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What’s up, guys? Sean Nalewanyj,,,
and this is a really common message I receive where someone has gone off track with their
diet for a day, or a few days, or maybe even for a week, and now, they’re all stressed
out about it because their weight on the scale jumped up by maybe two, three, four, five
pounds or more over a very short time. Now, they feel like they’ve erased a big chunk
of the progress they’ve made and that they’ve ruined their diet and put on a bunch of fat
overnight. Now, before I lay out the reasons why this
isn’t something that you should get overly stressed out about, if you are new to the
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on the YouTube channel. Here’s the thing. If you want to improve your body composition,
whether you’re trying to lean down and lose fat or bulk up and gain muscle, yes, you do
need to be consistent with your diet in the overall picture. That means either maintaining a proper calorie
deficit for fat loss or a calorie surplus for bulking. It means landing roughly in the proper macronutrient
ranges with protein being the most important, and it means basing the bulk of your diet
around 80 to 90% on nutrient-dense, minimally-processed whole foods. Consistent in the overall picture is the key
term there, and you have to keep in mind that this is not going to be perfect on a day-to-day
basis. Okay? You’re going to have days or even weeks where
things go a bit off track and where your calories go higher than normal or even lower than normal,
which could be due to all kinds of different reasons. This happens to everyone from time to time,
but what’s important to understand is that there’s nothing inherently special about one
day or 24 hours as a unit of time. It’s just the way we tend to categorize things
because of our sleeping and our waking cycles. What matters much more than what you do during
any single day is what you’re doing on average over the longer term. Nothing really significant is going to happen
over the course of one day when it comes to your overall levels of fat mass or muscle
mass. If you do happen to gain a few pounds after
going off track with your diet in the shorter term, it’s very important that you recognize
that most of that extra weight on a scale is not from actual gains and body fat, but
instead, it’s from increases in water weight because of the higher amounts of sodium and
carbs that you’ve eaten. You could be storing a bit of extra glycogen,
and it’s just from having more food volume in your in general. I mean, if you eat a thousand grams of extra
food in comparison to what you normally have, which is not that hard to do, that’s over
two pounds of extra weight that you’ve put into your body right there, which is, of course,
going to reflect on the scale. A small amount of your weight gain could be
from fat, depending on how many calories you ate and for how long, but keep in mind that
it takes about 3,500 extra calories above your maintenance level just to gain one single
pound of fat. In order to gain, say, three pounds of fat,
which is what a lot of people think they’ve gained where their weight jumps up on the
scale like that, you would’ve had to have eaten over 10,000 additional calories above
maintenance, and not to mention that if you’re weight-training regularly, and you have that
muscle building stimulus in place from your workouts, not all of the calories that you
eat above maintenance are going to be stored purely as fat because a small portion of them,
probably around a couple hundred per day, are actually going to be used for muscle growth. So many people, they have that temporary calorie
spike in the short term, and then they step on the scale and see that higher number and
they end up really stressed out and anxious about it. Then this gets compounded even further because
they go and they look in the mirror, and they might even see that their physique is a bit
puffier and more bloated-looking. Again, the vast majority if not all of that
is just temporary water weight that you’re holding. That’s going to naturally flush out once you
get back on track with your regular eating plan, not to mention that a portion of it
is probably psychological as well. This whole thing works and the opposite direction
too, for people who are bulking. Maybe they go lower than normal with their
food intake for whatever reason, and then they lose a couple pounds. Now, they’re freaking out because they think
that their gains have wasted away overnight and that they’re rapidly losing muscle. I understand that mindset because I’ve been
there before, and I used to think the same thing. Again, most of the change in body weight if
not all of it is just a result of retaining less water, possibly less glycogen, and from
having less food in your system in general. The reality is that if you still have a weight
training stimulus in place and your protein intake is still within a decent range, if
anything, going into an unplanned calorie deficit in the short term will actually cause
you to lose body fat and not muscle. It’s really not something to stress out about
and the bigger picture. Once again, if you look in the mirror and
your physique doesn’t seem quite as full and muscular-looking, it’s the loss in water weight
and the glycogen that’s causing that, not actual lean muscle loss. Your muscles will fill out again once you
get back on track with your normal diet. Bottom line here is that, yes, you need to
be consistent overall if you want to reach your muscle-building and fat-loss goals. Make no mistake about that, but fluctuations
in your calorie intake over the short term are not something to stress out about as long
as you get back on track as soon as you reasonably can. Short-term fluctuations in your body weight
or your appearance in the mirror are rarely a result of any significant change in actual
fat mass or muscle mass but are instead caused by those other factors that I mentioned, which
will automatically self-correct once you do get back on track with things. There you have it guys. If you want to succeed at your fitness goals
over the long-term, then it’s not just about having a proper training and nutrition plan
in place, but it’s also about having the right mindset towards your program in order to keep
yourself on track in the bigger picture. If you do want to learn how to tie this all
together into an effective and sustainable muscle-building and fat-loss program to fully
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71 thoughts on “Can 1 Cheat Day Ruin Your Progress?

