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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Calisthenics Workout Routines – Full Body Guide
Intermediate – Basics – & some more Advanced Alternatives as well
Watch the FULL Video for more info & Workout Examples/Structures etc. WARM UP
– A few Minutes of light Jogging
– Dynamic Warm Up/Preparation
(A couple of Rounds with around 10 Reps each Exercise) (& Some lighter Push/Pull Basic Moves/Sets before
the actual Exercises of the Workout) Back (& Biceps) Pull Ups & Chin Ups (Pronated/Supinated Grip alternation) (The same Exercises using lower Bars with bent Knees) (Keep watching the full Video for full Calisthenics Routines & Workout Info (Sets/Reps etc.) Hanging Curls / Head Bangers – Over or under Bar
(Exercise to Give the Arms some extra Challenge) (Isometrics as Progression/Alternative or just for some more Work) Reverse Hyperextensions (Back Extension Alternative
when no specific Back Extension-Equipment/Bench available) (Straight or bent Knees – which Variation that
works best also depends on the height of the Platform) No specific Gym, typical Pull Up Bar or
Training Equipment available?
Use Alternatives. Do the best you can with what you have! Shoulders
(More info, Progression Methods & Example Routines to come)
Watch the full Video Pike / Shoulder Push Ups
(Challenge/Progress by the Feet-Elevation) (Same Exercise but with Extended ROM) Reverse Crucifix Push Up / Assisted Victorian Cross
(Focus on Control & the Rear Delts) Inverted Rows with Elbows “High & Out”
(Again Focus on Rear Delts & Squeezing the Shoulders) Legs & Glutes (Assisted version) (More One-Leg Alternatives & Progression) (Glute/Ham Bridges as Variation or Alternative
depending on Equipment available) Chest & Triceps Decline Push Ups
(Adjusted by the height of Feet-Elevation) Tricep Extension Push Ups
(For some additional Focus on the Triceps) Abs & Core Hanging Knee Raises
(Easier Alternative when doing Bar-Variations) Examples of Calisthenics Progression Methods & Variation
– Improve Form/Increase ROM (Longer Range of Motion)
– Increase Challenge/Difficulty Level (1 Leg vs 2 Legs etc.)
– Increase Reps (Add one or a few Reps to the Sets)
– Increase Sets (Add another Set to one or more Exercises)
– Decrease Rest (Shorter Rest Between Sets/Exercises) – Increase of Exercise/Exercises (Add one more Exercise
to a certain Workout)
– Increase Resistance (Additional weight & continously increasing it)
Slow and steady! Small (but continous) Changes over Time.
Make sure to work well with the Form & Quality
before increasing Reps/Sets or using additional weight and so on.
Master what you’re currently doing before moving on. Step by Step. Increase of ROM
(Restricted ROM vs Higher Pull/Chest to Bar) Modification/Increase of Challenge
(Example: Knee Raise ->Leg Raise ->Leg Raise + Hip Lift) (Use of Elevations to adjust Challenge/Resistance &
Extending a ROM by a deeper Push) (Standard vs One-Side/One-Leg Variation of Exercises) (Using additional Resistance/Weight to the Exercises
– Loaded Backpack, Weight Vest, Weight Belt etc.) Calisthenics Workout Examples & Structures (Always Warm Up first!)
Intermediate Level (Around 1-3 Minutes Rest between Exercises):
Pull Ups: 2-3 Sets, 10-15 Reps
Chin Ups/Grip Variation: 2-3 Sets, 10-15 Reps
Back Extensions (or Reverse Hyperextensions): 3-5 Sets, 10-15 Reps
Pike / Shoulder Push Ups: 4-5 Sets, 8-15 Reps
Inv. Row (Elbows “high”) & / or Rv. Crucifix/Cross: 4-5 Sets, 8-12 Reps Chest/Triceps
Dips: 3-5 Sets, 10-20 Reps
Staggered Push Ups: 3-5 Sets, 8-14 Reps each Side
Decline Push Ups: 5 Sets, 10-15 Reps

