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49 thoughts on “Can I Burn Fat and Build Muscle at the Same Time? How do you Gain Muscle and Lose Fat simultaneously

  1. hi I didn't understand exactly the conclusion is that we can burn body fat with gaining muscle at the same time?can you explain for me please?

  2. thank you for this video and I have one question for you many Calories we have to burn to lose one kilogram ?? I know it different from one person to other, but I want to know in general ^_^

  3. Thanks for the info. Really like and enjoy your posts and will keep following. There are some people whom will differ in opinion though. I myself completed a transformation program, lost 60 lbs (given I had and still have a lot of weight to lose) but also really feel that I have made some significant gains in muscle. In most instances I have increased my lifts by 30% or more over a12 week period. It did take a lot of effort, high intensity training (not HIIT) and approximately 40min of cardio a day. My eating was also on point and I made sure to get my proteins in. Suppose it does differ from person to person. Thanks again for the posts, looking forward to the next one.

  4. Real insightful video, but I've read carb back loading is apparently a good way to build muscle and burn fat? Or is this not the case?

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  6. Dude this is an awesome channel. The data you provide is right on point. The visual*s are cool. But it seem like you lack workout plans content. More content translate into more subscribers.

  7. My Energy and Fitness Level is Phenomenal though from doing the routine that i've been doing and i feel great

  8. Hey everyone, the best success that i've had was with the Triple trim formula (i found it on google) without a doubt the most incredible diet i've followed.

  9. could you suggest, how many weeks to go for deficit and surplus at minimum? at the end fat loss and muscle loss can be achieved

  10. surly if you just do cardio then rest then do like chest or arms you will gain muscle and lose fat? or diet wise just take high protein diet? my brother said you cant build muscle and burn fat at the same time too but i just dont get why?

  11. i'd like to ask when u gain muscle how much time should u do that and then change it to fat loss. I mean how many days-weeks should i try to gain muscle and when should i change and try fat loss and all over again. Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  12. (before i ask anything, i want to let you know that i've done a body weight plan before, so my chest and triceps have increased in strength and mass a little bit already) I still don't understand – (I'm not super fat, I just have a bloated belly, my arms and legs and stuff are fine, just my belly is big), should I lose weight first (by doing a calorie deficit diet and HIIT cardio), and then gain muscle, while gaining the fat I originally lost in the first place (which would be pointless), or should I gain muscle (by doing a calorie surplus diet and weight training), while gaining even more fat, and then lose weight (which would be almost pointless because even though I'm gaining muscle, I'm just putting on more fat than i originally had, which would make losing fat all the more hard)?

  13. Utter crap, yes you can, your doing it every day all day, stop listening to this over the top crap it's all rubbish, your body is all ways building and burning fat and building muscle

  14. I did a bulk phase, yeah sure got my gains, got stronger but did gain some fat back. Now I'm a but sluggish, doing my cut phase now, rather be leaner then bulk.

  15. but how is het possible that i gain muscle and burn fat. in 6 months ate 6 meal separated in one day and 3 protein shakes. training 5 times a week and after my workout i did 30 min. cardio. and yes i was losing my fat slowly but i gain alot of muscle.

  16. but how is het possible that i gain muscle and burn fat. in 6 months ate 6 meal separated in one day and 3 protein shakes. training 5 times a week and after my workout i did 30 min. cardio. and yes i was losing my fat slowly but i gain alot of muscle.

  17. But what if the physician tells you that you need to lose fat? Can a intermediate weight lifter who is overweight build muscle and reach an athletic body fat percent at the same time?

  18. This video helps alot. I'm currently in a fat burning cycle but doing my best not to loose muscle. It's tricky because I'm average built.

  19. I am experimenting. I weigh every morning and I workout and try to gain muscle but I try to maintain the same weight on the scale. I have been tracking my progerss by checking my body fat. I am using the same device to track my body fat everytime so I think I am getting a fairly accurate idea as to how much fat I am losing. So far it is a slow process but I have seen results. I am at the same weight but my body fat % has gone down so that tells me I have gained muscle. I think this works but you have to be spot on with your diet.

  20. hey new to you guys!! so do I build and gain muscle 1 week and the other week do a deficit on calories to lose weight…. or 2 weeks building muscle and then 1 week deficit to build and lose fat that way?? hope you guys answer and doing an amazing job answering all my questions with your vids

  21. I have been watching a lot of vids on this topic and the answer is yes and no but Athlean X who I trust says u can u just have to have a positive nitrogen balance so basically eat more protein and still workout Wendy r your thoughts?

  22. Fix: become your preferred body fat percentage. Do a clean bulk ( with calorie counting ) to only 200 to 300 surplus. Next morning, take a walk early morning to burn some fat ( and make sure to drink water and not eat anything ) then eat for the rest of the day with the 200 to 300 surplus depending how much your walk takes in calories . Or more if needed. So , you will be in a surplus when lifting, and then lose fat or the extra calories in the morning .

  23. I once read that to "build muscle and burn fat" u need a slight calorie surplus.
    So, if u are 150 pounds and 15% of those pounds are fat (22.5 pounds of fat). Then with a slight calorie surplus, if you build 20 pounds of muscle you would be around 170 pounds, so…you would still have 22.5 pound of fat but with 20 extra pounds of muscle, then u would have lost 3% of fat, its math

  24. What about having a surplus of about 400 calories but doing hiit cardio twice a day. 1- on an empty stomach. 2- after work out. You will still maintain your calories surplus, however you will burn fat in your cardios. So basically you will gain muscles and burn fats. Am I wrong?

  25. Do 5 days of diet/cardio followed by 2 days of eating/lifting. You will lose fat and build muscle and strength at the same time. 7 days a week no rest days.

  26. Im able to bench press more than what i weigh currently (240 pounds) i can bench press 260 however my weight goal is to be 190 my question is if i lose that much weight will i become weaker ? Not being able to lift what im doing now?

  27. Yes…ive done it. Weighed 255 down to 185lbs. You can do it. You need to eat healthy (most important), do cardio daily and BE PATIENT. Accomplished in 6 months and still going.

  28. Or just burn body fat by doing high-intensity exercises for 20 minutes you don't want to do cardio for 45 minutes because you will lose muscle mass you just want to burn off

  29. While Max touched on a few relevant points, he also neglected some. Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance and net anabolic state due to protein intake while maintaining a caloric deficit will allow you to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. It might not be the fastest way to lose your fat or to build muscle, but it is very possible to do both at the same time.

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