  1. Is there a difference in your body composition if you eat 2500 calories, and are in a calorie deficit, but eat so called 'junk food' over healthy on average?

  2. True but if you eat a large pizza and 1000 calories in beer right before you go to bed, there's a good chance that most of those calories are going to be stored as fat, and probably take quite some time to work off if you can work it off at all, especially if you're on a long term bulk

  3. What about cheat days when bulking? I have them once a week and because of that I count my calories weekly rarher than daily. Does it matter as long as im gaining weight slow and steady and if im at a calorie surplus at the end of the week? Or do i gain more fat/less muscle with doing this?

  4. As jeff cavaliere said if you are having cheat meals then you dont like what you are eating find healthy foods that fit like i dont wanna eat freakin avocado or broccoli and i go ,eat brown rice, peas etc.

  5. Nice video but 1 thing I would say is say your in a 400 calorie deficit per and times that by six days, that’s 2400 calories now say that maintenance is 2500 and you have 4000 calories on a cheat day that means you loose only 900 calories in that week

  6. Lol this happened to me when I went to Hawaii for a week, then after a couple days I went back to normal! Nice video man

  7. Great vid as per usual Sean. I like that you address the real issues faced by your average lifter, it gives an important perspective that other similar channels often miss – you're a great mentor.

  8. So Sean if I over eat one day should I go back to eating my regular deficit the following day or can I reduce my calories further to "undo" the additional calories on the previous day?

  9. not related to this video but do you think fast or slow metabolism is a thing? Or is it just bullshit?

    You know how people say that some people are skinny cuz they have fast metabolism and some are fat cuz they have slower metabolism.

    Can you please shed some light on this metabolism thing?

  10. I dropped 10 pounds and getting stronger and I literally eat whatever i want im actually confused on why i loose weight so easily rite now

  11. True, I see almost a 5 to 8 pound difference after a weekend of binge drinking and eating but by next weekend I'm back down to normal. Only if I bust ass at the gym all week squeezing out that water weight lol.

  12. I dont need to watch the video,
    The obvious answer is no, not to be a douche, but it's fuckin common sense for any idiots that really asking SMFH😂😂
    Just like if you eat good for one day it's not gonna make a difference!!!!
    Consistancy is the key, Dummies!!!

  13. Sean my weight is 124 kg and my i need 3964 calories to maintain my weight. If i cut my calories down to 3500 on the Days i train (4 Times a week) and on my resting Days i eat 2500 calories do you Think i Will loose fat?

    I was thinking 2500 calories because im inactive those Days thats why i dont need so much food. Can you please help/give me some tips on my approach

  14. Sean, great video as usual. As for video recommendation, can you explain effect of light weights vs heavy weights for muscle hypertrophy ie. If we increase intensity using light weights (shorter rest periods, lifting tempo, etc.) does it have the same effect as increasing intensity by using heavier weights. Which is more efficient (for hypertrophy) ? Thanks.

  15. People should look at it this way as well, if you eat clean for one day but eat unhealthy for 6 days then you won't lose any weight.

  16. In one is on a caloric deficit and wanting to lose some fat the cheat day is needed. The one day yes you gain, but if all the other day you stay strictly to your diet then it will actually help.

  17. Shaun one topic no one ever talks about is dietary fat.I eat around 2500 hundred calories lots of carbs in basic zero fat sugar free oatmeal.I take wey protein and liquid mutivimin.I still don't know how much fat I should be supplementing?