– Jumping Squats, 2-3 Sets, 8-12 Reps
– Bulg. Split Squats or Assisted One Leg Variation: 2-3 Sets, 6-10 Reps
(With optional alternation between Workouts)
– Hip Thrust: 3-5 Sets, 8-12 Reps
– Calf Raises on Platform (One or Two-Legs): 5 Sets, 10-15 Reps Abs/Core:
– Hanging Knee Raises or Seated Jack Knife: 3 Sets, 8-12 Reps
– Alternating/Crossing Toe Touches: 3 Sets, 6-8 Reps each Side
– Reverse Crunches: 3 Sets, 8-12 Reps
– Plank Variations: Knee to Elbow & Side Planks, 3-5 Sets, 6-10 Reps More challenging Calisthenics Routines (Around 30s – 2 Minute Rest)

– Pull Ups: 3-5 Sets, 10-20 Reps
– Chin Ups: 3-5 Sets, 10-20 Reps
– Back Extensions (or Reverse Hyperextensions): 3-5 Sets 10-15 Reps
& (Optional) Hanging Curls / Head Bangers: 2-3 Sets 8-12 Reps Shoulders:
– HSPU, 5 Sets 8-15 Reps
– Reverse Crucifix Push Up / Assisted Victorian Cross, 3-5 Sets 8-12 Reps
– Inverted Row (Elbows high/out), 2-3 Sets 8-12 Reps Chest/Triceps:
– Plyo Push Ups: 2-3 Sets 10-12 Reps
– Straight Bar or Standard Dips: 2-3 Sets, 10-20 Reps
– Side to Side Push Ups: 3-5 Sets, 8-14 Reps
– Decline Push Ups: 5 Sets, 10-15 Reps
(Optional): Tricep Extensions, 3-5 Sets, 8-12 Reps Legs/Glutes
– Jumping Squats (Plyo): 2-3 Sets 8-12 Reps
– Pistol Squats: 2-3 Sets 6-10 Reps
– Hip Thrust (One-Leg): 2-3 Sets 8-12 Reps
– Calf Raises (One-Leg): 4-5 Sets 10-15 Reps
(Bulg. Split Squat additionally or as Alternation between Workouts) Abs/Core:
– Hanging Leg Raises: 3-5 Sets, 6-10 Reps
– Alternating/Crossing Toe Touches: 2-3 Sets, 6-10 Reps each Side
– Reverse Crunches: 2-3 Sets, 8-12 Reps
– Plank Variation: Knee to Elbow, 3-5 Sets, 6-8 Reps each Side
– Side planks: 3-5 Sets, 8-12 Reps each Side “How often can I Exercise?” / Workout Structures
It’s Depending on Level/Experience/Intensity of Workouts/Total Exercises
& Volume (Tot. Sets & Reps). A Balance between Performance/Recovery.
AND personal Preference of Exercising:
when, what & how often you want to Exercise? – Full Body Workouts (Full Body worked with a few Exercises
for each Part – every Workout).
Approx. Every 2:nd or 3:rd day (Gap/Recovery Between as the same
Moves/Muscles will be worked each Time). Also depending on the
Parametres mentioned above. Find a Balance that works.
– Split – Muscle Group/Push & Pull etc.
Try find somewhere around 2-3 times a week per Group/Moves
then work from there to eventually change/adjust. Examples of Splits:
– Lower Body & Upper Body alternated between Days
(Lower-Upper-Lower-Rest-Upper-Lower-Upper) or
(Lower-Rest-Upper-Rest-Lower-Rest-Upper) etc. 6 or 4 Workouts
a Week & 1 or 3 Days Rest=Each M.Group worked 3 times or twice. – Push / Pull (Upper Body) / Legs & Glutes Split.
(Push=Chest/Shoulders/Triceps Primary, Pull=Back/Biceps Primary)
Performed 2x a Week (3+3 Workouts/Days=each M.Group trained 2x)
Legs/Glutes can of course also be combined with the other Days.
Abs/Core: Incorporated/Combined in a few Workouts per Week
These are just some EXAMPLES. Put it together however it feels best
for YOU. Full Body or Split. And how much to do in each Workout etc.
PERFORM & RECOVER. Listen to the Body, find YOUR Way & Balance. Always start easy with a Reps/Sets-amount (& Exercises)
that you can manage and sufficient Rest to keep up
with a good Form & Quality. Make sure you master what you are currently doing with good Form,
before (& if) increasing the Challenge by more Reps, less Rest,
adding more Resistance and so on.
Avoid anything that you can’t manage or that causes pain.
Train at YOUR Level. Step by step.

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