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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

this is a great opportunity for anybody
if you want to actually try to take yourself to the next level take up a
challenge this is a perfect opportunity for that. we’ll go to the low rings and
then we’ll go step by step through the technique and the drills and then
hopefully by the end of the day we’ll jump up there and see if we can get one
done no mats, no assistance all by yourself
sounds good cool when we’re starting on these rings especially the muscle up I
always teach it the wrong way around you always learn from the support and
then work your way down so there’s no point in been out to push up if you
can’t actually hold yourself in support and rings yeah well that’s that’s why I
like it excellent all right so we just start with a couple of dips exactly how
we do in P bars so we start the Rings turned out then come in
ring turned in and then push back out into that position each time let’s go for
five push up one good two three not bad four and one more five
push good beside the Rings wanna go away every time stop so let’s move on to the
transition there’s a grip that we do on the Rings, basically
what we’re trying to do is keep our wrists on top of the Rings and if we
don’t get that then it’s going to make it really really hard to get out there
get into the mixed grip to get your wrists on top and your
basically bring one foot up and the other one from here and if you can
straighten your hands do that’s really good and you’re just going to come up as
high as you can okay and just make sure your wrists are the highest point on the
Rings very uncomfortable okay one don’t try and go up just yet try and keep your
hips in a straight line so you’re nice and inline that’s it and just do 10 up
and down close you can try and touch your chest to your knuckles too
three for just one more good not bad all right
to be fair that weren’t too bad actually all right so we’re gonna start support
like you did we’re going to have our feet on the block just to take a bit of
weight off for now okay so we’re going to come back into that position here and
as we’re going to bring our shoulders back and as we do we’re trying to keep
our wrists on top and bring it round to our chest okay so we come into that dip
position good that’s it and now as bring your shoulders back yeah okay
not bad let it go what you find is like with the weight system where you’re very
used to pushing a heavy load yeah just one muscle and then that group and then
this group trying to mix all of them together and that’s what gymnastics is all
about is the whole persona everything working together keep them rings as
close as possible that’s it and bring the Rings round really bring it in front
nice and slow get ready you better better better better so we want to try
and fix our hips so it goes to here right so I’m in a straight line still
okay and then really bring your shoulders back rings in front,
shoulders back better there we go now we’re going to start working it the
other way so we’re in a nice straight starting position here okay then the
idea is we still want to pull up to our chest and from here what we’re trying to
do is move our shoulders on top so as you bring your shoulders up ah see you
see how the Rings came right out to the side yeah okay
keep them in front you were trying to get to this part of your chest just do
one more to pull up in the shoulders that’s it
that’s it bring that there you go and push up good brings turned out and
come back nice and slow all right you so give yourself a little bit of
room to move because at the moment you’re here and there’s nowhere to go
yeah there you go done yeah that’s the one he’s done the first and the hardest part of
beginning to do the muscle-up that is the transition there we’ll take him up
and we where we’ll try the next stage so what you’re going to concentrate on is
just keeping slightly dished alright keep nice and tight your stomach your
legs even your toes makes a big difference just pointing your toes
you’ll be starting with your feet in front in this position here you get to
keep dished as you pull up and as you come up you can drop your feet so it’s
underneath you so it’s ready for when you push up support, but that’s
what we want – clean there you go I’m all over the place no
no it’s just good and come back down the same way if you can good little better.
I just think ‘power’ automatically, my mind is always
thinking just power I need to get my mind out of that that’s it the thing is
it you can still think like that but we just need to use it in the right
direction in the right way yeah it get your shoulders forwards well good I’ll
stop me swinging good nice good shape nice dish shape and back down you’re feet in front. nice
but we got it you start to get that little feeling again your shoulders over
have a rest let’s go over to Olympic rings absolutely alright so if we can
get a nice clean one on there you can go away a very happy man today okay when
you’re ready don’t rush because it is the only one way to do it
is to get the old shuffle on right all right that’s that’s hard but I’m gonna
try to do it yeah, throw it into the mix this is ready straightaway it’s frustrating, isn’t it? yeah it was so close I like to have that bit
there especially gymsastics is having the strength power with the control you
can’t do you can’t have you know it comes as a package you can’t just have
the strength you can’t just have the power it’s the full package keep your legs together, I’ll help
be good yeah all right. let’s do it nice awesome is always room for improve
the man but bloody good better yup but but still how much you weigh now? how
about 92 somewhere 92 kilos up on the rings, it’s a tall order. how difficult is that, Alex? it’s difficult it’s not for the faint hearted, let’s put it that way. why?
it’s because it’s a mixture of everything it’s not just strength is
there technique involved as well as it’s not just your arms upper body it’s your
stomach your core legs everything so about the mind and just listening to
what you’ve been told and make it happen so I feel really happy that I could do
as this man said you know to achieve that in a session I’m impressed
I just learned like you’re paying close attention and not using what you’re what
you already know as as your strength or using what others are telling
you. you know take that and use it to your advantage because if you use what
you’re used to it doesn’t help all the way all the time
I mean sometimes you know he who dares wins they say so I’m daring to try
gymnastics I’m daring to try new things and you know I tried listening and I was
able to do that as you see then I’m sure that you would have captured a few a few
of me trying and messing up real bad because I did a lot of explosive stuff
but that didn’t work it’s all about really you know the technique the
dynamics of just pulling in getting a transition that’s the one
yeah I mean uh yeah I’m quite happy with that
thanks good capture that’s a good session yeah game on
nice yeah I’m coming Musclemania baby Ty-og, watch out we’re coming

