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Меня зовут Корай, мне 20 лет.
Я – пауэрбилдер. Пауэрбилдинг – это сочетание
бодибилдинга и пауэрлифтинга. Возможно я и скромный парень,
но во время соревнований я включаю
“режим зверя”. Меня зовут Маттиас,
мне 25 лет, и я занимаюсь
калистеникой. В этом году я принял участие в
соревнованиях по воркауту в Штутгарте
и выиграл в категории
“Подтягивания с весом”
(14 подтягиваний с весом 32 кг) Мне нравятся соревнования,
и в целом мне нравится сочетание силы,
подвижности и контроля. Мне нравится, когда все просто,
поэтому я делаю группы повторов. Маттиас- спортсмен со своими преимуществами,
но, в целом, я сильнее. Он выглядит сильным. Мне стоит опасаться
его в тяге. Но я думаю, что
в подтягиваниях я лучше. Посмотрим, у кого останется
в итоге больше сил. Я не сомневаюсь, что победа будет за мной. Я благодарен за возможность участвовать
в соревновании, и я выложусь по полной.
Да, завтра я одержу победу. Я сейчас нахожусь под большим давлением,
потому что в прошлый раз о калистенике
сложилось не очень хорошее впечатление.
И сейчас мне предстоит его поменять. Маттиас. Калистеника. Швейцария.
Возраст: 25, рост: 1.69 см, Вес: 66 кг.
Я одержу победу! Корай. Пауэрбилдер. Германия.
Возраст: 20, Рост: 1,71 см, Вес: 75 кг.
Я включу “режим зверя” Тяга – 120 кг, 20 повторов. Подтягивания- 20 повторов с весом 24 кг. Приседания со штангой на груди –
50 кг, 15 повторов. Еще одно последнее подтягивание! Побеждает Корай! Отличная борьба!
Ты выпустил из себя настоящего бойца. Я думаю, я еще немного полежу.

100 thoughts on “Calisthenics VS Powerbuilding – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #5

  1. damn I just wasted 10 min on this BS. What a joke that was. Next time put calisthenics guy against Michael Phelps in swimming competition.

  2. Eyy yow the calisthenics guy should have won at the last exercise the number didn't go down when it was on 11 tf

  3. Fuking competition deadlift and front squaiting is all for body builder, why compare with a calisthenics, asshole organiser, Add muscle up and all, and see assholes

  4. The powerlifter guy's reps WERE BULLSHIT. This channel clearly doesn't know anything about this sport.

  5. En las dominadas la separación de los brazos en el powerlifter es mayor a la del calistenico , también la apertura de los codos , debería ser igual en ambos , por eso es que el powerlifter fatigo más rápido el músculo de la espalda

  6. What was this shit bro…
    Bodybuider guy had done 10 pull ups in wrong way his chin was not going up to the bar but you all counted that and went for squats that was cheating ..😑

  7. salute to the callisthenics guy..he got way more better endurance and strength alone.. maybe the other dude got steroids in his veins..

  8. For me the Calisthenics guy won. I thought about whether to put like or dislike to this video and decided to put dislike. I cant say that this was real competition (and definitely fair).

  9. 5% black wrist bands on both hands in first 5 minutes. This (black color with 5% sign) is brand of Rich Piana (dead bodybuilder who abused drugs and all kinds of roids to grow and was open about it). So f*****g rare to stumble on someone on youtube who is actually natural and looks/performs good.

  10. Can you imagine the calisthenics training with weights? Uffff he will smoke the shit out of the power lifter

  11. Just because Koray seemed tough and not smiling everytime like homo does not mean Matthias is stronger. Koray won everyone get over it.

  12. Those aren't squat clean, it sounds more like power clean + front squat, with squat clean I guess athletes should cleaned the bar being in squat position, which is a gain of time and effort imo..

  13. I'm 6ft 2 and I weight 97kg it's really hard to out muscle when youre tall but once you get the ball rolling 90% of males will be afraid to touch you. If your 6ft5 it's like 99%

  14. Tf kinds sorry excuse is that for a squat clean it’s supposed to be one motion and the power builder is just muscling the weight up. Terrible choice of exercises for these men.

