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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

We all love sweets. And even if you’re very health and fitness-conscious,
it’s hard to simply do away with all the yummy goodness. For some of us, the problem lies with the
insatiable addiction to chocolate. But, what if our joy of chocolate can be a
good thing? Heck, what if it can help you build muscle? Well, that’s the case being made about dark
chocolate. The belief is that dark chocolate can increase
muscle growth because it contains the flavanol epicatechin. Epicatechin has been hypothesized to invoke
two significant muscle-building properties: decreasing myostatin, and increasing follistatin. A 2014 study seeking potential methods to
diminish the effects of sarcopenia, the process in which we lose muscle mass due to aging,
tested exactly for this. With roughly 150 milligrams of epicatechin
supplementation per day, the 6 middle-aged subjects saw a 16.6% myostatin decrease and
a 49.2% follistatin increase. So why is all of this important? Myostatin is a regulating protein that alters
the rate of muscle growth, creating a genetic muscle ceiling. The more myostatin present, the lower the
amount of muscle you can build. As seen in other animals, the lack of myostatin
can invoke unnatural amounts of muscle. The protein follistatin, has an antagonist
effect to myostatin, diminishing myostatin’s muscle limiting effect. Fittingly, if your goal is to build muscle,
you want myostatin reduced, but not to the point of completely removing it. And as showcased, this is a very likely scenario
with epicatechin and the necessary amount can be obtained through dark chocolate. However… the amount you have to eat is relatively
high. Now, all dark chocolates are not created equal. The ones with the highest epicatechin content
are the ones with the highest cocoa purity. You will need 100 grams of 50% cocoa dark
chocolate to reach the 150 milligrams of epicatetchin used in the study. However, you will only need 60 grams of 85%
cocoa dark chocolate to reach the same amount. Do the math and that’s roughly 350 to 600
calories from nothing but chocolate… per day. For some, that’s not a problem. For others, especially those with weight restricted
goals, it will be quite difficult to reach this amount. And whether consuming smaller amounts will
still yield any growth benefits remain to be seen. On top of that, it’s not entirely certain
that even high amounts of epicatechin can ensure greater muscle growth, but the research
does look promising. Either way, the epicatechin benefits don’t
stop there. It can potentially increase testosterone,
increase ghrelin, which suppresses appetite, and increase nitric oxide, which can improve
blood flow to the muscles. Time will only tell how effective epicatechin
and dark chocolate can be. For now, if you’re already enjoying a decent
dose of your favorite dark chocolate, you can have some peace of mind knowing your sweets
can potentially improve your gains. What’s your thoughts on dark chocolate gains? Believe the hype? Share your thoughts below. Check out some new PictureFit tees while you’re
at it. And as always, thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “Can CHOCOLATE Help You Build MUSCLE?

  1. Error on my part about ghrelin. Dark chocolate actually has an inverse relationship with ghrelin, meaning it suppresses it. Ghrelin is actually the 'hunger' hormone and suppressing it is what controls appetite. The claim of reducing appetite is the same, but wanted to clarify that. Apologies!

  2. Be aware of all those studies on caffeine, chocolate, alcohol and any product selling billions of dollars. They will create Bias results just to sell their product.

  3. I know you may not be able to answer this but is it possible to use like ghiradellis 100% dark cocoa powder and just take 2 oz of that with a protein shake after a workout? It's 100% cocoa dark, and you'd be getting the same grams but it's from a powdered form.

  4. Can you supplement with epichatechin without eating chocalate? if so where do you get it from?! I NEED IT!

  5. I always have a dark chocolate in handy in case I crave sweets, it satisfies me so
    I don't go out and get something 10x worse, I knew it was healthy but I didnt know it supports muscle growth , cool now I have an excuse to have chocolate everyday

  6. fuck you pipit. I keep eating since 2 months become fat now. pipit is fake channel never listen this guy will make you fat.

  7. So if myostatin limits the amount of muscle you can build…and Saitama became as strong as he is because he broke his limiter…does this mean that you can become a one punch man by eating a lot of chocolate? Hmmm

  8. what I found
    Epicatechin is present in many plants. High quantities can be found in cocoa, tea and grapes.
    Health Benefits of Epicatechin
    Epicatechin is a strong antioxidant, has insulin mimic action and improves heart health. Dr. Norman Hollenberg of Harvard Medical School found that Kuna indians, who live on the San Blas Island Chain in Panama and drink high quantities of cocoa drinks, have a lower risk of stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes compored to the Indians living on the mainland. Dr. Norman Hollenberg even suggests to consider epicatechin as a vitamin.

