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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Calisthenics Basics/Beginner – Complete Workout Routines (FULL Body)
Example Workouts at the End of the Video (Basics in each part of video with Variation/Alternatives)

1. Pull ups / Chin ups & Inverted rows

2. Push up Variations, Dips etc

3. Squats, Lunges, Calf Raises etc

4. Pike / Shoulder Push ups, High Rows

5. Crunches/Sit-ups, Leg/Knee raises, Plank
(Abs, Core…) 1. Inverted Rows / Pull ups / Chin ups
(Back/Biceps…) Inverted Rows
(Alternative and progression exercise to a pull up) (Supinated grip variation) Bent knees & feet closer for more support Or a more vertical position for less resistance Pull ups, pronated grip Chin ups, supinated grip
(More biceps involvement) Using a lower bar with bent knees
if there is no high bar Or no bar at all? Find one. 2. Push up Variations, Dips etc
(Chest/triceps…) Standard push up Wider grip for more challenge Incline push ups for more support
(Higher elevation=less resistance) The opposite: Decline push ups for more challenge Close grip push up
(More Triceps involving variation) Push ups on the knees for more support
(Here diamond grip push ups targeting Triceps)
Put something soft for your knees if hard surface Dips
Control and focus on the Triceps not leaning
too much forward or letting elbows flare out Bench Dips 3. Squats, Lunges, Calf Raises etc
(Legs/Glutes…) Squats Walking Lunges
Keeping torso upright & long but controlled steps
with knees directly above the ankle when lowering Variation: Stationary Lunges
Preferable when at home or having limited space Stepping Lunges, another variation
(One leg sets or alternating during same set) Step ups / High steps
Working one leg at a time
Pick a very high step for greater challenge Calf raises
Both legs or one at a time for more challenge 4. Pike / Shoulder Push ups, High Rows
(Shoulders…) Pike push ups / Shoulder push ups
More vertical position compared to the standard push up Feet elevated for more challenge And the more elevation the closer to the HSPU
(Handstand push ups) High row variation
Keeping elbows “high” focusing on the rear delts More challenge
when working with a more horizontal position 5. Crunches/Sit-ups, Leg/Knee raises, Plank
(Abs, Core…) Crunches
Contracting the abs as shoulders leave
but lower back still in full contact with the ground
trying to keep it pressed and flattened while crunching Sit-ups
Longer motion and more involvement
lower back fully leaves the ground compared to the crunch.
If needed, Keep your feet under something to hold them down giving extra support. Elbow Plank
Elbows right under shoulders and
Trying to keep body in a straight line from feet to head Hanging knee raises Knee raises alternative using dip bars If knee raises are too easy
Hanging leg raises will be more challenging Example Routines

Generally: Train at a level where you can manage many reps with a good technique and form. Step by step.
– Set rest (and rest between exercises)
example 30s-3 minutes and what you feel is well balanced for you to perform desired sets and reps with good form.
Also depending on what kind of workout
and what intensity that’s desired of course.
– Always start simple and THEN step things up. (Changing sets/reps, rest, intensity/supersets etc.) Example Routine (Full body- Basic)
Do alternatives/adjust for elevation/angle if needed
->Inverted Rows: 15-20 reps / 3-5 sets
->Standard Push ups: 15-20 reps / 2-3 sets & if desired add another dip / push up variation for Triceps.
->Squats: 15-20 reps / 2-3 sets
->Lunges: 10 reps EACH leg / 2-3 sets
->Calf raises: 15-20 reps or one leg 10 reps / 2-3 sets
->Pike Push ups: 10-20 reps / 2-3 sets
->High Rows: 10-15 reps / 2-3 sets
->Knee raises and/or crunches: 10-15 reps / 2-3 sets
->Plank: One/a couple of sets holding as long as possible until a good form/straigt body line can’t be maintained Alternative Workouts:

Pick some exercises that you can manage and decide a set amount for each. Do max reps in each one but
stop when you feel you burn out or are losing the form.


Pick exercises and decide a total rep amount for each one (for example 50 reps). Go for max reps each set
(with proper form) and as many sets as needed to reach the goal of total reps. Example – more challenging Routine:

->Pull ups max reps 5 sets
->Squats 20 reps superset with Lunges 10 reps each leg / 5 sets.
->Calf raises, one leg at a time – 15 reps / 3 sets
->Decline push ups, max reps / 3 sets
->Dips / Close grip / Diamond grip push ups 3 sets max reps
->Hanging Knee raises / Hanging leg raises superset with crunches 5-15 reps / 3-5 sets
->Pike / Shoulder Push ups (high elevation) max reps / 3-5 sets

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  3. I saw a lot of videos about calisthenics (own few books too) … but I think this is the most helpful one I found. Simple but powerful, showing all that beginner could ever want/train. Thanks for such great stuff 🙂

  4. Thanks a lot for the routine! I will give it a try for a couple of months, doing the exact routine you proposed, three times a week, I hope to progress…

  5. Hi … excellent video, very practical and good, but my question is how many times a week can you do this routine? Because there are several exercises 🙂 Thank you.

    PS: Sorry for my English.

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  10. Lovin the video. Very informative. How many times a week would a beginner need to do a full body workout like this???

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  12. hai.. can i do 3 sets with 8 reps for these basic exercises? bcoz im newbie to bodyweight training and i dont think i hve energy to do all the exercise.. thanks for the good vid btw!

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