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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, everyone! Amy Jo here, and today you’re asking the
question “How to get rid of armpit fat”. Yes, we all know of that stubborn area, right
in the armpit that we’re all driven crazy about. Let’s talk about it, huh? So the armpit fat. We all know we have to reduce body fat for
areas, and fat pockets that we’ve genetically been dealt with. So how do we do that? through nutrition, through
reducing our intake – our caloric intake – by also burning fat with cardio, high
intensity cardio. Making sure you’re lifting hard enough. That you have enough muscle mass on your body. But sometimes it’s just our genetic traits. It’s our body type. It’s how we were built and there are going
to be areas that are a little more difficult for you than someone else to burn fat with. To lose that area we’ve got to do all those
things. But there are some exercises that can help
you increase the muscle underneath and help tighten. So let’s focus on that. Let’s focus on what we can change, and what
is in our control. I’m going to show you a few different exercises
to do that. Other than the good, old pushup – as we
all know, I’m not going to go there – we know pushups are a great chest exercise and
those are excellent to add into a good chest workout. What I want to talk about is hand position. Hand position: if you’re doing a chest exercise,
narrow. If you’re holding in here and you’re doing
a chest press, it’s definitely going to hit more of the tricep, front delts, and then
also inner and your major pec muscles. When we go a little bit wider you’re definitely
going to tap into the chest muscles that extend into the shoulder as well; into the shoulder
girdle. Going a little bit wider is a little trick
that may help. You want to grab a barbell, or even two dumbbells,
make your hands as wide as possible, and do a chest press that way. I’m going to show you guys this one here. Using a barbell, I’m holding it as wide
as I possibly can, and I’m coming down. You’re going to feel the stretch right into
the armpit. Then you’re going to come up, and squeeze. This is just a little bit of a trick. It’s really just hand placement. It’s being very specific, and deliberate
about where you’re placing your hands, and then squeezing right on the wide chest, into
the armpit. So as I’m coming up I’m really contracting
that area into my armpit and squeezing. Making sure your shoulders are rolled back,
and your shoulder blades are pinned together the entire time. You don’t want to hunch forward like this. Retract backward. I’m going to go five more. Four, three, two. Last one. And one. Excellent. There’s a great barbell exercise there. then all I’m going to do is, after I finish
that set, I’m going to use my adjustable bench, and I’m going to take it to an inline. I would normally do about four sets of that
flat bench. But here I’m going to show you a super set. So you don’t have to just stick with one
exercise. You can super set in between the two. I’m going to use the same weight. Again, I’m going to use the same hand position. Nice, and wide. And up, and press. Now I’m taking it wide. I’m coming up, across my pecs, up above,
and then squeezing into the armpit, and the top of the pecs. Every rep. Squeeze. Once again, lift your chest up. Push your shoulder blades into the pad, and
you’re really going to feel the chest working. Especially into the wide chest, a lot more. I’m going to go about six more. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Last one. And squeeze. Great. All right. There are two great exercises you can superset. You can take that adjustable bench and go
back flat again, and then perform with the barbell, and superset back and forth. If I were you I would do four sets on both
exercise, and then also, if you are performing a lot of pushups it’s a great idea to add
those into your chest workout. But my little tip there is, like we talked
about, you’re trying to tone and add more muscle mass into the wider chest, place your
hands wider on the pushup. If you go a little more narrow you’re not
necessarily going to target those areas as hard as you could. Of course, a pushup is still engaging the
entire pec major and minor, but you want to increase that stretch. It’s going to develop a stretch. Just like if a bicep going all the way down,
you’re going to make sure you’re extending into, and building that lower part of the
bicep because you completed the full stretch. That’s why a wider hand position on the
pushup, deeper down here, and keeping your hand wide on the pushup is going to focus
and target that area as well. All right, so those are my few tips for talking
about the armpit fat. Comment below. Let me know what you guys think. Let’s create a discussion about this because
I know a lot of you women are frustrated about some of these particular areas. So let’s build off each other, and encourage
one another, and let’s get some results out there. Thanks for joining me. I’m trainer Amy Jo, with ATHLEANXX for Women. We’ll see you next time. Bye.

28 thoughts on “Can You Get Rid of Armpit Fat? | The TRUTH | Best Exercises for Underarm Flab!

  1. Great tips thanks!Beside the exercises we have to consider very much the diet ,eating more green veggies and drinking water will boost the results! and also working isolated has given me good results!

  2. Awesome tip! I’m a huge fan of your exercise tips. They have helped me focus on more challenging areas. Looking forward to more of your videos. Please keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks, Amy Joe. Would you also recommend butterflies??? I do them at home on my old-school Soloflex, and can really feel the burn in my 'armpit fat' area. LOL

  4. I'm broke I don't have anything like that I guess I will try but nothing works becomes you are recommending this method and I can't use it

  5. Im so glad I seen this! Been trying to get rid of arm pit fat for so long! Now i know how to correctly! Thanks!

  6. Hittin the gym today. Will defenatly do this wo. But I didnt hear how many u do in a set. I usually do 8 – 12. I hope that good. Love ur channel! Givin me so many helpful tips on so much stuff. Now, if i can jus get me eating habits better lol!

  7. Amy Jo is such a goddess! I’m glad she started with the caveat of total body fat being dependent on so many factors and didn’t make this about spot reduction (which isn’t possible).
    My frustration area is rear upper thigh.

  8. thank zoy shirly plz I WANT SOME EXERCIESE FOR BREST EXCESSIVE TISSUE REDUCE if its possuble reduce brest excess tissue with exerciese???

  9. I had a qs, I'm planning on getting a breast augmentation, but they said to not do chest exercises, do you think that impacts anything?

  10. Not very informative. Nor helpful for fit people who can’t get rid of armpit fat despite diet and proper workout who aren’t full time trainers or full time athletes. Was athlete, am fit, can’t run, eat healthy , still pit fat, and not wanting to enlarge back muscle.

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