  15. Watching this kind of wars is totally unfair and one sided. Let him the lifter battle in body strength. How about that

  16. You can say whatever you want but it wil always be : weightlifter guy is physically stronger and the calistenics one more balanced and have better form

  17. The bodybuilder was bigger because his training makes him that way. he was the clear winner. This doesn't prove that one way of training is better then the other. All it proves is that one guy was stronger then the other. Calm down people.

  18. So even in a competition heavily biased towards powerlifting the calisthenics guy almost wins? Taking into account most of the other guy's pull ups were bullshit? Hmmkay

  19. koray ın manevi destek sağlam yerden geliyor. o sarışın hatun benim arkamda olsa benimde sırtım yere gelmez :p…. harikasın koray.
    you are the best…

  20. koray had better form overall..the chosen exercises don't reflect calistenic strength. I know koray would not be able to plank or do full pull ups. Matthias you did well.

  21. Should be 4 exercises. 2-powerlifting and 2- calestetics. So biased and kooray got away with like 5 bad pullups. Matthias would of won this easy.

  22. Why don't compare between two people which had Same fat percent and muscle mass. So people Will understand more about the difference strength gain from different exercise altough they had the Same muscle mass and fat percent

  23. This is ridiculous. This competition is completely biased. There are two powerlifter exercises while there's only one for the calisthenics. The powerlifter will obviously be advantaged. Also, the calisthenics guy maintained a good form in every single exercise while the other didn't do the pull ups adequately. Considering the real way of doing them, he didn't do a single one correctly… This is without counting the huge difference in bodyweight. While being immensely disadvantaged, the calisthenics guy still managed to make it very close to the other guy. Calisthenics is way better than powerlifting in term of strength.

  24. 2 competition from gim and one calisthenic ? Fck this, calisthenic men won for me, he made it better like for someone who don't work on gim everyday..

  25. Well the power lifter does that every time he goes to the gym while the callistenic guy is only lifting his own weight..

  26. Powerlifter only did about 10 clean pull ups. These are always rigged towards the gym rats, GOD BLESS ALL CALI GEEZERS! 😉

  27. So I want to say that it was obvious that the calisthenics guy would lose since the bodybuilder weighted more than him and there was only one calisthenics exercise wich is the pull up that Mathias did well than the bodybuilder but the 2 other exercice were just gym exercice so in my opinion it wasn't fair because the bodybuilder was in a advantage and in my opinion I see that the calisthenics dude was far stronger since he weighted less than the bodybuilder and was able to compete with him.

  28. they should have 2 weighted exercises and 2 body weight exercises. maybe add another Dragom Flag would like to see how well the powerlifter does it. lollllll

  29. Calisthenics guy WIN next time strength wars should be more reasonable calisthenics guy is a beast in front of gym guy

  30. 06:05 junge wie die diesem Matthias nicht mal einen Freund gegönnt haben, einfach alle 10 im Raum feuern Koray an HAHAH sooorry ich bin grad so stoned

  31. It makes no sense should be 2 calisthenics exercises and 2 powerlifting ones not these 3 exercises which all 3 use weights 100% biased agains mathias. whats the point. do the same exercises with smaller weights, Mathias whould win 100% and it Would be onesided because in calisthenics you only use small weights and in 2 or 3 exercises at most (pullups,dips …. maybe pushups) so yeah 100% biased .
    "By the way sorry for my bad english"

  32. A very STUPID contest. I would like to see the BB guy perform the exercises Mathias did in the introduction. Pure strenght is nothing, if you don't have flexibility and mobility. Ok, it was a contest about strenght, but what does it mean, after all?
    Note: half of the pull-ups by the BB guy should have been sanctioned.

  33. bruh.. calisthenics guy's muscles looked more natural and efficient not like bodybuilding guy's muscles looked steroid dipshit and unnatural .. it makes me puke everytime i see a muscle that looks like THAT

  34. It depends what do you want, if you want to look big and strong weights, if you want to look slim and fit calisthenics

  35. Wow I dunno what this crap was but it's clearly driven towards a powerlifter bias for sure. An the powerlifter like didn't even complete half those pullups correctly, just goes to show how weak you are when all you do is concentrate pumping stupid weights and not actuall inner strength.

  36. That powerlifter was so imature. He was like. I'm going to destroy matthias and i'm going to win!!! Half of his pull ups were actually not even full reps so the should not be counted. Matthias actually won.

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