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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey everyone! so in order to keep my channel
more active and to not make you guys wait as long for every single video that
I produce I’ve decided to put out a mid-weekly mini
nugget every Wednesday so if any of you guys have questions that
you want me to answer go to my website fill out the contact form and i can answer it in one of my mid-weekly minis. Today I’m gonna briefly addressed the
question of “can you retain muscle and strength on a vegan diet?” I unintentionally performed a perfect
experiment about this. For the last six or seven months I have
not set foot in the gym. I haven’t done any strength training, or even cardio really, so when I went
back to the gym a couple weeks ago I was interested to see where my
strength was at. And by the way I am gonna do some editing and set it to
exciting music so that everything I do seems a little more impressive than it
really is. Let’s take a look at how it went. So you can see, after about seven months of no
strength training and no real overt physical activity, but eating
a vegan diet, I was still able to retain a lot of my
strength and while I’m definitely not in the shape that i was before this break, it does go to show that a vegan diet
is more than sufficient to retain muscle and strength, and, I would argue, ideal. Now I’m not
advocating sitting on your ass for seven months. But most people think that if you’re on
a vegan diet you slowly waste away and lose any muscle mass that you might have. So,
not impressed by my lazy out-of-shape ass? Not moved by my attempt at a rousing
musical montage? Then take a look at what a vegan diet
did to these people’s bodies. So that’s it for the midweekly mini.
Let me know what you guys think about this idea and please send me any questions that
you like me to answer in one of these installments. I am working on the next actual nugget
and I’ll be getting out to you as soon as possible. be sure to like and subscribe and visit I’ll see you soon!

61 thoughts on “Can You Retain Muscle and Strength on a Vegan Diet?

  1. Love it!! Thank you so much for sharing <3 
    Just wondering what kind of foods you eat daily? (ie. what does your typical diet look like?) I remember you said you follow roughly 801010 diet last time, do you still follow high raw vegan diet? 

  2. i made a similar experience. i couldn't train for several months, but when i went back to the gym i was able to continue where i left off and even rise the weights for some exercises on the second training day.

  3. I love the minis, Emily! Could you please do some minis on animal testing, or animal skins, or honey? I'd be really grateful to show it to my folks! Thanks a lot.

  4. Those who think that vegans are "wasting sea" CAN SUCK MY ORGANIC CUCUMBERS. Love the intense music btw!

  5. woooo!! 🙂 so happy that you lift. You are really strong! I also do powerlift and gymnastic, vegan can certainly be strong! 🙂

  6. Just found your channel and subscribed! You are kick ass! 😀 Love seeing all those 'malnourished' vegans. 😛

  7. I forgot to mention how is it possible such a bitty thing can be that strong!  Never mind the 7 months off…….and I want your bike!

  8. I like the idea! Especially bc i just subscribed to your channel today! I to believe i got some issues to work on. Can't wait to see you on your journey this year!

  9. I have just started transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle yesterday and would like to know how often do you evacuate your bowels under a vegetarian/vegan diet? Am I going to have watery stools?

  10. Durian riders, freelee and frank medrano inspired me to go raw till 4 vegan I've had a few slip ups but I can safely say I'm just as powerful and fit as I was if not more so during boxing training still hit just as hard, fast and accurate my timing hasn't changed but I can say my cardio has increased even though I have always been a high cardio athletic guy its increased =) vegan diet if done correctly works! No more 200g chicken and next to no carbs for lunch all about that 10 banana smoothie! (Thats all my blender fits lol) nice vid earned a new sub =)

  11. holy shit you're wonderful! very inspiring! i'm new to this whole vegan thing, and i lift heavy.. i've heard SO many comments about how i'll lose my strength, which, lets be real, is total bullshit. i'll just laugh and drink my banana smoothies while they cry about lack of gains. 

  12. Oh 🙁 when you mentioned high heels I thought we were gonna get a shot of you in a skirt and stilettos.

    Also, you still make me feel fat. I'd hate you if you weren't such a lovely person.

    Day ruined.

  13. Very impressive. But not quite as strong as Patrik Baboumian, another vegan. I can testify to the fact that you can be strong, fit and healthy on a vegan diet. I've been doing so for 30-odd years. Have no fears, people.

