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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

today we’re going to do a 5-minute toned
butt workout it’s challenging but very very doable and you can do this routine
at home or in the office hi I’m Schellea and welcome to Fabulous 50’s if you’re
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every time there’s a new video and they’ll all relate to you we don’t need
to be athletes now we’re over 50 but if you want to stay strong and fit and
healthy we do need to do some form of physical exercise every single day so
let’s start working out we’re going to start with a stretch this is a really
great one to get you started for this workout so keep your legs straight and
your back straight and lower yourself down holding your bellybutton in towards
your rooms interlock your hands and pull your shoulders back so this is going to
be a great stretch for your shoulders your abs and your glutes and it’s going
to get us ready for this workout keep your abs activated and your head up high
our first exercise is lunges so hold your body straight and bend your knees
so they’re both at 90 degree angle if this is a little bit difficult for you
don’t worry just follow the workout in the right hand corner take it at your
own pace and do whatever you can push into the heel of your front foot as
you’re coming up and if you’ve got sore knees just do gentle pulses or put your
legs together just slightly and bend your knees whatever stage you’re up to
is absolutely perfect change legs we’ve got another 30 seconds
on this leg so the leg at the back is working your quads and the leg out front
is working your glutes and your hamstrings so be mindful not to let your
knees roll inwards when you’re doing lunges
make sure to squeeze your glutes as you’re coming up because this is the
best way you’re going to get results now we’re going to do squats so this is
what you do pretend you’re sitting in a chair with your back straight go down as
far as you can and if you’re finding this challenging grab the back of a
chair and go as far as you can this isn’t a competition do whatever feels
comfortable and you’ll know when to stop you’re amazing at whatever level you’re
up to pretend you sitting on a chair keep your back straight and move your
hips back and then your knees doing squats helps us strengthen the lower
body so we can be strong and pain-free as we get older this is one to master
because it gives us such great benefits breathe just a couple of seconds next exercise is the donkey kicks so get
down on the knees neutral spine flat back and hold in your
core keep your arms straight and kick I’m happy to be your exercise buddy so
you don’t have to do this thing alone just set aside a little time every day
be disciplined and just do it keep your leg activated and be really mindful of
those muscles squeeze your glutes keep your back straight we’re going to do 30
seconds on each leg when your friends or kids asks you what you did today you
tell them you’ve been working out and you did great squeeze your gluts this
exercise will give much faster results if you squeeze just try doing this next
one without squeezing and without activating your core and you can feel
the difference well done ok we’re going to go into the
bridge now lie on your back knees bent and feet hip
width apart and your hands are almost touching your heels slowly raise your
hips up off the floor pull in your abs and squeeze your glutes slowly let the
hips drop down the bridge helps us loosen up our back and our pelvis and
it’s one of the best firming exercises to tighten our glutes so stick with it
keep doing it this is doing great persevere you’ve only got a few seconds
left fantastic pull your knees in right upper
to your chest and give yourself a very big hug you deserve it
you’re amazing that was a challenging but workout and you’re almost finished
we’ve just got to do a counter pose so get into the Child’s Pose and stretch
take your right hand and put it over your left and you’ll get a beautiful
deep stretch on your right side now take your left hand and stretch on
the other side feel that stretch you’ve just done something amazing to release
your happy hormones get your blood flowing and tone your glutes well done
that was so great please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this workout and share
it to a playlist so you can watch it later thank you I loved working out with
you today have a beautiful week

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