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100 thoughts on “Calisthenics Leg Workout ( NO EQUIPMENT )

  1. After completing first round.
    Chris be like: Let's go for 3 more
    I'll be like: R u kidding me, I can't even tell my legs after 1 round

  2. Nice and simple leg workout, stopped me from moping around the hotel making excuses about not having gym access. Although now I'm worried that Heria is going to hunt me down for doing this workout without an authorised Heria hoodie or vest… 😛

  3. Chris heria : Check out my new heria hoodie
    Me : Ok but where's your?
    Chris Heria : Don't need one I got Heria's abs

  4. This dude can explain pilate and then that looks stake boarding style. Try to do pilates at teenagers without him, this is impossible. This is not enough extreme.

  5. I never realizes that there was an assisted version of the pistol squat. I always just figured I'd just have to get really storng legs and it would eventually happen but this way you can work on balance too. Awesome.

  6. I did years of leg calisthenics and cycling before starting upper body work. My heavy ass legs gave me a very hard time on the pull-up bar.

  7. Thx so much Chris,, i am newbie,,, i can only do 2 rounds,,, hopefully i’ll improve by the following weeks,,, cheers bro,,

  8. Beu wat is that first song that hes playing when he first puts in the vest where the girl goes like "wah or ah"

  9. Me:*doing workout*
    Me: ight ima head out

  10. No need for the vest. Better invest in a sandbag which you carry in front of you while doing squats! IF you have strong feet do the squats barefoot!

  11. Awesome job! 💥 What's the name of the song that starts at 2:00? I searched it on SoundCloud but I didn't find it. Thank you!

    You have helped me so much, I have Parkinson's I NO longer get leg cramps. Your way of showing is Great for PEAPLE THAT want to stay HOME. Enjoy your VIDIOS YOUNG MAN.

  13. Great videos! Very impressive and inspiring! I would really appreciate if you could check out my workout videos and give your feedback!

  14. This leg workout is legit! My second time going through this workout and I'm already seeing a improvement. Thank you Heria!

  15. I was very interested in your video until I saw the tattoos in your body and I realized you just did not care to ruin your temple by getting them, I can see you 20 year from now regretting the mistake you made, they already look awful, wait until your skin starts aging…☹️

  16. I used to bodybuild but this stuff here is insane. You make it look so easy but im up for the challenge. This the firat calisthenics video ive watched and now im hooked on it (calisthenics).

  17. Yeah, no. I only did this this once. Had about a 20 minute workout. My legs finna snap if I do this 4 more times…

  18. Before workout: Yeah, I can do this.
    During workout: Oh, God help my thighs.
    After workout: YES, I'M DONE.
    Chris Heria: That completes the first round, we have 3 more round to go…

    Me sweating vigorously: THERE'S MORE???

  19. 1st round done…
    EDIT: 2nd round down. I'm all sweaty and my left leg is a bit sore. I'm stopping. This time got 2 rounds done instead of 1…

  20. 1st done
    2nd done
    3rd done
    Did another round better than last time, legs sore and been going at it for 38 min…done for now…

  21. Un capo la verdad amigo,seguí asi y nunca cambies, gracias a vos salí de la depresión y obesidad. Posta me ayudaste mucho en lo poco que conozco tu canal diría qur es uno de los mejores que existen actualmente. Sos un capo maestro aunque seguro te lo dicen mucho te lo queria decir yo master.abrazo 💪💪💪

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