  18. Sean do you know any good strength programs. I have been using your program for a while I gained a ton of strength anyway to get stronger even faster.

  19. Just like 1 day of clean eating won't give you a six pack overnight, one day of bad/over eating won't be much a setback either.

  20. I wouldn't say one bad would ruin my progress, but I have a rather large appetite and it can easily set me back 3-4 weeks.

  21. Sean, you are a GIFT to me with my 56 Birthday coming up this Friday, August 9th! I have been in a consistent caloric deficit for the last 5 months and have lost 23lbs of fat (I've managed to not lose much muscle since I've been resistance training hard during that time). I plan on celebrating Birthday #56 by enjoying some Pizza and Ice Cream!! This video is such a great GIFT for me!! I plan on enjoying my day and enjoy every bit of food!! Thank you, Sean!!

  22. Thank you for this sensible approach because all this pickiness with Delauer is stressing me the hell out.

  23. Good points. On the other hand, it's pretty easy to binge eat throughout a cheat day and end up with a 6000-7000 Calorie surplus with calorie-dense junk food. When you're in a cutting phase with a mild 500 Calorie daily deficit, this can easily set you back nearly two weeks and lead to nearly year-round cutting if you do this on a regular basis.

    The advice to stop looking at calories from a 24 hour perspective is great. When I do end up consuming 4000+ Calories in a day, I've noticed that a near-fast the following day along with cardio is not too difficult due to the prior surplus of calories and results in a 48 hour period that's not too far off from where you should be.

  24. Great video Sean and this is what so many people, including myself, need to be reminded of. Consistency is so important and not letting random jumps in your weight throw off your goals is important. I have definitely found this, expect your weight to fluctuate throughout the week. It's the overall picture of gain or loss or maintaining that you need to watch for. It's so easy to get consumed with this. I'm lean bulking, and I am very conservative with calories, yet when I have a couple days that I don't track my weight jumps up several pounds. Even though I KNOW I didn't eat 3500 calories over maintenance. It's a mind game, keeping the right focus and positivity can help improve your life while working towards a goal. Thanks!!

  25. Sean, I have a question. I'm about to start my first actual Deload week. Do you think I'll gain fat over the week? If so, can I do HIT Cardio? And would you suggest working on mobility and Stability through out the week?

  26. I've eaten shit for a week and it helped my weight loss. I ate shit for 2 months and I gained quite a bit, i was still training but i still gained. IF and carnavor is the key..

  27. For me, I know my weight can jump upwards of 15 pounds at times after a cheat day. It usually takes a week of regular, slightly below maintenance eating and typical glycogen-depleting workouts for it to come back down, but it almost always does. Unless you're ungodly lean, adipose isn't going to pile on in such a small window of time. I have to remind myself of this often haha.

  28. Why I prefer Sean over Scott Herman is that Sean gives great physchlogical advice as well as training advice . Scott gives great advice and is natty but I don't agree with everything he says and find him a tiny bit full on and full of himself. Tho he is def a nice guy. So far I agree with everything Sean says and he more to the point and motivates you with out going overboard.

  29. Sean, your content is such a refreshing change from all the "usual" fitness information out there today. Keep it up!

  30. Cheat day once a week actually makes you lose more weight in the long run by keeping your metabolism from crapping out. This was studied in italian prisons, they gave extra food one day a week and the prisoners on the low calorie diet actually lost more weight that way.

  31. One of the best thing after a huge cheat day is the pump you get the day after! Back and biceps day right after a huge cheat day, always.

  32. imho don't have planned cheat meals but when you do have a craving then have what you want hopefully w/ consideration to portions and what not. if you have weekly cheat meals/days you might just overdo it when you didn't really even want to. maybe save those cheat meals for when you go out w/ friends or have some drinks etc. best advice would just be to get back on track the next day and also on those days you do go out to drink w/ friends just get ur workout done in the morning lol :p


  34. I follow so many fitness channels and somehow only just found you, quickly becoming a favourite. Thanks for the positive advice. Just had a wild weekend of drinking and eating crap and feeling rough af haha

  35. I have been away from the gym for one year but I am now back with bigger goals than ever! Please follow my journey back to being fit 🙂 My first video will be up in a couple of days!!!

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