
    Day 5: ✔️
    Day 6: ✔️ Just one more day! Try my best!!!!

  16. My updates. 💖💖 (Edited version. Couldn't continue before due to periods.)
    I'm 5'2 and 125-126lbs
    ✅ DAY 1
    ✅ DAY 2
    ✅ DAY 3
    ✅ DAY 4
    ✅ DAY 5
    ✅ DAY 6

  17. thank youuu emi <3 i would prefer if there would be only one "beep" because i tend to stoop working on the first "beep"

  18. Ok so this is my first time doing your workouts and let me tell you the motivational talk is helping ..did two of your workout videos so happy and sweaty!!!😆🤪

  19. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  20. hello i'm gonna post a comment to motivate myself

    day 1: workout done, i felt really sweaty and tired afterwards but i'm proud of myself for doing it!

  21. My parents are always saying that I'm not fat, but when I see myself in the mirror I always think that I am not as beauty as they say and I see imperfections. So I want to correct my imperfections not because I need to do workout, it's because I want to do it.

  22. Thank you Emi! I lost 3 pounds after following this and some of your other workouts for a week and am feeling great about starting to work out again 🙂

  23. I love Emi so much ! Her exercises are suitable for me. I can finish it 65% at the first time and almost 100% at the second time. I like the way she talk in the video, its help me alot !!!

    P/s : my english isn’t good so pls let me know if i have any mistake. Thanks !!

  24. okay i'm going to start doing this everyday and update 🙂
    day 1 – this isn't as easy as i thought but got through it!

  25. So for the past 2 weeks, I've been waking up at 5am and doing this while also doing a quick 5 min run before, as a warm up. Then as a cool down I do an arms workout from fitness blender. Also, everyday, I make sure that I'm at a 570 calorie deficit.
    I do feel slightly better about myself and it has gotten easier. Ive noticed tht I feel more muscle than fat around my thighs. Pyjama bottoms are slightly more loose as well. I dont like weighing myself so I dont have any figures but overall it has improved my fitness level and I think it's a great for beginners. 👍🏼

  26. I just met someone I like, and I want to be better for them.
    I’m coming back tomorrow, aaahhhhhhhh Imma get stronger!!!!!!!! I love u Emi!!!!

  27. i really like Emi because her motivational words are the world to me especially because i keep giving up then blaming myself

  28. Hey guys, I'm starting this challenge because I really wanna glow up for back to school! Alongside this, I'm going to do a few leg workouts and Alexis Rens 10 min ab workout. I'll let you know my progress! I am 163cm and weigh around 55kg. I don't think weight matters too much though I just want to be able to look and feel my best! Comments and likes are great ways to remind and motivate me so feel free!

    Day 1: Done, sweat was literally dripping, almost gave up during the plank punches and took a 5 second rest during the squat pulses!!

    Day 2: Done! Didn't do the ab exercise today because I had to study for a final but I'm hoping to make up for it tmr! Plank houses were definitely still super hard but I managed to make it through the squat pulses! (Probably with terrible form though 😀
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  29. Hello emi!!!
    Pls notice me ><
    Thank you for this great workout. I had done for 3 days!! I'm lovin it 🙂
    I will update more about my progress here ! This workout I've done in the morning after wake up from sleep. You have more energy that time.
    Day 1: Complete

    Day 2: Complete

    Day 3: Complete (btw I've lost 1 kg clean!!!! I'm so happy)

    Day 4: Complete!! (3 days more!!!)

    Day 5: Completeeeeee!!!!

    Day 6: Complete!! ( my father gave me fitbit versa watch!! Its makes me want to lose weight moreee)

    Day 7: I did ittt!!!!! Im so happyyyy

  30. I'm gonna start this before school starts

    Day 1: It's really a burn but it didn't help I worked out all week and now this there both different also so I'm gonna focus on this work out and the others later but I didn't do all of them because I was already Soar in my legs and stomach but I'll push harder tomorrow

    i did it again at night i did most of them this time but i couldn't do the the 2nd to last one I'm getting the burn still

  31. I’ll make take a note for everyday I workout and see how much I’ll change in a week,wish me luck! (Im 58 kg btw)

    Day 1🎊

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Day 6

    Day 7

  32. First day : way to hard if you don't exercise often, I couldn't do the raising leg exercise like literally my leg wouldn't go up. But even if I looked like a baked potato I did it till the end ! 👌

  33. Starting weight 128.5lbs
    Day 1: 👌
    Day 2: 👌
    Day 3: 👌
    Day 4: XXX
    2nd attempt
    Day 1: ✌️
    Day 2: ✌️
    Day 3: ✌️
    Day 4: 😭 (accidentally skipped)
    Day 5: ✌️
    Day 6: ✌️
    Day 7: ✌️
    Day 8:

  34. Did this yesterday but forgot to comment! I'm 17, 5"4, 128 pounds. My waist is currently 28.1 inches and I'm looking to reduce that. I'll update my weight/measurement at the end of the week.
    Day 1: 🎃
    Day 2: 🎃
    Day 3: Healed from my injury and able to exercise again! Did this twice today 🙂 🎃🎃
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  35. ill keep track here:

    day 1 : it was tiring, but at the end, it was rewarding, i feel powerful loll

    day2 : in day 1, i should have mentioned
    my eating was horrible, but i controlled it this time, i also do a few other emi workouts (kill this love and fancy lol) i felt really tiered but felt so worth it!