69 thoughts on “CAN A BODYBUILDER BE A GYMNAST? (Part 2 of 2)

  1. why all the calisthenics vs weights arguments? does it really matter what's better and what's not? just do what you enjoy most

  2. SO many silly people on this thread. The bodybuilder is strong, alright? He lifts weights, and he can sure as heck lift a ton more than the gymnast. Why? Because that's how he trained. We always talk about mind to muscle connection in bodybuilding right? But when he steps up to the rings, he doesn't have that. Give him 4 months, and he would know so much by then because he already has the strength to begin with, he just doesn't quite know how to put it to use. A freshmen in highschool in gymnastics would be so clumsy on pommel horse. End of the year, they might be just as small as they were when they began, but they know so much more. It simply comes down the practice. Respect each person for his or her own unique skills.

  3. Damn the bodybuilder has great stabilizers. For being his first time he was incredible. Rings are very difficult and he was hardly shaking. If it were the other way around and the gymnastic tried to lift weights like him i bet he couldn't.

  4. It's not about who's stronger, or who has what sports-specific training. It's about who's injury prone and who's not. Whose body is "functional" in terms of balance, flexibility, and strength; synergistically. What that amounts to is who is doing the smarted activity for lifelong, practical — aka "functional" health — and not short-term aesthetics. I did bbing for 8 years. I now do a mix of gymnastics and bbing (gymnastics primarily). There's a difference between the sports in terms of practicality of health and fitness for the long-term. gymnastics wins in that department. Don't believe me? Have you seen Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler lately? Compare them to grey-haired competitive gymnasts and performers.

  5. both of these men have enough power and strength, the difference the Gymnast is trained to shift this power from one muscle group to another so they train for functionality for that the body will work it self to look lean and strong, while body builders work each groups along, it give power to each group and that's good, but what he miss is transition ability and so their bodies are not used to work more than once group of muscle at the same time…so if body builders incorporate dynamic exercises within their training they can do gymnast moves much much less harder, but on the other hand it will sacrifice the shape of their body, which is why they don't.

  6. I give huge props to the body builder here. He could have stayed in his comfort zone and done what was familiar. He tried something new, something that was difficult and didn't come as easy as maybe he thought. Looking for new challenges shows that he has a curiosity about the world, about other athletes, other disciplines, and his own potential. He was humble enough to be receptive and learn from others. He'll have a more interesting life because of this attitude. Love it!