    Attenuation of diabetes
    Studies show that epicatechin and other flavonoids exert a protective role on osmotic fragility of cells, similar to that of insulin. The mechanism of action of epicatechin is different to that of insulin and remains speculative. In diabetic red blood cells epicatechin causes an increase in acetylcholinesterase activity. This activity is significantly lower in type 2 diabetic patients.

    Heart health
    Epicatechin reduces lipid peroxidation and inhibits platelet aggregation. Epicatechin cause blood vessel dilation by regulating nitric oxide, a molecule secreted by the blood vessel endothelium to signal surrounding muscle to relax.

  9. What I do is I buy dried cocoa beans, mix it in blender with milk and banana. The result is incredibly tasty and healthy shake.

  10. Good to know. Dark chocolate is the only one I actually enjoy sometimes. And though I'm supposed to increase my calories intake, I don't like chocolate or sweets in general enough to eat so much of it

  11. Your videos are great. Can you please tell me if milk is good for gaining muscles? Some people say that the protein in boiled milk is not absorbed by our bodies.

  12. @PictureFit, I would like to implement this into my diet and fitness goals so please clarify something for me. I see many studies, articles, and discussion threads stating that u need only about 30grams of 85% cocoa purity dark chocolate instead of 60grams as stated in this video. Could this be an accidental mistake on ur part? If not what could it be? It's literally exactly half of ur recommended amount. And secondly, could u tell me how much of what pure cocoa powder extract I need for the same effect? Thanks! Anyone else is welcome to a answer as well of course.

  13. 2 things also to mention

    1. Sugar spikes insulin, and insulin, which is a hormone, can be anabolic, aka muscle creating/building, but also fat creating/building. So, chocolate/dark chocolate will give some sugar that may help in that regard, and also increase calorie intake which is needed to maintain or build weight/muscle.

    2. Chocolate/dark chocolate is satisfying, and can be relaxing but mainly the point is that it can be mood improving, which can have a cascading effect on your neurotransmitters and hormones, perhaps relieving stress and reducing cortisol. This all improves your bodies ability to build muscle.

    So, it isnt the healthiest option, but also not the unhealthiest option. Mainly referring to pure dark chocolate variety with real cocoa, about 50-100% cocoa. Milk chocolate generally has too much sugar and not enough actual chocolate/cocoa, and many times has other flavorings and ingredients, essentially unnecessary.

    P.s. – a bonus point – Dark chocolate also has other antioxidants/flavonoids as well (which can reduce inflammation and promote proper/healthy muscle creation). Kk, I put a lot of pros for dark chocolate but dont go and give yourself diabetes, everything in moderation.

    Just googled really quick to find a link for even more reference – | Improves blood pressure and possibly inflammation (antioxidants can help with that)

  14. Anyone try an epicatechin supplement? I'm curious to see if it really works? I've got an extremely small frame and already fulled out my frame quite a bit. Want some feedback because its expensive!

  15. That's it I'm gonna eat more dark chocolate and I'll also see if gains are obtained from less chocolate aswell I'll also compare to gains with out chocolate and compare results on my channel coming soon

  16. Hey picture fit i had egcg decaffeinated pills and it still felt like there was caffeine within …it's pack with catechins ..any help on which product actually have no caffeine instead of lies?

  17. Dark chocolate over 60% tastes like shit. Bitches around Will eat It to look fancy, but the disgusting face you make After eating makes you look stupid. Milk chocolate and White so called chocolate are delicious but contain way too much Sugar and calories. Ideas: get some cacao Powder and try to implement It in Shakes, for example. I like to make milk chocolate of It…low heat, keep stirring, add a Dash of cardamom and a spoon of Honey. Refrigerate and consume It within 3 days… Training has never been the same since then…

  18. 85% Green and Blacks Dark chocolate bar.
    50 grams a day (half a bar) eaten throughout the day.
    Better yet, just buy raw cocoa beans and mix it with stuff. (40g a day since its higher cocoa %)

  19. Put raw cacao powder in your plain flavored protein shakes. Add cinnamon, vanilla extract and sugar and you're officially living.

  20. I've managed to get quite the taste for dark chocolate ever since I've heavily reduced my sugar intake. I eat 80-85% dark chocolate 😀

  21. What about the pure powder without the processed added suger and calories? How much of that will you need?

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