  36. You kicked my ass emi.. no other workout ( from your channel) have made me sweat this much!! See ya tomorrow!!

  37. I did it and it's working! On first and second day, I can't do single leg raise properly. On the fourth day, I did two reps of this workout. And I always pray to God while workout.

    Now, my belly have been more slimmer, especially my lower belly. Thank You, Jesus. And thank you, Emi!

  38. Leggo!
    My new challenge after a injury for 1 month !
    Doing Chloe Ting’s flat abs workout 2!
    not doing each day;
    -mon, wed, sat ,sun


  39. I saw great results at first but after a few days I couldn’t burn more fat and if I do it’s just a tiny bit

  40. Someone who tried this workout, tell me please, is this just for bigger muscles, or to lose that low belly fat? Please, help me!

  41. i started today but let's see if i can continue.. plz motivate me by liking the comment!
    Day 1 : DONE ✔️
    Day 2 : DONE ✅

  42. I’m going to start today : 22 aug till 29 aug (1week)
    my weight right now : 58,6Kg
    GIVE ME 1 like for SUCCES ❤️
    Day 1: DONE it was hard but feels very good , i also did 200 crunches
    + i’m going to do a liitle dieet like : fruits lot of water/green thee NO Junkfood soda candy etc….

    Day 2 :
    Day 3:

    My weight right now ……

  43. ive been doing this workout for about a month with only 2 rest days. my thighs have gotten so much slimmer and my obliques are really showing already. i just wanna say thank you so much emi, i've gone through bulimia myself and your workouts and pep talks during them kept me going. this isn't the first time i've tried your workouts, but i keep getting back to them because i see results really fast and ive grown to love this channel so much. thank you so much for making these videos, i'm still going through recovery but this has helped me so much. you truly deserve the world❤

  44. I am going to start doing this workout and a couple of your others , my goal is to try and lose 70 pounds in 3 years . I don’t know how long it takes to lose weight but when I am 18 I am going on holiday to Asia with my friend so I want to get new clothes and look my best as we are going to be taking a lot of photos as we both love photography . Good luck to me 70 pounds to go 🙂

  45. Hello fellow couch potatoes!! I am currently on vacation and have been eating constantly! School is about to start once I arrive home so I have decided that when I am not busy I would exercise! So this is going to be a daily log! Hopefully I can successfully be able to keep this up for a week.

    DAY 1: It was very grueling!! I am soo unhealthy that I could barely do the WARM UP without stopping!! I was not about to fully do all the exercises and gave up quickly! After laying down on the ground for a couple seconds, I realized even if I can’t do the whole exercise it was better than giving up completely. So I got up and finished whole workout, I might not have done each exercise fully but hopefully by tomorrow I can do the whole thing!!

    DAY 2: I still wasn’t able to do the workout fully but I was able to do the whole think half way!! I pretty happy, but hopefully I can do the whole thing tomorrow!!


    DAY 1 (Aug 26th): ✅
    DAY 2 (Aug 27th): ✅
    DAY 3 (Aug 28th):

  47. decided to do this alongside emi's recent leg/thigh workout! will post results either after a week or two weeks! (depends for how long i want to do this lmao)

    day one: done!
    day two: done!
    day three: done!
    day four: done! omg I'm halfway through already 😭

  48. Im going to try this out! I’m ready to get back into the fitness swing of things and this seems like the perfect way. I loveeeee emi HIIT workouts. I lost 30 pounds two years ago doing mostly her videos (and eating healthily), but I’ve recently gained 10 pounds after maintaining for two years. Now I want to re lose that weight and then some to hopefully get to my goal weight! Starting with this 7day program.

    Day 1: I looked at the lineup and I thought I was goin to be kinda easy but it was killer as usual. I slightly modified two workouts so that I could keep going without stopping.

    Day 2: whew, still kinda rough. But this time I only modified one exercise. Though the one I stop modifying (plank punches) was killer and I did it slowly. By that time my body is like wtf, it was hard just to stay up lol. But I’m done and feeling good! Woo!

  49. Day 1 🌸 : I sweat a lot and I’ll definitely do it again tomorrow
    Day 2 💞 :finished again! I personally like when emi talks because it distracts me 😅. Thanks Emi!

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