  7. That proofs yet again that good looks are not attained by strength, so lifting heavy doesn't give you more muscles

  8. Doing gymnastics/calisthenics is more use full and more interesting for me. i find it that the muscle made from bodyweight is more useful in my lifestyle then being big and bulky.

  9. gymnastic is the powerful form of hanging your self muscle brain fused to body full control and years of practices ,this would be body builders final stage ,hardening to use all your muscles to powerful package human phylosophy you ve become

  10. Holy shit man,i mean his body seems like a whole balloon,almost all the parts do no move when he turns unless he moves them on popruse

  11. If he incorporated this in his workout once a week, he would be unstoppable. The aesthetics of a gymnast looks so much better then your average body builder and seeing how he already has the genetics, he would only improve especially in popping out some of those tiny muscles in the compound area's that are so hard to get. It would also shock the hell out of the muscle doing these different movements then he's used to forcing his muscles to grow more. Good job though!

  12. If you have much muscle at all in your lower body, you can forget about the iron cross. On the other hand, if you don't have muscle in your lower body, your deadlift, squat and vertical jump will suck. Basically…you should train for maximumn explosive power (like weightlifters) and speed, as well as some degree of maximum strength (like powerlifters). You WILL gain muscle and a good body, but not too much as to make you too heavy. Bodybuildin is all about muscle mass, so their relative power will suck. Athletism is mostly about relative power and agility…and mobility and coordination too. Endurance is a component as well.. both muscle endurance and aerobic capacity.

  13. I think there are two major problems facing the body builder in his attempt to make gymnastics:
    1) as mentioned on that video the type of movement during the exercise is different
    2) more mass, that means also more weight

    Congrats at him for try new things while remain positive and sperimental.

  14. I wonder if this man inspirer him to incorporate rings into his bodybuilding workouts? they're two diff worlds and are so tough and rewarding. It is like learning two different fighting styles.

  15. That bodybuilder is sexy as fuck! l love that way he stands….Solid and strong. With a body like his he must be fucking somebody!!!

  16. Body builder is too bulky heavy for that sports now i want to see gymnast bench 250lbs squat 300lbs ๐Ÿ˜…

  17. That's pretty unreal.. even as strong as he is, everyone I've shown rings to can barely support hold for long. This guy's open mind towards training styles hopefully carries him far.

  18. This is why CONTROL is so important. Control every interval of your motion. It sounds mundane, but I can assure you, is impossible to do no matter how long you've lifted weights if it's your first time trying.

    I was lifting weights and doing pull ups for over 10 years, Max bench was 320lbs, Max pullup reps was 42. But the first time I tried the rings and just do a top hold with my elbows locked out and palm facing outward, I nearly shook myself into a concussion. Then came the really hard part, letting myself down in a slow and controlled fashion. I looked like a turd dropping into the toilet.

    Its been over a year now and I have entirely given up weights to stick with ring training for upper body stuff. I've never been stronger. Just the other day I hopped back on the bench to test my Max, to my surprise, it increased 25lbs after 15 months of a hiatus.

  19. Ty was always gonna struggle with some of these cause heโ€™s got so much more mass to move, Iโ€™ve got a feeling he might actually add some ring work to his routines though, he seemed to enjoy the challenge.

  20. Bodybuilders always focus strength. What is important is strength and flexibility should go hand in hand. There is no point having big muscles if you can't move.

  21. Bodybuilders always focus strength. What is important is strength and flexibility should go hand in hand. There is no point having big muscles if you can't move.

  22. What are those lead lines coming down from the ceiling called? The ones that the rings and strap/cable go into??? 0:55

  23. ู†ูุณูŠ ุงูู‡ู… ุงูŠุด ูŠู‚ูˆู„ูˆู†

  24. I am just curious!!
    which one of them will still keep his strength or part of it when he is older and no longer train????

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