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– Hi, my name is Jasper
from Milton and Fornham Chiropractic Clinic and we’re
located on the outskirts of Bury Saint Edmonds and Cambridge. Today I’m going to show
you a few quick one minute exercises to reduce the
symptoms of sciatica. I’m gonna show you quite
a few, but one or two will probably give you
relief, so if one doesn’t work just go on to the next one and see if you can get some relief from that. Now sciatica is essentially
an irritation of the sciatic nerve and that
nerve runs from your lower back into your buttocks, your
hamstrings, your calf and the outside of your foot. And often what you feel is this sharp, shooting pain in that area. Now the compression is
usually in the lower back, it can be the piriformis, which is a muscle in your buttocks. Then are some stretches for that as well which are on our website
and YouTube channel if want to stretch that one out. But now we’re going to
show you a few exercises to reduce the pressure in
the lower back on that nerve. Now what we’re looking for is a phenomenon called centralization of pain. And centralization of pain
essentially means that the pain moves from the extremity
back into the lower back. So say you’ve got pain into your foot, what I’m looking for is the
pain to move from your foot back into your calf, or
when your pain goes down to your calf, you’re looking for your calf to move back into your hamstring. And when it’s hamstring you’re
looking for the hamstring to move into your buttocks
or your lower back. So that’s what we’re looking for and that’s what you want to
achieve with these exercises. Now, I’ve put a little bit
of tape on my left leg here so I’m going to pretend
that the symptoms we have are in my left leg, left sciatica. First exercise we’re
going to do, very simple. We’re going to use a couple of cushions. Place them on the floor, on the bed, whatever you want to do. And we’re just going to lay on top of it. There we are, just like that. And we’re gonna be on
here for about a minute. Just see if we can get some relief of that pain in our left leg. The centralization what we’re looking for. Now, after a minute if this goes well, you can actually come up
and even take a pillow away. And again, lay like
this for a minute again. And there’s no limit on
how often you can do this you can do this all day
long if you want to. Okay, try that for another
minute, that goes well. Come back up again, take
the last cushion away and lay on your tummy. Same thing, for a minute. Now if this goes well you can
progress to the next stage and support yourself on your elbows. This is called the prone prop. Now we’re starting to arch our back. So we hold this for one minute. What we can do as well
is come down and up, do a little bit of a pumping action. Again, all we’re looking for
is that centralization of pain so the pain moving from
your foot into your calf, into your hamstring, into your lower back. It needs to move up. If it moves down, so i.e.
goes from your hamstring into your calf, you need to
reduce the exercise’s intensity. You need to go back to the
simpler version of the exercises. If this goes well we’re gonna
put our hands underneath our shoulders and keep
the pelvis firmly pressed on the bench, or the
floor, wherever you do it. And you push up like this. And again, you can hold this, or you can do a little
bit of a pumping action. Even if it’s slow initially, but you can get to this position. Just pump a little bit, you
don’t have to go all the way up. But you can also pump a little
bit in a lower range as well. This might not work, so
I’ll give you another one. What you can do, the next
one is called the Banana and I’ll show you what we do. So again, it’s the left
leg that’s affected, so with the Banana, we’re going to move our pelvis to the opposite side. So in this case I’m moving
my pelvis to the right. There we are. And the legs to the left. So if you would look at me from the top I’ve got like a curve of a banana. So my pelvis moves to the
right, my legs move to the left. Like that. And now the same thing. See if this gives you relief for a minute. It’s all the same thing, if
this goes well in this position support yourself on your elbows. Same thing, hold this, do a pumping up. You can do a bit of pumping. And again, we’re looking for
the pain to come from the foot into the calf, into the
hamstring, into the lower back. Not all at once, might take a few times, might take a few days, but that’s we’re essentially looking for. So when the Banana doesn’t work, I’ll give you another exercise we can do. And all we need for that
is a little cushion. Now what I’ve done is I’ve
taken two or three towels wrapped them up really tightly
and put an elastic band on it to keep it all together. And what we’re going to do is
place this little towel here, this cushion, underneath the pelvis. And by doing so we are changing the position of the pelvis and freeing up the nerve
in the lower back again and reducing the symptoms
that we’re having in the leg. So when this gives you relief, same thing. On your elbows for one
minute, you can even do a little bit of pumping action. If that goes well, put your
hands underneath your shoulders, come up, pumping action,
or you can hold it again for five to 10 seconds. Come down and repeat about five times. The last one you can try
if all of these don’t work is called the Roadkill, you’ll see why. What you do, is you raise your
affected leg up, like this. Almost like a figure of four. Face down again. Same thing, lay here for a minute. Goes well, on the elbows. And if that goes well, hands
underneath your shoulder and push up through pumping action. So here you have a few exercises. It might well be that
one or two won’t work, maybe a bit more, but try them all. And I’m sure you’ll find one
or two that will give you the benefit and when you get
the phenomenon, the pain coming back up into your leg into your lower back and reducing the pain that you have of the irritation of the sciatic nerve. Thank you for watching and
good luck with those exercises. (light music)

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