  14. Let's be fair here, it's not that a vegan diet did anything to these people's muscle mass more than an omnivore diet could have done. The truth is that as long as you take enough proteins and you train enough, you are gonna gain muscle mass whether or not the proteins were animal based.

    Having a basic vegan diet is kinda simple. Simply follow the normal USDA food plate with beans and nuts as meat subtitutes and soy or almond milk as "dairies" and make sure you get enough B12. Just like omnivores, vegans should also prefer whole grains over refined grain, diversify what they eat and limit their sugar intake. The only thing disadvantage of a vegan diet over an omni diet is the lack of B12 but that's a really easy to fix problem.

  15. Hey, Emily!! I'm very curious…  How did you get to where you were in terms of strength training? What would you suggest to beginners who know nothing about strength training?? Also,  what gym did you go to in Florida? I'm currently living in Lake County and I'm looking for a more affordable gym! I love your videos!!! =)

  16. nice video, although it does depend in how your body works. For example I did try this by non excising for 3 months and I lost 3 kg of muscle weight and gain none fat. I am very small, so I looked kind of bad. Then it took me 6 months to gain my muscles back. It all depends how your body reacts.

  17. After seeing you lift these weights I have gained a lot of respect for you and my trust in vegan-ism has also increased. I have been vegetarian all my life and now vegan for a month.

  18. Just found your videos today. Doing the back to back marathon as I work. I started listening this late morning when I just wanted to find information on a healthier diet for my best little buddy (Daschaund). I flipping Luuuuuv your little friend snoring in the background….too cute! I'm sitting here eating my lunch & trying to choke it town without tears. I have heard little tidbits here & there in my life regarding this subject & have always felt overwhelmed by it all. I am glad that you have an amazing personality to sling all of this truth because without the humor I may go running back to the comfort food of my old habits from the pure shock, sadness & being overwhelmed with all of this information which is what I have done in the past. I think that is called cognitive disidence…..not sure…..anywho….I am as far as you deciding to give the mini nugget & have many more hours to listen to the rest of your info however I have a bit of an off question but here it goes. If you won the lottery right now that is up to like 700 million I think…..I could be wrong buuuut if you did win that much, what would you do with it? I look forward to the rest of your videos!

  19. Hi, I am a huge fan of yours, Emily. I have to ditto what Freelee the Banana Girl said, you have done a Terrific job on this video, and every video of yours that I have yet watched. Especially like this one, that tackles often held misconceptions about being Vegan. I myself am currently transitioning into being a Vegan. I have been lifting weights for over 13 years now, I just turned 30, and I am only coming from a place of concern when I point this out to you, Emily.

    Never, I repeat, NEVER go locked out, or all the way straight with your knees. The reason for this, is that in doing so, you pinch your meniscus, or your knees cartilage joints, in between your femurs and your tibia. I had some trouble with this myself when I was learning to walk again at age 25 after being run over by a minivan in 2011. I, with a Lot of help from the Medical Professionals here at Duke University Hospital, now have me to where I am squatting 315 pounds on a Smith Press Machine for many repetitions, and leg pressing over 810 pounds on a Leg Press Machine, for a set of 15 repetitions.

    I myself, luckily, never got much into the Olympic style lifts, like Cleans and Presses. I say luckily, because whenever you incorporate more than a single action into a lift, your risk of injury significantly increases. The reason for this increase in risk of injury, has to do with your mind/body connection. While performing a squat, to have your mind tuned into the correct posture of your spine and your knees is a tall order in and of itself, but then if you compound this level of difficulty by adding a quick overhead press, the odds that some part of your exercise form will be flawed increase, just because instead of two things, now your mind has to be tuned into your presses form as well.

    Well, other than to keep consuming Organic Flaxseeds, Vegan Borage oil softgels, Vegan Evening Primrose Oil softgels, organic Hemp seeds, and organic Chia seeds to get in your daily dose of Omega fatty acids, in order to soften your joints, and please keep fighting the good fight for our animal Siblings of the world, I guess that about wraps up all that I have to say, other than thank you so very much, Emily. Please, stay Most Blessed.

  20. Man I love Ska/punk! Keep up the good work and thank you for taking part in this movement about time people wake up.

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